The Glorious Evolution of OroArezzo: Celebrating Made-in-Italy Jewelry in the Tuscan Hills

Step into the enchanting world of OroArezzo, an extraordinary trade show that captivates the hearts of jewelry industry professionals. I embarked on my first visit to OroArezzo. This blog aims to take you on an immersive experience, providing an insider's glimpse into the glorious evolution of OroArezzo.




OroArezzo article summary:

  • OroArezzo is a trade show dedicated to gold jewelry manufacturers and the latest technological advancements in gold jewelry production.
  • The show celebrates the "Made in Italy" concept, highlighting the exceptional craftsmanship of Italian jewelry.
  • OroArezzo has a distinct focus on gold jewelry for jewelry wholesalers and retailers, particularly chain stores.
  • The show offers a less overwhelming experience than larger trade shows like VicenzaOro.
  • Clients have the opportunity to shape their own jewelry collections by purchasing private-label jewelry at OroArezzo.
  • Fine jewelry manufacturers from Valenza, known for their exquisite pieces adorned with gemstones and diamonds, also exhibit at the show.
  • OroArezzo organizes events outside the show to facilitate networking and provide a chance to explore the charming old town of Arezzo.
  • The show fosters a vibrant atmosphere, bringing together bloggers, influencers, press, and industry professionals for an enjoyable and engaging experience.


A Complete Show with Clear Directions: 

Unlike being a mini-VicenzaOro, OroArezzo stands tall as a complete show with its own distinct identity and clear vision for growth. It has carved a niche as a premier event in the jewelry industry, offering a comprehensive platform for exhibitors and attendees to explore the realms of goldsmithing and jewelry. With each year, OroArezzo is bolstering its reputation as a must-visit destination for wholesalers and large retailers who love the ''Made in Italy'' gold jewelry and technical innovations. Right there in the heart of the largest jewelry production area of Italy.

Biz Jewellery, Maurizio Chianuzzi, Alunno, Comero Group, Daniela Neri, D'Orica.

Falsini Art ring

Nestled Amidst the Tuscan Hills:

OroArezzo finds its splendid abode amidst the picturesque Tuscan hills, an awe-inspiring backdrop that adds an extra touch of magic to the entire experience. The show's location exudes a sense of tranquility and charm, inviting visitors to indulge in the beauty of the surrounding landscape while immersing themselves in the world of jewelry.

A Region of Unparalleled Artistry: 

The region that plays host to OroArezzo is more than just a setting. But it's also a testament to the exceptional artistry and skill found in the heart of Italy, also known for its leather goods productions and famous fashion houses, such as Prada and Gucci (you'll pass them both on your way from the airport to the showground). 

Within the Tuscan hills lies a treasure trove of creativity, with the jewelry district accounting for one-third of Made in Italy jewelry production. It is a testament to the region's dedication to excellence in creating beautiful jewelry, mainly in gold, and combining it with the latest tech innovations.

Le Chic ring

The Three areas of OroArezzo

The show is thoughtfully divided into three distinct sections, each serving a specific purpose. The gold jewelry manufacturers and the tech hall, showcasing cutting-edge technology for gold jewelry production, take center stage as the two most important sections. While a few international exhibitors are present, OroArezzo proudly celebrates the essence of "Made in Italy" craftsmanship. This emphasis on Italian artistry and expertise permeates the entire show, creating a captivating atmosphere that pays homage to the country's rich jewelry heritage. The third part is the Cash & Carry part, which serves as an additional service to the visitor.

Fernar necklace

Compared to its larger counterpart, VicenzaOro, OroArezzo exudes an entirely different vibe. With a sharp focus on gold jewelry for jewelry wholesalers and retailers, particularly chain stores, the show caters to a specific clientele with a more significant number of stores. The experience is manageable, allowing visitors to easily navigate the show and immerse themselves in the art of shaping jewelry. Here, clients can create their own collections by purchasing private-label jewelry, reflecting their unique style and vision. Adding to the diversity of offerings, a handful of fine jewelry manufacturers from Valenza also showcased their exquisite pieces, providing an exceptional opportunity for buyers to order jewelry adorned with gemstones and diamonds. As I reminisced about my ten years of residing in Valenza, I felt a special connection with the presence of the Valenza companies at the show.

Silver Light Group ring and UnoArre 

Beyond the show floor, OroArezzo's organizers curated fun events outside the exhibition halls, creating opportunities for networking and connection. These events offered a chance to explore and discover the captivating beauty of Arezzo's old town, further enhancing the overall experience. 

The camaraderie among fellow bloggers, influencers, and press added an extra layer of enjoyment, making my time at OroArezzo genuinely unforgettable.

  • OroArezzo experienced a remarkable 40% increase in visitor attendance compared to the previous year.
  • The show attracted visitors from an impressive 100 countries, showcasing its international appeal and global reach.
  • This significant growth in attendance reflects the growing prominence and reputation of OroArezzo as a premier event in the jewelry industry.
  • The diverse representation of visitors from around the world adds to the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of the show.
  • OroArezzo serves as a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and business opportunities, fostering fruitful jewelry industry connections on a global scale.


