7 really great tips on how to save money on jewelry, engagement rings, and diamond jewelry!

Jewelry and a limited budget. It may seem rather difficult to buy something beautiful when your budget is limited. But don’t despair. We have 7 wonderful tips for you on how to save on engagement rings, diamond jewelry and just all kind of jewelry really! Ready? Here we go!

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Scrolling down Bizzita, you’ll see the most gorgeous mouthwatering jewelry.

Guilty as charged! Although I mention it all the time, most of the jewelry on this blog is intended to show you the beauty and art created by the world’s best designers. With an established name or new and fresh and upcoming. In short, the jewelry on this blog is here to inspire you. If you have the budget to spend on such jewelry, lucky you! But if you are like most of us, then continue reading ;-)

No, I know, you don’t just drool here on Bizzita.com, hop over to your Instagram and you’’ soon discover the Instaqueens and -kings, showing their bling! Some posing as if it is all very normal for them to wear pieces of tens of thousands of dollars. I know you are intelligent enough to understand that they almost never possess the jewelry and are often paid to wear and promote all they are wearing.

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Marketing and Jewelry

We have seen brands coming and going. But remember this:

Clever marketing doesn’t make jewelry beautiful. However, beautiful jewelry can benefit from clever marketing. There is a lot of smartly marketed jewelry out there, that’s not always as beautifully made and designed as it may appear in the first place. Just turn that phrase around and the opposite is also true there is a lot of wonderful jewelry created by people who simply don’t have the great marketing budget. So what you see promoted in magazines etc. it simply still is no guarantee for spending your money well.

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So how do you buy something gorgeous AND save money at the same time?

First of all; do your homework!

Here is a little help for you on how to save money on jewelry!

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1. Saving on Diamond Jewelry and Engagement Jewelry:

  • Choose small, but beautiful over big, but less beautiful
  • Choose lab-grown over natural diamonds.
  • Don’t opt for a diamond, go for another gemstone!

Learn a little about diamonds if you like your diamond!. And consider lab-grown diamonds perhaps, as they are cheaper. If the real deal is the only thing good enough for you; always choose the best possible quality over quantity. In other words, choose a good color, no or only small inclusions, and a good cut, always over a carat. If you are going for an engagement ring, diamonds aren’t your only option. Any gemstone will work just perfectly, choose something that your lady loves. And forget the silly peer-pressure of showing a giant stone. The size of the stone doesn’t relate to your love and anyone who thinks differently has been brainwashed by smart marketing campaigns.

2. saving money on Gold jewelry

  • Opt for 14kt instead of 18kt
  • Choose a smaller jewel in gold in 18kt 

Depending on where you live, gold jewelry is only allowed to be called gold jewelry if its hallmarked 750 (18kt) or 585 (14kt). In Italy, the only true gold is 18kt gold. But in the Netherlands, 14kt is much more common. High-end jewelry is always made in at least 18kt. In some parts of the world, we see even 22kt and 24kt gold. Bear in mind that these contain more gold, have a very warm rich coloring, but are prone to scratches as it is rather soft. In other parts of the world 8- and 9kt gold is sold as gold too. 

In my eyes, it’s Bijoux or fashion jewelry. The amount of gold is so low which is fine for fun, fashion jewelry that you don’t expect to last a lifetime. However, the choice is obviously yours! You’ll pay a little more for an 18kt ring, than for a 14kt one. You could opt to choose the latter and save a little on the metal.

3. Saving money on or with Silver jewelry

  • Better a great silver ring than a tiny and too thin gold ring.

Sterling silver is mainly an alloy of silver, consisting of nearly 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% other metals, like copper, which make it less expensive. Fine silver is composed of 99.9% pure silver, and it is a bit more expensive Most jewelry you’ll probably find is made in sterling silver. You can find great brands and wonderful designs. The metal costs so much less than gold and so many designers have done amazing things in silver. Go for rhodium plated silver. Less chance of allergy occurring, if you are sensitive. No polishing needed, it won’t oxidate. Another bonus, rhodium plated silver looks a lot like white gold.

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4. Saving on jewelry, buy great Fashion jewelry

  • Can’t afford the real deal? Go for fashion jewelry.
  • Better a great piece of fashion jewelry, than a crappy made piece of silver or gold jewelry.

Look, it’s simple. There are many designers now, just look at the big high-end fashion e-commerce sites, that are doing amazing fashion jewelry. It’s fun, delightful, designer jewelry just made with different criteria and metal. Chanel loved to play with fashion jewelry and so did Oscar de la Renta. Great fashion jewelry isn’t very cheap, but if you like something extraordinary and don’t have the budget to go wild in fine jewelry, opt for a great piece of fashion jewelry!

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5. save money and buy yourself some Vintage jewelry

  • Go for a pre-owned piece of jewelry!

Pre-owned, vintage or antique jewelry. There is a bit of difference there, but in all comes down to jewelry that has been loved before. If you don’t mind this fact and don’t mind a little wear and tear, go for a pre-loved piece of jewelry!

6. Save money on jewelry by shopping your own closet!

  • What do you really have? What jewelry can be altered?

This tip came from Lauren Levison, Mayfair Jewels, and fashionista. She advised her clients to shop their own closet. Lay it all down, look what you really possess. It may turn out that you don’t ‘’need’’ anything new! Also, jewelry you don’t wear anymore could be customized and updated. Ask a really good jeweler for feedback and ideas!

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7. SAVE money before saving money on jewelry!

  • Save money before buying jewelry.
  • Don't spend money on jewelry if you don't have it.

Yes, that good old fashioned saving. Never spend on jewelry when you struggle every month with your bills. Don’t spend money you don’t have. Whatever your credit card company says, there is no such thing as free money! Do you still want to buy jewelry? I love that! But if you want it, just start saving for it! Put away a little or a lot, but it’ll feel soooo much better if you have actually saved for your jewelry!

Do let me know your thoughts and what your tips are for saving on jewelry! As they say: sharing is caring :-)

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Comments (6)

  • Raul


    • 09 February 2019 at 17:03
    • #

    Hi, Esther, thanks for another great post. I guess if I wanted to save on jewelry, I would be looking to buy on wholesale shops. Even if you are not a wholesaler. Also, not going for big brands that may charge a plus. Even when I really admire their job, maybe if it is about saving, not the best option. Also I would add going for items on sale of brands that you like and you are sure about their quality. Ah, going for other materials rather than gold and diamonds, I think can be a great advice as you say. Engagement rings are not marriage rings. And here it is a good place to go more on trend, show your personality, avoid ficticial problems, and have fun being yourself.


  • Christine Mark

    Christine Mark

    • 21 December 2019 at 05:06
    • #

    Thank you for sharing your tips. Your tips are always helpful for me. Keep on sharing this kind of post.


  • Michaela Hemsley

    Michaela Hemsley

    • 21 July 2020 at 22:41
    • #

    I have been thinking about buying some nicer jewelry that I can add to my work outfits to help them look more professional and neat. Thanks for the tip to buy vintage, pre-owned, or antique jewelry. I will have to look into pawn shops or similar shops for some pre-owned jewelry that I can get for a better price and that can still add to my outfit.


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 29 September 2020 at 14:12
      • #



  • Shammy Peterson

    Shammy Peterson

    • 11 January 2022 at 01:43
    • #

    I found it interesting when you said that 22kt and 24kt gold jewelry have a very warm rich coloring and contain more gold. My sister and I are interested in shopping for antique jewelry pieces next week. Since we want to choose high-end pieces that are truly valuable for our mother's birthday, we will be sure to consider your tips.


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