23 Ultimate Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas

We know that most of you buy their most important and valuable gifts at the very last moment. You are still in time, but if you haven't got a clue yet what to buy, we have you covered! These jewelry gift ideas can be purchased online or instore, but can just as easily be used as inspiration to watch together with your loved ones and get the idea of what they love.

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jewelry is the perfect Christmas present

It's not a secret: all retailers know very well that the most meaningful and expensive gifts are usually bought in these very last days before Christmas. We have created an interesting inspiring gift guide that you can either use as an inspiration or as a conversation. Look for the pieces directly online or at your local jewelry store ( we have your back, all the pieces published are great quality pieces of jewelry) or look at it together to see what you love and take it from there! You can find similar pieces in jewelry stores. Show your jeweler the jewelry in this blog that you love and have them show you their collections similar to your taste. 

Use lists, blogs, Pinterest or Instagram when visiting your jeweler

You can also use Pinterest or Instagram for these purposes. Create lists and show it to your jeweler. I am certain they'll appreciate it and will guide you to their most matching pieces! 

Not sure what to buy? Don't worry! When I ran a jewelry store, the most precious pieces weren't sold before Christmas but right after. Couples, friends, and family often came afterward and make it an experience to choose something meaningful and beautiful together. Calmly and with just as much love and dedication as those who surprise their loved ones under the tree. Jewelry is all about emotion. Make the experience, the meaning, count.

''your budget is not your limitation, quality should come first, whatever your budget is!''


The gift guide:

Christmas jewelry Inspiration Boucheron RobertoCoin\

Boucheron-18kt gold ring Hans, the Hedgehog 9813,- and Roberto Coin pendant, also in 18kt gold €1505,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guide.Chopard

Chopard Rose Gold 18kt Ring and diamonds €17300,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guide.Foundraea

Foundraea Ring in 18kt €3217,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guide.Joanna Laura Constatine

Joanna Laura Constantine Fashion Jewelry-gold plated brass earrings €186,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guide

Patcharavipa ring in 18kt gold €11700,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guide.SuzannaKalan Bracelet

Suzanna Kaplan bracelet with gemstones in 18kt gold  3924,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guide.Suzanna Kalan.3

Suzanna Kaplan earrings in gemstones €4908,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guide.Suzanna Kalan

Suzanna Kaplan Ring with gemstones in 18kt gold €2646,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guide.Tiffany

Tiffany bracelet in 18kt gold €840,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guide.Venyx

Ring Venyx in 18kt gold and gemstones €6172,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guide. Astley Clarke

14kt gold ring with diamond €645,- by Astley Clarke

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guide. Holly dementMarloLaz

Holly Dyment 18kt gold and enamel heart pendant with diamond and sapphire € 4764 and  Marlo Laz, Mandala Tie-Dry pendant with chain in 14kt gold €3948,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guideBoucheron

Boucheron earrings Serpent Boheme in mother of pearl and diamonds, 18kt gold €12400

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guideElenati

Ring by Elhanati in 18kt gold € 2410,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guideMattia Cielo

Classic earrings  Rugiada in 18 kt rose gold and diamonds by Mattia Cielo €8260

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guideMattia cielo

Mattia Cielo €7518,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guideOscar dela Renta

Oscar de la Renta Fashion Jewelry necklace in aluminum €672,- 

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guidePomellato

Pomellato 18kt gold chunky chain bracelet €10900,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guideSuzanna Kalan Earrings

Suzanna Kaplan hoop earrings in 18kt gold and various gemstones €7452,-

Christmas jewelry Inspiration guide Sophie Buhai

Silver ring by Sophie Buhai €486,-


Earrings by Tasaki in white gold, diamonds, and Takoya pearl €85666,-








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  • Priya Sharma

    Priya Sharma

    • 06 October 2020 at 10:49
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    Thank you for the tips that you have shared with us, indeed the tips are wonderful and are worth trying will surely try using these tips and also pass this on to friends and family as well for their reference.


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