Record for Pink Diamond: The Pink Star

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The 59.60 carat Pink Star diamond sold for 55 million euro last week. A true record as this is the highest amount of money ever paid for a gemstone.

Pink star fullblown

Who bought it?

We do not know who the lucky buyer is, but these stones are ever more popular with investors and as a status symbol. In these times the financial market can be so volatile and it seems a very good idea to invest in these very rare stones.  Coloured diamonds are also called Fancy Diamonds and they account for just 0.01 percent of mined production. They are praised and prized for their rarity and nowadays command they highest price per carat.


Amazing quality

What is unusual about the Pink Star is the quality. Not only is the colour the most precious one around: fancy vivid pink, it is also flawless. No inclusions at all. In these big stones that is just as rare as it gets really!

Very short bidding!

The bidding started and went on for just 5 minutes. There was bidding from the room and from telephone buyers but eventually it was bought by someone in the bidding room. And as the Theme of the Pink Panter by Henry Macini was played the people in the crowded room applauded loudly and enthusiastically.

Pink star auctionroom

Beny Steinmetz

Steinmetz Diamonds, the firm owned by Israel’s richest man, Beny Steinmetz, cut and polished the stone, which was mined by De Beers in Africa.

Splendor of diamonds

The “Pink Star” has been included in the “Splendor of Diamonds” exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, alongside the De Beers Millennium Star, the Allnatt diamond, and the Moussaieff Red. It was the largest internally flawless fancy vivid pink diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America.

How do diamonds get their colour?

Pink diamonds are Type II stones and their colour comes from a process called: plastic deformation. The pressure changes create structural anomalies during the growth of the crystal.

Discovery of pink diamonds

Centuries ago, pink diamonds were discovered in India for the first time. Famous examples are The Williamson, which was given to Queen Elizabeth at her wedding. The Darya-i-Nur is the largest pink diamond in the world and belonged once upon a time to the Mogul emperors in India. These days it is part of the National Treasury of Iran.


Pink diamonds are Type II stones that derive their color from the process known as plastic deformation, whereby pressure changes create structural anomalies during the crystal growth.

So desirable!

The desirability of pink as a gem color has increased since pink diamonds were first discovered in India centuries ago. Famous examples include the Williamson, which was given to Queen Elizabeth at her wedding, and the Darya-i-Nur, the largest pink diamond in the world, which initially belonged to Mogul emperors in India and is now stored at the National Treasury of Iran.

Pink star teaser





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