Personal silver jewelry favorites!

| Esther Ligthart

I have always had a weak spot for silver jewelry! There are some beautiful brands out there and here are some of my personal silver jewelry brand favorites!


Georg Jensen 

Silver makes jewelry more affordable

There is a lot to say for silver jewelry. I do love the shine and luster of silver, and just as it is a more affordable precious metal, brands can go just a little wilder with their designs!

There are so many fantastic brands out there, today I wanted to present you just a few of them to inspire you! Which one is your favorite?


Grey Gardens Jewelry

Silver Jewelry Brands

I personally worked with Pianegonda, a long time ago and they were the pioneers in many ways. Franco's sister started her own line a couple of years ago, which I have tried and adore. Raspini has always been into silver and creates this artisanal, blackened silver look jewelry as does Bohemme in a very own way too.

Grey's Garden Jewelry, has recently started to sell jewelry, based on the inhabitants of the famous Grey's Garden house. This documentary, famous in the USA, not only for the quality but also for the inhabitants, being related to Jackie Kennedy, was made by the same documentary maker who created the movie: IRIS (Apfel)

Whatever the budget, whatever the taste, silver jewelry allows you to play with design and style and yet still wear something really beautiful and precious!

Maria e Luisa

Maria e Luisa 


Stephen Webster, silver bracelet Forget me Knots
Silver jewelry michele Benjamin
Michele Benjamin, New York



Silver jewelry Lalique

Silver Jewelry daniel espinosa
Daniel Espinosa



Giovanni Raspini, Italian Silver jewelry


Silver jewelryBohemmering

Silverjewelryring Bohemme

Bohemme Jewelry from Spain

Silver jewelryThistle Bee

Thistle & Bee
SilverJewelry Pianegonda
Franco Pianegonda

Silverjewelrylamellae jewellry range design zaha hadid architects

Georg Jensen






Comments (5)

  • Orange Key

    Orange Key

    • 28 July 2016 at 03:02
    • #

    Wow wow!
    It's amazing! It's art! I've showed it to my wife and i'm in trouble ) Where i can buy it? the ring with a blue stone?


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 11 August 2016 at 11:17
      • #

      Hi there! Thanks for the comment, I really loved it !....the blue stone is a Topaz, you can find the Pianegonda rings in many stores, but perhaps it's easier to look online for a jeweler near you, or even buy it online.


  • Sonja


    • 25 September 2017 at 09:04
    • #

    Great posts... Chapeau! I thought that I was firm in knowing loads of jewelers around the world. But you get ahead of me. If you have tips for any brands looking for a PR consultant for Germany/Austria (paid by performance basis), I would be happy to hear from you! I am looking for new clients in the fashion and silver jewelry segment.

    With greetings from Munich,
    your new fan,


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 25 September 2017 at 09:10
      • #

      Hi Sonja, thank you! ....I know we have a lot of people and brands from the industry reading our blog, so maybe.....they will kindly check your company out! Good luck! Esther x


  • Vivek Nathany

    Vivek Nathany

    • 18 October 2017 at 11:13
    • #

    This one is really beautiful post having valuable and informative data.
    thanks for sharing.


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