Cartier Opens New Boutique Inside Selfridges, London.

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Cartier has a opened a new boutique inside the famous department store: Selfridges. In the Wonder Room you will find that the boutique is really 4 times bigger than it was before. Bruno Moinard is the architect responsabile for the design. Inside you should feel the breath of the famous past, the rich history but also a you should experience a vision of the future. That is, at least, what they aimed to reach as a goal, when designing this new boutique.



Nouvelle Vague

Bridal room Cartier

Within the boutique there is a special place for brides and grooms to be; the bridal room. What a unique experience it must be if you have the possibility to choose your wedding ring here! 


Crash Watch Cartier

Cartier opening in London

Cartier calls the re-opening: an exciting event. The jewelry house from Paris made its first stepts to London in 1902. 


Cartier Nouvelle V

Nouvelle Vague


Cartier collections at Selfridges

The collection in this boutique are: The Crash Watch collection. This very iconic watch first appeared on the market in 1967. You will also find the Love collection, Trinity, Just a clou for jewellery, Tank, Ballon Blue de Cartier, Santos and the Panthere collection. And as a cherry on this already rich cake: the nouvelle vague collection. 

If you are in London, go and have a look! I think it will be worth it. 

Cartier-Jewellery-Design Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague Ring Cartier



Paris Nouvelle Vague jewellery collection
Nouvelle Vague Ring Cartier


Nouvelle Vague Cartier bracelet

Cartier Just un clou

Just un Clou Cartier bracelet





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