 Kometa pendant and Kitty necklace


OroArezzo 2023 witnessed a captivating celebration of creativity and craftsmanship at the 32nd edition of the PREMIÈRE competition. The event, which took place amidst the halls of Arezzo Fiere e Congressi, showcased 56 remarkable creations from participating exhibitors. These exquisite pieces represented the best trends in Made in Italy gold and jewelry manufacturing across five categories: 

  1. jewelry made of light
  2. architectural jewelry
  3. timeless jewelry
  4. plastic jewelry
  5. fashion design.

During an enchanting evening at the Sugar showroom in Arezzo, the winners were announced, with 13 exceptional creations receiving accolades from the esteemed jury. 

Beppe Angiolini, honorary president of the National Chamber of Fashion Buyers and OroArezzo ambassador, set the theme of LIGHT, inspiring the participants to unleash their creative brilliance. 

Migliorini bracelet, M. Preziose, necklace by Daniela Caoro and pendant (one of my favorites) by Luiber

Among the winners were renowned names like MORAGLIONE 1922, QUADRIFOGLIO, F.A. GIOIELLI, ARTLINEA, and many more. A special mention was also given to D'ORICA for their remarkable contribution.

In a showcase of emerging talent, the TALENTS category recognized the promising creativity of young goldsmiths under 30. Marta D'Ambrosio, an Istituto Tecnico Professionale Orafo Arezzo student, claimed victory with her mesmerizing "Luce è vita" necklace. The piece, adorned with an opal cabochon and alternating rays of yellow and white gold, perfectly embodied the essence of Italian style. 

The competition aimed to foster direct connections between aspiring goldsmiths and industry professionals, providing a stepping stone for their future careers.

Guided by the expertise of a distinguished jury, including Beppe Angiolini, Mariella Milani, Paola Cacianti, and renowned fashion figures, the evaluation process was a testament to the industry's commitment to excellence and innovation. The PREMIÈRE competition at OroArezzo continues to nurture and celebrate the finest expressions of Italian gold and jewelry craftsmanship, captivating audiences and inspiring future generations of talent.


OroArezzo according to Marco Carniello, the director:

I had once again the opportunity to sit down with Marco Carniello, the Global Director of IEG (Fashion & Jewellery). His professionalism and cordiality, together with his capacity to remember everyone's face and background (how?!;-)) stand out to me each time we meet.

Marco sharing his vision and insights about OroArezzo:

''At OroArezzo, the essence lies in transforming jewelry ideas into reality. The show provides a unique platform for producers to bring to life their creative visions. Whether through discreet volumes or substantial orders, OroArezzo is dedicated to helping designers and manufacturers transform their ideas into exquisite jewelry pieces''.

The Core: Oreficeria and Gioielleria in Oro.

''With 350 exhibitors, OroArezzo remains steadfast in its commitment to showcasing the finest in goldsmithing and jewelry. This has always been the central theme of the fair, and it is given the utmost emphasis''.

The Evolution of OroArezzo: 

''OroArezzo has evolved over the years to cater to the diverse needs of the industry. In addition to its core focus, the show has integrated a Cash and Carry segment. This extension provides an additional opportunity for retailers from Southern Italy and Eastern Europe, who often prefer to travel by car. The Cash and Carry section is an extra service offered by OroArezzo to enhance the overall experience for attendees''.

Golden Clef, Giloro, Gobi Preziosi, Giordini, Golden Corals butterfly and Gold Art

White Label and Shaping Your Own Jewelry: 

''One distinguishing factor of OroArezzo is its emphasis on white and private jewelry. While brands typically present their own ideas, OroArezzo takes pride in helping individuals and businesses create and realize their unique jewelry concepts. The show's focus on the product rather than the brand allows for a broader range of creative possibilities''.

The District of Arezzo: Quality and Craftsmanship: 

''In the most significant manufacturing district, OroArezzo benefits from the exceptional quality of craftsmanship found in the Arezzo district. With one-third of products originating from this region, it is a testament to the superior manufacturing capabilities. Vicenza follows closely with 25% of production, while Valenza boasts a slightly smaller share''.

An Inclusive and Diverse Environment:

''OroArezzo values diversity and inclusivity, with an impressive 81% female representation in its team. This commitment to diversity ensures a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, fostering creativity and innovation within the industry''.


''OroArezzo is a global hub for wholesalers and manufacturers, offering a focal point for golden jewelry manufacturing. With its Italian heritage and international appeal, the show attracts professionals from the Middle East, the United States, and Asia, solidifying its global reach. OroArezzo's evolution, distinctive character, and commitment to shaping ideas make it an indispensable event in the jewelry industry calendar''.

Karizia necklace and Jessica bracelet

On a personal experience note:

All in all, OroArezzo was such a beautiful event! Due to some miscommunications, I arrived at a closed door of the small hotel with a beautiful view. Only a little later, two colleagues came, and we found the situation hilariously funny. The fantastic team of OroArezzo jumped in to get us a cab to a restaurant; in the meantime, the hotel staff returned. Sometimes it takes a little moment like this to shape new bonds and stories together. The hotel's staff was delightful, and the food was just fantastic (omg, the mascarpone cream with forest fruits was to die for!) This is such a good show with again such a sharp focus. It's not overwhelming, as bigger shows might be, and there is no distraction, even if I love that, from too many events or brands pushing their name and fame. A show to treasure...


All photos are credited to OroArezzo. 



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