Trend 2018-2019 Jeans & Jewelry!

| Esther Ligthart

Every year, in September, the greatest fashion magazines present us the fashion issues, their biggest and most important issue of the year. Packed with the latest trends. And every year; jeans or better; denim is part of it. This season of Fall-Winter 2018-2019 is no different! Let's take a look at the latest denim wear, but most importantly; what kind of jewelry matches denim the best? Jeans & Jewelry turn out to be a perfect combination.


Trend 2019 2018 Jeans Jewelry Front

 The best denim wear this season:

Wherever you look for fashion inspiration, denim pops up. From chic to cowgirl, from elegant to slightly (intended) scruffy, it's just a big love story between designers and the general public. For those who love to wear the most exclusive creations; it's Balmain taking the lead this year, in my opinion, with the most wonderful denim and jeans fashion wear. 

Jeans always seem to scream for gold jewelry. It is the absolute perfect combination. Although a long string of pearls can make any simple pair of jeans looking like a million dollars, it's the warm color of, especially yellow gold that creates that perfect combination. 


Trend 2019 2018 Jeans Jewelry Acne studio Nanis Bracelet ring

Jeans Trend: Acne Studio Jeans & Nanis satin Jewelry in 18kt gold

Satin Gold jewelry and Jeans

Satin gold like created by companies such as Nanis or Buccellati and Marco Bigeco are just perfect with jeans or denim look. The soft rich look and feel of satin gold is just as timeless as jeans are. Never out of fashion, always gorgeous. And together they just look amazing! So if you love that soft, but very rich look of satin and embrace your own jeans look; you are perfectly nailing it this season!

Trend 2019 2018 Jeans Jewelry Balmain Aurelie Bidermann earrings Bracelet Ring

Jeans Trend: Balmain Jeans Resort wear 2018-2019 and Lace jewelry by Aurelie Bidermann 18kt gold plated lace



Trend 2019 2018 Jeans Jewelry Balmain Auvere Masviel ChristopheAmestoy Buccellati ring bracelet necklace gold

Jeans Trend: Balmain Resort wear, Honey bracelet by Christophe Amestoy, earrings by Buccellati, earrings by Masviel, necklace and all other jewelry by Auvere

Trend 2019 2018 Jeans Jewelry Balmain boots jeansH.Weiss cuff bracelet

Jeans Trend: Balmain boots in jeans look and bracelets by H. Weiss

Jeans and Lace Jewelry

Did you see those denim boots by Balmain? Over the top and absolutely impractical, but they look amazing! Combine them with lace jewelry to emphasize the look or to create just a hint of more sophistication if you find boots like these a little too bold and daring. Either way, together they look absolutely wonderful. The boots by Balmain retail around €2145,- the bracelets by Aurelie Bidermann are sold around € 500,- and the H.Weiss gold bracelets start around € 3000,-. 

Trend 2019 2018 Jeans Jewelry Balmain Wim Meeussen necklace gold

Jeans Trend: Balmain trench coat and necklace by the Dutchman Wim Meeussen

Trend 2019 2018 Jeans Jewelry Chanel Buccellati Necklace Hawaii Messika diamond 18kt

Jeans Trend: Chanel Resort wear jeans, Messika 18kt gold chain with diamonds and Maui Necklace by Buccellati

Trend 2019 2018 Jeans Jewelry Dolce Gabbana Monica Rich Kosann

Jeans Trend: Dolce & Gabbana 2019 and Monica Rick Kosann

Trend 2019 2018 Jeans Jewelry HM Bracelet

Jeans Trend on a budget: H&M tight sporty jeans and bracelet by H&M, get the look, don't spend so much: € 5,99

Jeans and Low Priced Fashion Jewelry 

Whatever your budget is, you can afford the look, even creating it with fashion jewelry from brands such as Zara or H&M. If you like to own a beautiful piece of real gold jewelry then you might opt to choose something timeless such as most jewelry featured in this blog. It doesn't have to beold-fashionedd or dull, but can be as contemporary or classic as you like. It will always match everything you wear, but if you aren't there yet, or just love to create something without spending very much, you might like this bracelet for example. For just € 5,99 you nail it, combined with the jeans with the green ribbon also by H&M.

Trend 2019 2018 Jeans Jewelry Streetstyle

Jeans & Personalized Jewelry

Do you remember the Sex and the City show in the nineties? It showed personalized jewelry and made it look fashionable. Before that period, it wasn't always seen as very fashionable. From slightly tacky to absolutely on trend, in fashion, anything can hope for appreciation one day! 

Trend 2019 2018 Jeans Jewelry Ralph Lauren MoonLola Sarah Chloe ringpersonalizedJewelry

Jeans Trend: Ralph Lauren, Moon & Lola bracelet and necklace, both in silver and gold plated, ring goldplated by Sarah Chloe

Trend 2019 2018 Jeans Jewelry Lutz Huelle Fabergé John hardy bracelett cuff

Jeans Trend: Lutz Huelle jeans on the catwalk, bracelet by John Hardy and cuff bracelet by Fabergé


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