This is the most expensive piece of jewelry ever worn on the red carpet!

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What is the most expensive jewelry ever worn at the red carpet? Who wore it and where was it shown? And what is the second most expensive piece of jewelry ever worn on such an event? Oh, and do the stars actually own the jewelry themselves? Find it out in this blog!


Charlize Theron wearing the Chopard Earrings from the Garden of Kalahari Collection

Jewelry at the Oscars 

Whilst they are sweeping the streets around the Dolby Theatre, where the most glamorous of events of the planet - the Oscars- took place earlier this week on Sunday evening, we thought it would be fun to show you the most expensive piece ever worn on the red carpet. But before we get you too excited you need to know that not always do jewelry houses announce the price and especially for this particular piece of jewelry; we have non-confirmed sources that we consulted to give us an idea about the actual retail price.


Gemma Chan wearing Bulgari, Laura Harrier also wearing Bulgari and Regina King wearing Chopard at the Oscars 2019

What does the industry whisper about jewelry on the red carpet

I follow various groups of jewelers on Facebook and other platforms and it’s funny to read how many different opinions there are about jewelry on the red carpet in general, from people within the industry. From jewelry creators owning a small workshop or retailers, we hear things that vary from: what a joy to see all this glitz and glam to do you think they own this jewelry? And others who think it’s all over the top and they should wear lesser known, nicer designed jewelry instead.

Jewelry Golden Globes Julianne Moore Chopard

Golden Globes Red Carpet moment with Julianne Moore and Chopard

Why is jewelry on the red carpet so expensive?

First of all, all the companies represented on the red carpet are absolute top jewelry companies. As far as design goes; I do understand what they mean. The price of the jewelry on the red carpet is extremely high mostly due to the number of stones, the quality and the weight of the stones. Beyond precious and absolutely fabulous for the occasion. But it’s not what any of these companies sell on a daily basis.

Most expensivejewelryoscars

Sarah Paulson wearing Harry Winston, Jennifer Hudson also wore Harry Winston and Michella Yeoh wearing Chopard

Instead, the red carpet is the sublime moment for fashion and jewelry designers to gain the attention of a worldwide audience during the most glamorous, most photographed and talked- about-event in the entertainment industry of the year.

Most Expensive Jewelry Oscars

Charlize Theron with Bulgari, the earrings by Chopard as worn by Oscar winner Regina King and Allison Janney wearing Chopard

And no. None of the most prominent actors own any of the jewelry or dresses they wear. It is all a win-win industry. They get the most beautiful clothes. They also work with the most sought after-stylists of the moment, and on top of that, they get to wear the most glamorous pricy beautiful jewelry and in return the brands involved get the promotion.

The most expensive jewelry ever worn on the red carpet is...

So allegedly, the most expensive piece of jewelry is a pair of earrings created by Chopard. Worn by the stunning South African actress Charlize Theron on the Cannes Red Carpet in 2017. The Queen of Kalahari was a diamond, fair-mined in Botswana in the Karowe Mine. The giant diamond weighed 342 ct, a seriously big stone! And Chopard cut it into 23 pieces. Five of the stones weighed over 20 carats.


Just to get an idea of how big this QUEEN OF KALAHARI diamond really was! And these are the 5 over 20ct diamonds that have been cut from this unique diamond. The pear- and the heart-shaped diamond are featured in the earrings of the Chopard jewelry collection; Garden of Kalahari



The famous pair of earrings by Chopard. The most expensive jewels ever worn on the red carpet, as far as we know 

Like the ones Charlize Theron wore. A mismatched, versatile worn ( the dangling part comes off) pair of earrings with two giant D color IIA certified diamonds. The collection consists of a necklace, a ring, a watch, a bracelet, and earrings. And the price is…….an estimated, non-confirmed whopping $50 million! That is for the full-length pair with the mismatched stones weighing 25ct and 26ct!


The earrings can be worn in a versatile way, taking the big diamonds off it changes the look completely. I love this about well-made jewelry; the fact that one can wear it in various ways


Two more versions of the same pair of earrings. It's been made to ''play'' with the style you seek for an occasion  

And the runner up is...

Which jewel comes in second? Probably the yellow diamond necklace was worn by the woman who surprised friend and foe last year, as an actress: Lady Gaga. The necklace is by Tiffany and weighs 128,54ct. The estimated price is around $30 million. Lady Gaga is the third person to ever been seen with this necklace and I can imagine the rush she must have felt. The evening, her movie contesting, her song winning, and this diamond to wear. 

MostExpensiveJewelryRedCarpetChopard. Gaga Tiffany

And the runner up most expensive jewelry ever worn on the red carpet must go to this necklace by Tiffany. Lady Gaga was the third person who ever showed this necklace on a red carpet. The beautiful yellow diamond weighs 128,54 ct and is called: The Tiffany Diamon''. Once worn by Audrey Hepburn to promote the Breakfast at Tiffany movie and the brand itself. This was the most expensive jewel worn on the red carpet this year.

What do you think? How comfortable would you be wearing jewelry like this? Will they have personal guards to watch over the jewelry? And who buys jewelry like this? I would love to know all these things!


Esther XOXO



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