Five Reasons to Visit VicenzaOro this Spring!

Yes, I do have a very fond relationship with VicenzaOro. If you need to pick only one show, then pick this one. 

Ok, I am biased. It's the fair that I have visited since the nineties, and I always loved it. There is an excellent mix between ''Italian vibes'' and many diverse exhibitors, from gemstones to half-finished products and famous brands to niche ones. 

Allow me to take you with me and discover the FIVE reasons you too should come! (apart from having a coffee together ;-) )

1 The Stage

Over the years, presentations and discussions have moved from hidden chambers to a well-equipped stage where various speakers inform and entertain the public. We all long for information, training, the latest insights, and inspiration. 

VicenzaOro listened to this and provided tons of valuable discussions and information from the CIBJO to the always popular forecasting talks by the vibrant Paola de Luca. For more information, please do check here:


Usually, VicenzaOro is the kickoff jewelry show each year, but the show got a new date due to the pandemic. March, Italy. Perhaps there is no better time to visit Italy than in Spring. (I am off to Rome and the Amalfatina Coast in April :-)) The weather is usually lovely; the cities come back to live with terraces and outside nightlife. Your flight will most probably arrive and depart from Venice ( why not book an extra night and combine your visit with a day in Venice!) And let's not forget Vicenza itself. A gorgeous town with a beautiful offering of shops and restaurants and lots of fantastic architecture to admire. Italy. In Spring. Sigh...:-)

3 The Exhibitors

I love the variety of exhibitors at VicenzaOro. Slowly but surely, fashion jewelry gained a place, and rightfully so. But really, this is the show where you can buy at the brands, seek a small company that specializes in enameled earrings, and find a surprising silver brand. You can find white label manufacturers, gemstone dealers, or a brand solely working with opals or corals. 

If you are a manufacturer, this is the place to discover the latest equipment and technological developments.

Whether you are a jewelry store with a mid-price offering, a brand that seeks a manufacturer, a small jewelry company seeking inspiration, connections, network, and valuable information, VicenzaOro has it all. 

Oh, and then there is VO Clock Privé. Several notable watch brands are exhibiting at the show on Friday for press and trade professionals only. On Saturday and Sunday: for private visitors, watch lovers, and collectors of watches ( and vintage jewelry)

4 Influencers, bloggers, and journalists

VicenzaOro is a favorite among the abovementioned professionals. In each edition, these journalists, bloggers, and influencers come from all corners of the world to meet each other, the key players in the industry, and discover new and exciting brands or trends.

Whether you are a brand exhibiting or visiting as a jewelry professional, it can be a valuable experience to see what they write, whom they visit, or meet them in person. 

They can be a valuable source of information, or perhaps you would like to work with one of them. These journalists and bloggers are my colleagues, and they each have their audience and social or print outlets.

5 The ambiance, the welcome feeling, and the expertise

VicenzaOro always brings a smile to visitors' faces. It's a bit, for many of them, like coming home. You fall, as a visitor ( and exhibitor) in this beehive of people and activities, all of us involved in the jewelry industry. I love that feeling of looking around and seeing everyone enthusiastic and cheerful, sharing their news updates, greeting friends, colleagues, and business partners, networking at the bar, and meeting each other at the various talks. But also; sharing worries and challenging times. We should have experienced a fresh start from the two-year' pandemic. However, we find ourselves worried about the war in Ukraine. A huge humanitarian disaster but one that will undoubtedly affect our industry. VicenzaOro is a place to discuss and share our insights and worries and help each other. It's a place to find experts in different fields, leaders, and visionaries. The place where you'll also find people with the same hopes and joys, worries, and challenges as you. 


Will I meet you there? Let's grab that cup of coffee! :-)


VicenzaOro 17th March till 21st March.

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    Jason Whistler

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