Year of the Horse, a jewelry story

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Most of 2014 will the year of the horse.  ) The horse is one element of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. This year it will be the year of the wooden horse. It was appointed by the yellow emperor as such and the horse is the 7th animal of the Chinese Zodiac.

David webb Horse brooch

David Webb, horse brooch

The Year of the horse stands for:

The year of the horse is symbol for mental and physical power, progress, success, liveliness, and happiness.

Cavallo Borgioni


This horse ring is by Borgioni


A Special love

The horse has a special place in my heart. I adore them since I was a young girl and still do. Although I have to admit to be still always a tiny bit afraid of them too! Horses have been faithful companions to men for thousands of years and we owe them so much. We went places thanks to them. We used them in our battles, we used their strength to plough our land and they fed us with their meat.  And today they still fulfill an important role in sports and leisure. Although there are many countries in the world were the horse is still used for practical purposes.

David Webb horse bracelet

Another beautiful example of the famous David Webb

The horse as an inspiration in jewelry

The horse is an inspiration for two well-known fashion companies: Gucci (horse bit) and Hermès (saddles etc.)But jewelers from all over the world were inspired by this magnificent, gracious and wonderful animal.

Have a happy horse year!


Ok, I know, this is a zebra....but I just loved it and well it is part of the horse family right? :-) David Webb


Carrera Y Carrera horsering

Magnificent piece of art, by Carrera Y Carrera. The spanisch have some very proud horse breeds, like the Andalusian horse. For sure, it was this horse that modelled for this wonderful ring.


David webb Unicorn

Technically not a horse, or a real one but well...the unicorn always appealed to my and other people's fantasy. David Webb


DeLaneau, famous for the very precious watches. They specialize in gem settings in watches but also in enameling. This looks like an Andalusian horse or Lippizaner to me. With diamonds. 


Gucci horsebit ring

Gucci playfully used their famous horse bit feature in these rings. 


Smith Grey horse

A stylish and almost more artistic approach to jewelry. This is how we know Smith & Grey from London. I think this appeals to anyone who loves horses but doesn't want it to be an obvious design. 


jaquet-droz petite heure minute relief horse

To me this looks like a playful foal. One of the things I love to watch for hours! Watch my Jaquet Droz.





MCL Sapphire Horse Bracelet

If you like it bling bling, this bangle may work perfectly for you. It is in silver by MCL and the cost is surprisingly high. Around 2500 dollar. Not bad.


 Roberto Coin, still inspired by the horse theme used the stirrup as an inspiration. In yellow 18 kt gold with diamonds of course. A precious bold design.



RobertoCoin horse

Personally I am in love with this bracelet. No words needed. Roberto Coin.

Boucheron jewelry ring horse


Boucheron made this lovely ring. It comes in different colors but I love this one best.



A cute little charm from Rosato. The company recently bought by Brosway, one of the biggest jewelry companies in Italy at this moment. They developped the earlier most iconic charms into a few collections. This one is from My Toys.

Vacheron constatin horse


Vacheron Constatin. I am not sure what the clients for these precious watches look like. Are they horse men? I cannot imagine that someone who likes the more precious masculin watches would go for a horse on their watch, as much as I appreciate the design. I can only think that these watches are meant for people in the horse sports industry or breeding or....well...

Carrera Y Carrera Bangle

Last, but certainly not least. Carrera Y Carrera. This bangle has an almost Etruscan feel to it. The sparkly bits together with the satin finish make it playful and less heavy. I would wear this in an instant. Love it, love it, love it. :-)


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