Largest pearl ever found!

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Wow, this is an amazing find! The largest pearl ever found, easily crushes any previous record!


Largest pearl in the world phillipines

The enormous pearl discovered by the local  fisherman, who never thought it would be seen as incredibly valuable and who kept it as a keepsake for all those years, weighs 34 kg (5,2 stone) and measures 67,1 cm long and 30,5 cm wide (2.2 ft x 1 ft). Of course, pearls this size are a wonder of nature and not interesting at all for any jewelry brand. But it’s already been estimated, whilst waiting for the official certification from the Gemologist Institute, at around 100 million dollars!

Lucky charm

Even more incredible is that it’s been kept, by the aforementioned local fisherman in a small wooden house. The man apparently had to escape during a fire, from his home and turned his precious lucky charm to a very surprised local tourism officer. Aileen Amurao stated: “The fisherman threw the anchor down and it got stuck on a rock during a storm. He noticed that it was lodged on a shell and swam down to pull up the anchor, and also brought the shell with him. This was a decade ago and he kept it at home.”

Largest Pearl in the world


Local tourism

According to the latest reports, the region want to hold on to the valuable pearl, to encourage tourism to the area. I can't help but wonder, what the not so wealthy fisherman will get for his find.

Previous record crushed

The previous record is smashed by 27,4 kg! The now second largest pearl was also found in the Philippines. This pearl of Allah or Lao Tzu, although not considered as a gemstone pearl, but as a clam pearl or Tridacna Pearl from a giant clam, is a very precious pearl. Estimates run from anything between 7 million dollar to 93 million dollar.

second largest pearl in the world

Shifted a place: now second place is the Pearl of Allah also known as the Pearl of Lao Tzu. In third place the Acro Valley Pearl, a baroque pearl given to Kublai Kahn by Marco Polo. 

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