7 great ideas to gift each other when getting married, besides your wedding ring

So you think you are ready for marriage? Good for you! Whether you get married or commit in some other form to each other for life, jewelry should play an important role. After reading this you might want to get each other something lovely, sweet and meaningful besides of course, the obvious wedding bands and engagement rings! Hetero, same sex, with children or without, come and get some inspiration! 

Tiffanys jewelry advertisment couple child marriage

I did not get it immidiately but apparently this ad is something new too. As many couples get married after they already had children, Tiffany placed this ad to show its modern attitude. The only thing missing are the advertisments like these, with older couples.

There are so many wonderful romantic stories around and I can never get enough of them! The stories of how people met, how they fell in love. Sometimes it took a while for both or just one of the partners to see the other person in a different way.

Tiffany Same sex

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender...Hetero; Love is love, is love, is love....Tiffany is one of the first to publish a same sex couple for a wedding ring ad. My compliments for this company. GREAT!

I am so thrilled that today, in so many countries, marriage is legal for both heterosexual and homosexual couples (last week: yeay Ireland!). As I profoundly believe in LOVE and love has not much to do with gender, race, age, or culture.

Deakin francis LOVE

No hidden messages in these cufflinks...Deakin & Francis


The stories are great to listen to and when you are with a couple that’s been together for a while, it is one of those topics that will somehow spark a light in their eyes. It’s a good thing, when things are not easy, to just remember how and why you fell in love with this particular person. It sometimes brings things back into perspective! :-)

Hearts seperate jewelry Love

It's sooo corny and yet, when you are in love...or getting married, why not celebrate all about your love...even the most corny aspects of it! A Marriage is the most perfect time to do so. The heart above on the right is by Imens jewelry and the other two by Konov Jewelry as found on Amazon.com


Marriage is no longer something for the young and hetero only. We marry at all ages these days, but one thing you should never deny each other is a piece of jewelry to commemorate the occasion.

Nomination Swatch love gift

Nomination has such a cute and friendly approach to customizing jewelry. In stainless steel with precious elements, you can compose the name of your love, or anything else. Swatch has a young and colorful, and very affordable line of watches that are perfect for lovers. If you want something fun and not spend a fortune, these are the kind of brands that you might consider

This may be, most of the times, a beautiful ring. Whether you go totally traditional with an engagement ring and wedding bands or choose for your own version of this, getting each other something small for the occasion is such a wonderful idea!

Urso Luxury gifts

For the man that doesn't wear jewelry and does not want a watch for the occasion, you could consider a pen or a cigar holder for his favorite MonteCristo cigars! A lighter often has room for engraving too, should you desire to do so. These pens, cigar holder, and lighter are all handmade and very valuable. They make a perfect gift for those who are a little more wealthy. Urso Luxury

It is even tradition for many cultures and families, but as rules are overruled by people making their own decisions and own rules nowadays, it is nice to remember them about the idea of gifting each other a little something. And the jewelry store offers the best options as jewelry is so connected to emotion, to special occasions, to life changing moments. It is something valuable that remains over time and that you can wear close to your heart, on your body.

Deakin Francis bees Cufflinks Love

Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees...:-) Deakin & Francis have such a wide range of cufflinks, you can find anything that suits the liking of your special love! A bee might mean something special for the both of you.


Here are 7 ideas to gift each other when getting married :

  1. A pair of pearl earrings for her are a great idea. Not only are they a very good piece to buy, as they just are so classic and forever wonderful ( fits all styles, really!) but they will look amazing worn on the wedding day.
  2. A watch for him. Maybe he has desired a watch for sometime and never found a good reason to purchase it. Well, you might consider buying it for him, and get it engraved with a love message
  3. A bracelet for both of you: it’s corny but so cute. You could opt for one of those friendship bracelets, or go for gold. You can even get it engraved or search for something to make it personal. I know a company that, for a bit more money, will make your friendship bracelet with the icons in lacquer that you wish. Whether it’s a name or a symbol or animal or anything that means something to you.
  4. Do you like corny? Well, there are still those hearts that you can separate by bending it. You can get them engraved.
  5. If you have children, why not involve them too. Something that is meaningful for all of you. If you go for friendships bracelets, get them for your kids too….:-)
  6. If the man of your dreams is not into watches or jewelry, you might consider cufflinks!
  7. If the man of your dreams is not into that either...why not go for something like a very beautiful pen? Cigar holder, lighter? This is also great for the man who practically has already everything :-)


Stefanie Graf and Andre Agassi feature in the Longines Watch, his and hers Prima Luna campaign


I am fascinated by culture and tradition, but don’t like dogma’s :-) Choose the marriage, choose the ceremony that is closest to who you both are! Have a wonderful relationship!

Deakin Francis cufflinks Love 1

Whatever the topic, the hobby, the way you met, you will sure be able to find some kind of symbol that means a lot to you both! All by Deakin & Francis

Ben Jerry Same sex  Ice cream

One of the friendliest companies to the LGBT community. When same sex marriage became legal in Vermont they created an icecream called Chubby Hubby and for Great Britain: apply-y-everafter...this one is cute too! Not jewelry but I loved it all the same :-)





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