How to buy the perfect Christmas jewelry gift!

How to buy the perfect gift for Christmas is already very hard for most of us. But the perfect jewelry gift? Before you think it is a mission impossible check out Bizzita’s jewelry gift tips. 

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It’s that time of the year.The holiday season started and we all start to feel that little buzz of excitement building up. For many of us, this is a season of family, parties, celebration, food and gifts. It encourages us to be generous and give to others. It encourages us also to think for a moment to what friends and family and maybe even that friendly neighbour really mean to us.

So there are some people who seem to somehow possess a sort of natural feeling them of knowing what to buy for everyone. But for me and most of us it is just not that easy. We think and think. We try to ask or find out with tricks. We dig into the lives of our loved ones, all in order to buy them the perfect gift.




And when we embrace each other on January 31th we fill our hearts with all things we will for sure change this coming year. It is a good thing; closing a period with a ritual and start all fresh. We all know nothing changed really, but yet it feels like we can start all over again and our hope is so high that we also think that this time we will really manage to quit smoking, losing those extra pounds, live healthier, find that life partner, have a new job, more money etc.  Ok, so most of us encounter a reality check a month later but why focus on that? There is a huge amount of people that does manage to maintain what they started and it just points out the importance of rituals. In order to restart we need to get rid of that burden of the past.

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For me the holiday season is filled with memories. Often I catch myself in a slightly melancholic mood, but also with a heart that really loves to believe in a little magic. I give myself over to Christmas movies and I feel extremely romantic. Which is great as my husband does not care at all for Christmas, haha! I notice the beauty of the lights; in watching all the cosy homes when I walk my dog in the evening (many Dutch people tend to have the curtains wide open in the evening). I love to see how my child feels enchanted by the music, movies, gifts, lights and the buzz of excitement around the gifts that he might get.



As this is a blog about jewelry I want to give you some tips about giving jewelry to someone you love. Although it is often a man buying something for his girlfriend or wife it would be very old fashioned to focus just on that. These days there are a huge amount of singles, one parent families, mixed families and of course same sex relationships. All these people buy jewelry too of course. And I love the fact that ever more women buy their own jewelry throughout the year. But we are talking about the holiday season of course and the art of giving.

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If you are lucky the person you want to buy your gift for already indicated a couple of times what jewelry she ( or he, but just to keep it simple to read I will refer to this person as she, forgive me J) likes. But if you aren’t that lucky here are some tips to buy jewelry and bring that smile of amazement and astonishment hopefully, to their faces.

  1. Magazines
    Try to watch some magazines together and trick her into commenting. Ok, this is a bit transparent but most people will forgive you your tactics as soon as they understand why you did it.
  2. Go classic if you don't know
    If you have no clue, go for something classical. Like a simple golden ring or silver pendant ( I don’t know your budget of course!)
  3. Think of something symbolic
    Still no clue? Try to think of something symbolic. Maybe she finished a course, or maybe she has overcome some illness or difficult times. And if nothing extraordinary happened think of her children, animals or zodiac sign. Think of something that encourages her to pursuit her dreams or goals. Then try to think of something symbolic. It might be a heart. A feather, a birthstone. A good salesperson in your local jewellery store can tell you about specific symbols. There are many brands that use them in their jewellery. And why not think of making an object symbolic and write or tell her why this is in your eyes symbolic for her. I would love this, that’s for sure. You cannot get more personal than that really!
  4. Go for personal instead of pricy
    Maybe it is not so nice of me to mention this, but keep in mind that jewelry is still considered an important gift. Whatever the price of it is. And luckily so! If you can afford it and have a special reason like celebrating that you can afford it for exampleJ, than splash out and give that something extravagant. But don’t give what you cannot afford. Please keep in mind that the thought and emotion are always a much stronger message to the receiver than the price tag. I loved it when I received a simple silver pendant, made by a local silversmith. She made it to support a good cause and I thought it was extremely thoughtful of the person who gave it to me as he guessed very rightly so, that I loved the message behind the jewel.
  5. The empty box
    Still no clue? Well, then there is the very last option. Buy an empty box. Think of some nice words, a poem or a little card. Something that means something to both of you. And take her out after the holidays to go together to buy her something she loves. Not romantic? Think again! In Italy during the festive season we sold much more jewelry between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. People were often home from work. They made a very special day of it as they went together to buy something beautiful. Believe me; I saw a lot of tender, fun and moving moments in those days!

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Marco Bicego



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