25 affordable colorful summer jewelry pieces that will express your zest for life

These very affordable summer jewelry pieces are all colorful. Wearing them will lift your mood and zest for life instantly, like the cheerful smile of your child or the sun breaking through on a rainy day. These are the fun pieces of jewelry that you’ll cherish this summer!

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Affordable or priceless summer jewelry?

There are those who embrace fine jewelry only and those who don’t like to leave the fashion jewelry arena for whatever reason (money, the fun part, eclectic choice), but why limit yourself? Personally, I adore both worlds. I wear a shell ring that is worth almost nothing, but that I adore as it is sheer beauty created by nature. Even when I visited the incredible jewelry master Wallace Chan, he took this ring into his hands and admired it from every angle, appreciating it for its impeccable beauty. There was nothing to add but a hole for my finger.

Jewelry doesnt need to cost lots to be priceless

I stand by that quote! :-) The ring in the middle is mine

More affordable fashion jewelry inspiration

The pieces shared in this article are affordable because all well below the € 1000,- or $ 1000,- but perhaps still be too expensive for your wallet. Don’t worry! The pieces I share here are all made by designers and sold on platforms such a Modaoperandi or LuisaviaRoma. They are great designers and absolutely create durable, fun, and beautiful fashion jewelry!

But if your budget doesn’t allow yourself to splash out on these great fashion jewelry designs, then allow yourself to get inspired and find pieces on Etsy or your local fashion jewelry store that capture that same zest for life feel, as these pieces do! Never splash out on jewelry you can’t afford, but it can be also worth saving money to buy that one fun piece you absolutely love!

Jewelry trendsSummer2019

Rosantica Earrings

Jewelry that will make you smile is always a great investment!

Whatever your choice, make sure that what you choose brings a big smile to your face the instant you notice it! You’ll never regret buying it and wearing it. You’ll see, you will grab it many times. So even if you think that € 300,- is a bit much for a pair of fashion jewelry earrings, bear in mind that it’s only a lot of money if you never wear it, or just occasionally. The keyword for these colorful jewelry pieces? Happiness!

Need more keywords? How about a zest for life, smile, brightness, energy, summer, sun, children laughing, playfulness, joy, lightness, freedom?  I think they ALL apply! You? Enjoy!

Jewelry trendsSummer2019Susan Alexandra Hoop earrings

Susan Alexandra colorful beaded hoops. €94,-

Jewelry trendsSummer20192

Tres Almas jewelry €210 and Rosantica Earrings

Jewelry trendsSummer20193

Cult Gaia Earrings acrylic and wood: €156,- and Sandra Alexandra 10k-plated €135,-

Jewelry trendsSummer20194

Mercedes Salazar fun cherry earrings €174,- and Deepa Gumani Watermelon earrings €204,-

Jewelry trendsSummer20195

Rosario Holquin Tulips Earrings in goldplated silver €498,- and Rebecca de Ravenel silk earrings €303,-

Jewelry trendsSummer20196

Roxanne Assoulin happy bracelets! €114,-

Jewelry trendsSummer20197

Shourouk €246,- and Casa Chiqui €372,-

Jewelry trendsSummer20198

Susan Alexandra €148,- Brinker + Eliza bracelet 24kt goldplated and you can order them with your own name too: €215,- and Simona Rocha yellow earrings €220,-

Jewelry trendsSummer20199

Rosantica Ceramic and Wood Earrings €198,- and Susan Alexandra earrings Smiley Cyrus (Hand beaded in South Africa at the Hillcrest Aids Center, supporting themselves. If you buy these, you are helping the world to become a better place, according to the designer) €94,-

Jewelry trendsSummer201910

Roxanne Assouline Palm Beach Bracelet, three pieces €344,- and Ranjana Khan €96,-

Jewelry trendsSummer201911

Brinker + Eliza Earrings long €177,- and Sophie Buhai Shell earrings €804,-










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