What no one tells you about the Four C’s

There are four “Cs” to consider when you are buying a diamond. Some are more important than others and it’s essential to understand why. According to renowned diamond expert Brian Gavin, of the internationally recognized brand Brian Gavin Diamonds, cut is the most important “C” to consider when purchasing a diamond.



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Wow factor

Diamonds with a well-balanced cut are simply the best choice and often those diamonds will have the greatest “wow” factor. Brian Gavin says: ‘’A well-cut and polished diamond with precise symmetry will have more fire and brilliance and give the impression that it is larger than a stone of equal weight but with a lesser cut. “


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Hearts and Arrows

Since cut stands for performance, it greatly influences the other three Cs. Consumers today want reassurance that the diamond ring on their finger or the diamond stud in their ear is not only finely manufactured but is also perfectly symmetrical. After cut, the proportions or angles of the diamond are the next important factor to consider. You may have heard of the term “Hearts and Arrow,” which is the greatest indicator of diamond cut quality. Brian Gavin told me that the perfectly shaped hearts are formed when the main pavilion facets are cut at the correct angles and polished with such perfection that their reflection results in a perfect heart pattern. “Once the perfect heart pattern has been attained, the perfect arrow pattern in the crown results,” said Gavin.


While other diamond cutters seem focused on cutting diamonds to retain the maximum amount of carat weight, Brian Gavin is intent that every diamond be precisely cut to a degree of craftsmanship that is unattainable anywhere else. If you want to ensure maximum sparkle factor, go with the Hearts and Arrows because it is considered the pinnacle of cut.


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Sparkle Factor

It’s no coincidence that the round brilliant cut is the most popular and in-diamond diamond shape today. They have the ultimate sparkle factor –a balanced degree of brilliance with optimal light return.

One of the other Cs you often hear about is clarity. Brian Gavin recommends choosing a quality cut over clarity because it maximizes the value of your diamond purchase. When you think of the clarity of a stone, think of the appearance or non appearance of imperfections. Some imperfections naturally occur when a diamond is formed and other imperfections – like those caused by scratches or nicks on top of the stone – don’t naturally occur and can be removed.


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Another C to consider when purchasing a diamond is color. But many people do not realize that a diamond’s color is actually determined by its lack of color. I learned from speaking with Brian Gavin that with a well-cut diamond, you could afford to go with a lower color grade and still have a better performing and more brilliant stone.


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Finally, did you know that as diamonds increase in weight, their size becomes harder to perceive with the eye? Don’t pay for weight that can’t be seen! The diamond’s carat – the fourth C – has to do with weight. And Brian Gavin says to look for a diamond that has a diameter measurement at least as large as the average for its weight, and to select the best quality cut within a size range.


Do you want to learn more about why cut stands for performance and how it greatly influences the other three C’s? Don’t forget to check out www.briangavindiamonds.com/education

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