3 reasons why you want to invest in gold jewelry

Whilst silver jewelry has its own charm and fashion jewelry allows you to show your trendy side without spending a fortune, it is gold jewelry that you really want to invest in! We’ll explain to you why and what kind of jewelry is the best investment.

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John Hardy


Gold jewelry and its waves of popularity

Gold jewelry has its very own cycles of popularity. Like waves, it comes and floats away, only to come back again, stronger and fresher than ever before. We are now in the beginning of a huge wave of fresh and new ideas and we’ll tell you what has changed!

Ps. if you like to know where gold comes from, check out this article



Gold jewelry trends

I have noticed a lot of classics coming back on the market.

  • Classic chains, classic bold rings and hoop earrings. If you do like this kind of jewelry, but fear it is a little too *old school* or slightly boring, then opt for versions that include insertions of gemstone, pearls or other materials. Also, you might want to see if you can play with it. For example: take a necklace that’s extra long. You can wear it double or triple around your neck, meeting this season's lust for statement pieces and collars.
  • Another trend is the return of the earring. The least sold item has become a lot more interesting over the past years. From asymmetric earrings to the solo earring, from the cuffs that cover the ear, to the simple everlasting normal set of earrings. If you look at it from an investing point of view, the aforementioned trends are perhaps not everlasting. But a great pair of earrings is usually a long lasting joy as the wear and tear is minimal (unless you are like me and drop them constantly due to being such a clumsy person) and they do a lot for your overall appearance. I have always blamed the fact that earrings are sold less than other kinds of jewelry (apart from brooches) to the fact that we don’t see it when we wear them ;-)
  • Small jewelry, layering, small rings and small bracelets is a trend that’s been hot for some time now too. It looks young and fresh and plays its part in what we find important today: creating authentic looks and personalizing jewelry. Enjoy it and take extra care of it. Don’t wear this kind of jewelry when you go for a workout, don’t wear this when you go to sleep. Seriously, don’t!


Trilogy by Cartier, a classic example of a *simple* piece of gold jewelry, that gains a lot of added value on the market, simply because of the name: Cartier



Fine jewelry

Fine jewelry, as soon as diamonds and other gemstones are added, the whole way of looking at the value of jewelry changes. The role of the material gold is often, not alway, but often less important than the role of the gemstones. So gold is just playing a very small part in the value of such pieces. Branded jewelry is a whole other chapter. Whilst a plain ring by an anonymous or less famous creator can fetch a price when sold, branded jewelry by famous jewelry houses have added value on the market.

Always check stores where you can sell your fine jewelry as jewelry and not cash for gold. The amount of gold does very little for your wallet, but second-hand jewelry is a new chapter in jewelry retail, that will become increasingly popular so check out specialized auction houses, jewelry stores and so on and so forth.


Ines de la Fressange

The rise of Vintage jewelry or second-hand jewelry

As mentioned, secondhand jewelry has never been as popular as now. Even if this was already the case in countries such as the U.K. for example, you’ll find new initiatives opening stores everywhere right now. In my own country, the Netherlands, there is this new retailer seeking to create a number of stores, selling predominantly: secondhand jewelry. A very new concept.

Why this is becoming more popular? Various reasons!

  • One can afford nice jewelry, for a smaller budget.
  • One loves the fact that it already had a story before.
  • One might see it as sustainable and less frivolous.
  • Or one simply seeks to be unique, whereas in most jewelry stores in any one country, one tends to find the same kind of brands over and over again.

Oressence gold ring investment



Here are three reasons why you want to invest in gold jewelry. My favorite? Number 2 for sure :-)

  1. Gold will always keep a value*

  2. Gold jewelry is, most of the time, well made and made to last.

  3. Gold jewelry never goes out of fashion. You may wear it for 5 years and grow tired of it, but I can assure you that one day, you’ll want to wear it again. If it’s more than 5 years that you don’t fancy wearing it anymore, then is the time to see if selling it is the wise thing to do.

Hopefully, I have been able to inspire you to invest a little more in jewelry. I like the trend of buying less stuff but of better quality in everything these days. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, food, furniture...Do buy silver or steel jewelry, if this is what you love! I have plenty of them too and I fully enjoy wearing them. This blog merely wants to state that in terms of investment, it is gold you might want to go for!


*If you going for the Cash for Gold, please bear in mind that they will, most of the time, only look at the weight. Taking out stones, metal in the clasp, and calculating how much PURE gold your jewelry contains. 18kt means that 750 ‰ is gold and the rest is silver, copper etc. If it is 14kt then it already is just 585 ‰ . They will however, most of the times, calculate 700 ‰ or 500 ‰  instead. For melting, for a little bit of loss here and there. So a gold chain of 40 gram of 14kt yellow gold (price is the same for white or rose) now is about 18 gram (metal in the clasp)  x day price of gold= what you will get for your piece of jewelry.



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  • Ellen Hughes

    Ellen Hughes

    • 10 August 2018 at 05:57
    • #

    It did catch my attention when you said that gold jewelry is ageless because it never gets out of fashion, so investing in gold is a wise choice. My daughter said that she wanted to use her savings to invest in jewelry. I want her to be able to sell her jewelry at a good rate in the future, so I will make sure to share your blog with her.


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 14 September 2018 at 06:47
      • #

      :-) thanks for sharing that, Ellen!


  • Jewels Galaxy

    Jewels Galaxy

    • 04 January 2019 at 06:53
    • #

    I really like the traditional look – the Poppy necklace is gorgeous. It seems very versatile, and I love jewelry that can be matched with a number of different outfits!


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