OroArezzo showcases a world of Italian quality jewelry manufacturing!

Get ready for an exciting jewelry trade show happening from May 13th to 16th at Arezzo Fiere e Congressi, brought to you by the Italian Exhibition Group.

This is THE platform for quality jewelry manufacturing, featuring top producers showcasing unique creations and private labels. And guess what? It's not just about gold and silver but also sustainable jewelry, tech, and a supply chain that's all about the ethical origins of raw materials! Plus, there's even a B-Corp! Don't miss out on this fantastic event!

  • Date of the show: OroArezzo: 13th - 16th of May 2023
  • For who: Jewelry retailers, jewelry wholesalers, jewelry manufacturers, jewelry journalists, jewelry companies, and retailers seeking a co-creation, white-label, or uniquely produced collection focusing on ‘Made in Italy’.
  • Why visit: Focus on unique jewelry and white label. Easy to reach, comfortable to visit, and it’s in Tuscany, Italy! 
  • Also, why visit: Arezzo is a beautiful town worth exploring. The surroundings are everything you dream of thinking about Tuscany. The food is terrific, as are the wines. 

Easier than ever before for visiting buyers

IEG has been hard at work revamping the event format to highlight the centrality of Italian manufacturing. With a rearranged exhibition layout, navigating between different merchandise categories like gold, silverware, jewelry, tech, and cash & carry will be more accessible than ever. This will boost business matching and improve the overall buyers' experience regarding effectiveness and efficiency.

The project has been a hit with new companies eager to participate and international buyers already registering on The Jewellery Golden Cloud digital platform. This platform allows them to connect with exhibitors and organize their agendas for the show days.

I am preparing for a fantastic experience at the Arezzo jewelry trade show, where I will discover the latest trends in Italian jewelry manufacturing!


What I hope to find on OroArezzo during my first-ever visit

It’s my first time ever visiting this particular show, although I had my eyes on it for a while. 

I am so curious to feel the show's vibe, look around for companies to keep my eyes on, and of course, companies I need to know more about as a consultant. But I also LOVE to see beautiful jewelry and excellent jewelry business ideas! Inspiration, information, and much more! 

What sets this show apart, I think, from others is the focus on the best Italian gold, silver, and jewelry manufacturing. On OroArezzo, you’ll find the design and development of truly unique creations and private labels. This segment is on the rise in the luxury and fashion sector, and this trade show is where you'll find the latest and greatest in this field.


This approach differs from its larger cousin VicenzaOro, which is much bigger and includes more segments. OroArezzo focuses mainly on the above-mentioned sector: white label and jewelry manufacturing. 

There are almost 400 exhibitors present, which will help the visitor with a mission significantly to observe each and every one of them. Something impossible during larger trade shows. 

More reasons to visit OroArezzo:

  • Sustainable Jewelry Manufacturers: D'orica from Vicenza, a certified B-Corp with environmentally-friendly practices, and Moraglione from Valenza, a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, promoting sustainability in the industry.
  • Private Label Jewelry Trend: Private label jewelry and gold manufacturing are on the rise in luxury and fashion, with a predicted annual growth rate of 8-12% for jewelry sold under fashion house brands between 2019 and 2025, as per McKinsey reports.
  • Italian Jewelry Manufacturing: Italy is a preferred choice for jewelry production, with brands looking to Italian manufacturers for their expertise and craftsmanship.

How to get to Arezzo

  • Visit the website: https://www.oroarezzo.it/en/info/visitors
  • Click on the link for information on how to get to Arezzo.
  • Link includes; Visitors' Info to get to the show.
  • Simply click on the provided link to access the Oroarezzo website and find information on how to get to Arezzo for the jewelry trade show.

Where to Book Your Hotels for Oroarezzo:

  • Visit the website: https://www.oroarezzo.it/en/around-arezzo
  • Click on the link to book your hotels.
  • Link includes: Visitors' information on booking hotels in Arezzo 
  • Simply click on the provided link to access the Oroarezzo website and book your hotels conveniently for the event.

This is the 42nd edition of the Arezzo jewelry trade show, brought to you by the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) in collaboration with Arezzo Fiere e Congressi, the Arezzo-Siena Chamber of Commerce, Arezzo Municipality, the Province of Arezzo, and the Region of Tuscany.

More information: https://www.oroarezzo.it/en/

REGISTER: https://visits.oroarezzo.it/reserved-area/ticket






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