6 reasons why to give jewelry this christmas

Jewelry is really the only present that will remain valuable and treasured over the years, this is one of the reasons why jewelry is absolute, without any doubt, the best gift for Christmas!

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It’s that time of the year again, and whilst it seems that time flies ever faster, stores are ready to present you their most beautiful windows of the year! Filled with things we don’t need, but desire. Sometimes secretly, sometimes sharing it with friends and family. Are you stressing out already? Or do you have a clear idea about your gifts this year? Or are you the one hoping to receive that ring? That necklace or that bracelet?

Why Jewelry Christmas Gift.png Manna Pinno

Pendants with cats and dogs by Pinno Manna, prices unknown


jewelry is emotion

Ok, I am biased, however, I’ve seen the impact of jewelry as a gift for well over two decades. The emotions behind buying jewelry and the moment of gifting are beautiful to observe. In my career, I have witnessed the moments and I advised people who sought a meaningful present for their loved ones.

Why Jewelry Christmas Gift.Scapitta Dario

In metal produced by Dario Scapitta Pendant Black Rose €159,- and ring €95,-

Why Jewelry Christmas Gift

Of Rare Origin 9k gold necklace € 1026,- Ring by Morphee-Joaillerie- Pamela Hastry-called Buttercups in 18kt gold €960,- and pendant with scarab and pearl by Daniela Villegas €1848,-

giving jewelry is precious

Jewelry, any kind of jewelry for any kind of budget is precious.Yes, I agree; a mass produced piece is very different to a handcrafted jewel, but those who sell jewelry should realize always that to the consumer- you - it’s always the gesture that counts far more than the actual value.  

Jewelry is forever

The words you speak, the letter you write or the moment you give the present matter, and the jewelry itself will forever capture that moment.  A materialized memory of a moment in time, an emotion lived and treasured. Every time you touch that earring, ring or necklace, play with that bangle or pin the brooch to your shirt, you can’t help but feeling something.

Why Jewelry Christmas GiftAnabela Chan

Anabela Chan ring and earring in 9k and colored gemstones € 1944,- and € 2142,-

Why Jewelry Christmas Gift.png AlessioBoschi 1

Alessio Boschi beautiful jewelry reminding us of nature and all its amazing creatures POA


Jewelry is, for most of us, something we simply don’t buy very often. Therefore the uniqueness of the moment and the present are priceless.

Jewelry is experience

Technology changes ever more rapidly. Whilst I was among the first to get the iPhone X last year, it’s already replaced by newer models. The technology hasn’t even changed that much, but if they don’t come out with a new model every year, any tech company knows that others will fill their place in the market. Crazy!

Why Jewelry Christmas Gift.pngAenea2

Why Jewelry Christmas Gift.pngAENEA

Aenea Jewellery  earrings Rainbow Circles € 6900,- Rings Mandriandl Rose and Foglia di Rosa both available at € 5500,- The pendants below are in gold, silver and diamonds and retail around €500,- each


So your beautiful gift of this year is already outdated next Christmas!Experiences are valued more over material goods, or so marketing reports about Millennials and Gen Z tell us, but again, there is nothing like jewelry to capture that experience and make it a tangible precious one forever. So to sum it up:

6 reasons why to give jewelry this christmas

  • Jewelry is a tangible emotion or memory
  • Jewelry remains!
  • Jewelry never gets out of fashion
  • Jewelry is all about symbolism, you can say everything with a piece of jewelry
  • Jewelry is precious
  • Jewelry is all about emotion

Keep following Bizzita as we soon bring you how to give jewelry with a story she or he will NEVER EVER forget :-) 

Why Jewelry Christmas Gift.pngCouleurs de Geraldine

Why Jewelry Christmas Gift.pngCouleurs de Geraldina

Colours de Geraldine Ring and bracelet made with Nuvory and 18kt Gold. Prices around € 2100,-
Please note that the choices  for jewelry in this blog are mine. All of them are available online and this post doesn't contain sponsored content. If you do want to know more about one of the featured companies or where to buy the jewelry, do contact me. I am happy to help you!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    Olivia benette

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    Yes. its true, jewelry is the best gift for women. jewelry may be of gold, diamond, silver and gemstones, gemstones jewelry really looking beautiful. So this christmas you all try gemstone jewelry. Mysticalone offers you this types of jewelry on 30% discount only for this month.


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