4 tips to understand why some jewelry is more expensive than others

Why does a piece of jewelry cost more than something similar? How can you compare prices, and what do you need to understand when it comes to jewelry prices? Let’s dig in!

One thing is for sure: there is no lack of jewelry in the world. Whatever you like, it’s out there. From the bling of hip hop artists, to the stylish Bohemian dreamers, and everything in between. Prices vary, and it’s not always easy to understand if something is reasonably priced or not. How do you know if it is a good price? How are prices made? And why does a ring, apparently similar to another one, cost so much more? 

Jewelry shopping

There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to buying jewelry. It’s not different from buying art or from buying a computer. Meaning; when it comes to art, the artist’s fame does matter. Prices go up if something is rare or very wanted. The materials used are part of the price but only up till a certain price point.

If we talk about computers, you know there are hundreds of terms that don’t mean anything to you, but do make the computer faster or with a much higher capacity for gaming, or storage of data. If you are a computer nerd, you’ll probably understand that I am not, and I am using all the wrong terms, but when it comes to jewelry, there are many things also to consider that one doesn’t always think about. 

Not your fault! Most of us are not like the jewelry creators, we don’t spend our days creating jewelry, buying gemstones and gold and whatnot. ;-) 

I like to keep things simple and this is why I share with you these 4 easy-to-understand tips of understanding the prices of jewelry in general.

My 4 tips are general tips and meant to give you some guidance. You can always ask, when in doubt, why the price is higher or lower than something comparable. I am sure your jeweler or goldsmith is more than happy to give you a deeper insight. 


How to understand the price of jewelry


  1. Metal. What kind of (precious) metal is used? It’s obvious that silver costs less than gold. 14 kt gold costs less than 18 kt gold. Sometimes 9- or 10 kt gold is used. In most countries this isn’t even considered gold. Maybe the metal used is gold-plated silver or gold-plated metal. The price of a jewel depends also on the kind of metal used.
  2. Gemstones. You have undoubtedly heard about the 4C’s when it comes to diamonds, but there is a stunning variety of gemstones and prices depend on their weight, color, natural or man-made, colors heated and treated or natural, and of course; gemstones vary enormously in prices. Rare and beautiful creates a higher price. Obviously!
  3. Design. If you go to a jewelry designer or goldsmith that creates a one of a kind piece of jewelry, you’ll understand that the time and effort and uniqueness are incorporated in the final price. Although it’s fair to ask about the weight and gemstone quality used, it’s never very fair to discuss if her price for her time, creativity, capability and imagination to create that jewel for you is right. (avoid surprises, disclose your budget upfront)
  4. Brand. Yes, you will pay more for a well-known brand. Whether it’s one of the beautiful heritage brands like Cartier, Boucheron, Buccellati, Bulgari, Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels, etc. or one of the hip and trending brands that celebrities embrace on the red carpet, you’ll find yourself paying more for it than a similar piece from a less well-known brand. The choice is yours!


Before you think it’s very nontransparent or too difficult to understand or trust, I would like to tell you that you should never be afraid to ask your jeweler more about the price. Have a conversation about it. Don’t make her defend the prices, but allow her to explain the quality of the jewelry, feel it, touch it, try it on...



Jewelers always love to talk about quality! Quality is everything. Choose the highest quality you can afford, and you’ll never pay too much. 




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