My Floral Jewelry finds on Etsy

| Esther Ligthart

Last week we did a blog about floral jewelry in high-end jewelry. Beautiful petals and stems in gold, gemstones, and enamel everywhere. Often unique, all handmade by the best artisans in the world. But of course, this comes at a price. But you also told us to do more blogs on jewelry you can actually afford! To do something different Esther went on Etsy and searched for her personal favorites. 


Floral etsy 2

SmilewithFlowers on Etsy; prices between €29 and €40 


High-end floral jewelry versus floral jewelry on Etsy

Both are here to make us more beautiful, to entertain and delight us. Both are made to make or create new memories and to cherish for as long as we wish for. The purpose and the joy are very much the same. The way it's made is not. But before you think I don't like Etsy jewelry, I must tell you that I absolutely do. I may not be in love very much with marketing products from fashion brands, who often lack a little of the much-needed love, but Etsy is a whole different world. High-end jewelry has gone through a very different process of development. Highly skilled artisans, lots of labor, creative genius' view on design, lots of money and time, and lots of precious gemstones and metals are involved. Many of the products on Etsy, jewelry or not, is made by creative artists, and they often do this as a hobby that just got bigger. 

Floral etsy 4

DannyBushart Necklace €249, EmilyDesign €54, and ring made with the seeds of flowers used in the process of casting silver by KorneliaShop retails at €172

Is everything handmade on Etsy?

Some of the jewelry is cute but not necessarily unique. Sometimes you'll find the same product or something very similar sold by other stores on Etsy. Perhaps some just buy the jewelry and re-sell it. I can't guarantee it's all genuine artistic work by the seller. In high-end jewelry, there aren't many companies that deliver bad jewelry. There is simply too much at stake. However...there are some brands that may use lesser quality gemstones or diamonds. A recent scandal in India, Nirav Modi, selling also high-end jewelry in exclusive boutiques worldwide, proves that even on that level things can go wrong. But it's very rare. 

Floral etsy 5

The rings are inspired by flowers and are in sterling silver costing around €35 by Korneliashop. The earrings on the left are very cute and made by Arsiart for just €18. The necklace below is lovely in sterling silver and costs €285 DannyBushart. The earrings in the middle are by the Greek designer AlexandraKoumba and cost €143. The pendant with the flower is from VintageArtandCraft and costs €65 

A jewelry blogger's biggest tip for buying jewelry on Etsy

Reviews. When you buy something online, and you are not sure, check the reviews. Read the good ones and the bad ones. Are the good ones convincing enough? Do the bad reviews talk about quality or other things? Reviews are such a great tool today. We use it all the time; from where we'll eat to where we'll sleep on our trips and everything in between. If I am considering visiting a trade show, I am always asking my peers what they think of that show. So Etsy requires a little more homework if you want to be sure, but let's face also that the prices are often not very high and it's such fun to just look around! 

Floral jewelry333

Par Chevalier uses Ukranian beading for their traditional styled jewelry. But this kind of jewelry looks just wonderful on a turtleneck sweater or a plain white t-shirt. And is even more perfect for those Boho-chic outfits that are so popular everywhere. Retails around €90-€100

I am wondering what you think of Etsy and what jewelry you would consider buying there! Do let me know!

Floral etsy1


One last tip!

A few weeks ago I told you about this fashion jewelry trend; big brooches. Especially the flower brooches as launched by Gucci, are a big hit! You want to find a wearable option in silk or something similar? Try Etsy for this too. My personal favorites for flower brooches in textile and silk are:

  1. magiedesfleurs
  2. AiKijimaStore
  3. Chocolatfrog



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