Five reasons why you should visit VicenzaOro this September

VicenzaOro has grown to become one of the most critical jewelry shows worldwide.
Promises are that this September is going to be spectacular. Here are five reasons why jewelry professionals should visit the show!


First of all, let’s start with the most important details: 

  • VicenzaOro will be held from 9-13th of September 2022
  • Open daily from 9.30 -18.30 (closes on the 13th at 16.00)
  • Access for professionals only: Retailers, Wholesalers, Suppliers, Private Labels, agencies, Journalists, Press
  • Check out VO Vintage! Watches and Jewelry. A must-see event.
  • #VOS22


Reason 1, visit VicenzaOro for the Made in Italy excellence.

The show offers a showcase for many international manufacturers and brands, but this is predominantly an Italian party. The country is known worldwide for its famous jewelry hubs, Vicenza, Valenza, and Arezzo, each specializing in a specific production. Apart from the beautiful made-in-Italy brands, one can find a wide variety of semi-finished products. There are fantastic coral companies from the south of Italy, and I found many small brands with exciting products for jewelry retailers during the March edition. 


Reason 2, visit VicenzaOro for the Events. 

My favorite event is undoubtedly the one held by Paola de Luca as she hosts the annual presentation of jewelry trend forecasting. With a fantastic panel consisting, among others, of the famous Vogue editor Lynn Yeager and Rebecca Forster, President of Hearts on Fire. Here are the details of that Talk.

But of course, there are so many exciting talks: every day, in-depth Watch industry talks and business talks from a wide variety of industry experts. Also, great news, a talk primarily for retailers and following immediately after this: another great talk about how humanity and service beat the price in jewelry retail.

Check out all the events here and in The Jewellery Golden Cloud (registration required)


Reason 3, VicenzaOro is an amiable and accessible show to visit.

The show isn’t just doing everything to create a relevant event for the jewelry industry and its players but has gone to great lengths to make your visit as pleasant as possible. With ample free-of-charge parking with a shuttle service 10 minutes from the showground, all information regarding your visit and itinerary can be found here.

Make your life easier during the show by downloading the app (scroll down the page) and creating a profile on The Jewellery Golden Cloud.

One thing I noted is that language is less and less a barrier. Most people working for the show speak English well enough. You’ll find that the people in most booths also speak English, among other languages. This was quite different ten years ago, so I find it applaudable!


Reason 4 to Visit VicenzaOro, the after party and VIOFF

Every day at 17.30 at the West Entrance of the show, there is the afterparty. Drinks, music, and chill out! A great place to have some fun and network. The show also encourages visitors to visit Vicenza downtown and find cultural attractions and entertainment organized by IEG. 


Reason 5 to Visit VicenzaOro: It’s Italy, people! Visit surprisingly beautiful Vicenza.

It’s not just the VIOFF events and entertainment that makes your visit to downtown Vicenza worth your while. It’s the surprising beauty of the city itself. There are many beautiful stores and restaurants and significant cultural places to visit, such as the Olympic Theatre built in 1580-85 (Teatro Olimpico) and the Villa Rotonda, designed by famous architect Andrea Palladio. 

You’ll love the informal atmosphere and great hospitality of Vicenza itself and VicenzaOro in particular! 

Meet Esther in person

Meet me there! Want to arrange a visit to your booth, meet me as a coach or consultant or have a coffee and chat about the jewelry industry? Please write me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I’ll attend the show from the 9th until the 11th 

Images: courtesy of VicenzaOro, Image Esther created with Canva

This article is created in collaboration with IEG.




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