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| Esther Ligthart

We have seen a rapid development of changes in how and where we work over the past decades. All thanks to the internet. Working in style, even if you work from home or maybe; especially when you work from home, is a growing trend. Whilst our homes turn into part-time offices, company offices become much more homely and flexible and the interior design world  seeks to adapt to this exciting developments.

Bizzita wouldn’t be Bizzita, if we did not make a link to jewelry. We found these wonderful items that work both in a home office and in a company office. Working in style, we love it !


The Naked Desk Nika Zupanc


There is style and there is Style, I have to admit, that the desk above is incredibly glamorous and many of these kind of furnite or desks have become objects of design and desire. Although many small business owners, may still work from flexible workplaces, it's thanks to solutions and desks like the ones in this blog, that we no longer need to hide our *ugly* desk upstairs in one of the ''bedrooms turned into home office'', but we can proudly put these desks into any living room. Working from anywhere is the new luxury! 


Working from home

Work and homelife, are becoming for a lot of us, a fluid concept. Especially for the self-employed; home life, children and the daily stuff, integrate with the businesses they run. We are all searching still for ways to integrate this into a solution we are happy to live with. Not everyone is charmed by the idea of having to work from the kitchen table and not everyone has the opportunity to place an own desk, let alone such a luxurious one, into their living room. In my own home, where we both work often, we have a huge wooden table right in the middle of the room. It's where I work from and from this cosy, central position I can sit with my child drawing next to me, or my hubby having coffee or checking his phone on the other side of the table. He works however from another desk, also in the living room. It is a solution, in a rather long but narrow living room, that we feel happy about as work and home life are not felt as two seperate things for us. 

Work and how we work, is changing rapidly, but we, as people, need always a little more time to adapt. And each of us, of course, should make their own decisions about how much they are willing to adapt.


Fashion Jewelry and Interior Design

The style we have created here is that of pure, clean and shiny, sometimes utterly glamorous ideas for both your interior design, fashion outfits and jewelry. Stylish comfort and understated chic. This reflects both in the desks and accessories as well as in the current fashion style and jewelry. A total look for relaxed, yet elegant, super sleek and utterly cool people that love to adapt into this new way of living and working. 

Now here is the thing: working from home, especially when you think of writers and bloggers, is an invite to comfy dressing. Keeping on the jogging gear as you might work out later or keeping on your pyjama as it is so soft and warm, I think everyone who works from home, has fallen for the sloppy version of him- or herself! Yes, even I did. But one can combine comfort and looking nice and stylish and that's the style we seeked for in this blog.

The jewelry matches completely the idea of sleek and stylish, contemporary and just cool designs. I tend to strip myself from bracelets and rings, the moment I start working. Next to my laptop is always my phone, iPad, pencil and jewelry :-)

I would like to add, last but not least, that you might have heard of this phrase before: ''dress for the work you want, not for the one you have''. What about if we dressed for the work we want even when nobody is seeing us? I think it does a lot for our self confidence and attitude in what we do!

If you work from home, we would love to know how you dress for work :-)

The Naked Desk Nika Zupanc jewelry trendCOLLAGE

The Naked Desk by Nika Zupanc, Antonini bracelet, Chloé sunglasses and Vhernier ring

working in style COLLAGE

Dorothee Schumacher pants Spring collection '17, Ligne Roset home office solution, Todd's Double Gommini slippers and sunglasses by MiuMiu

Sydney Evans 14 kt diamond pendant COLLAGE

Anna October dress spring collection 2017, Sydney Evans 14kt diamond necklace, white sneakers by Givenchy and pink ones by Nike

bourgie goud kartell COLLAGE

Bourgie Lamp by Kartell and the Compobili by Kartell

Angela Hubel COLLAGE

Yoni Ring by Gurmit Kaur Campbell,  Angela Hubel ring on hand and below left is also by Angela Hubel. The one on the right is by Isabella Hund

Alexandra Blak COLLAGE

Evelie Mouila or how to incorporate your hairstyle with your jewelry. Cuff bracelet by Alexandra Blak 


Repossi Ring COLLAGE

Etro dress spring 2017, Georg Jensen Mobius Ring, Charlotte Chesnais, the famous Just en Cloe by Cartier, Repossi ring

boskke sky planter kunststof bloempot medium COLLAGE

 Lzzr Jewerly COLLAGE

Repossi Earcuffs, Lzzr Jewelry

Georg Jensen Hadid COLLAGE

Georg Jensen and the designs by the recently passed away architect Zaha Hadid 

Stylish Jewelry Sleek

Acne Studio necklace and jewelry, both ring and Metal Pearl necklace, by Balenciaga

Working in style trend 3

Michael Kors, Boca do Lobo lamp and goldfinished safe, ring by Hermès

Working in style trend 2

Tasaki rings, Boca do Lobo table and ring by Preorder by Susan Foster for Preorder

Trend working in style COLLAGE

Earrings by Yoko London,  pink top Spring collection 2017 by Valentino. Victoria Beckham black jumper and glasses by RayBan 

working from home COLLAGE

How homely can offices get? Working out or getting comfy and bringing your dog to the office

Google Office Budapest COLLAGE

We love these examples of tech companies, inspiring people to play in order to get the creativity going. Offices from both Google and Facebook 


Holly Ryan Choker COLLAGE

Holly Ryan 

Charlotte Chesnais

Charlotte Chesnais



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  • Sophi


    • 10 February 2017 at 08:53
    • #

    Awesome post! I'm often working from my kitchen and I love it! But now I think I need this wonderful desk!
    P.S.I do the same with my bracelets!


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 13 February 2017 at 15:45
      • #

      ;-) xxx


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