7 tips to buy the perfect engagement ring

Engagement rings are a big deal in many countries all over the globe. There may be many differences in how to give them and of course, in style too. There is something about this type of ring that makes us gasp always a little. And of course: it’s the Ring of rings.

Engagement ring diamond BiBigi

Solitaire ring by the Italian company: Bibigi


Symbolism is what solitair rings are all about

The most symbolic one next to a wedding band. Solitaire rings might be given traditionally for weddings but often they are given also at anniversaries or when a couple has a child for example. For me, there are no rules. Like marriage itself, it is a couple that decides what a ring means to them.

engagement ring diamond Kim kardashian

The celeb couple we maybe talk way too much about....but what a beautiful ring

Gasp and glance

But it is funny to witness that even those women who aren’t into (traditional) jewelry so much also get that glance in their eyes when confronted with an engagement ring! The sealing of an eternal promise on their finger.

Engagement ring diamond BlueNile

Very simple but yet very elegant: engagement ring by Blue Nile

Eternal love

It’s the simple beauty of a stone and often a modest design, combined with the dream of many women about the day they receive it….and the promise of eternal love.

Engagement ring diamond Buccellati

Buccellati has its very own style. I love this ring

Get the best possible for your budget

If you go shopping for an engagement ring you will need to get real. There is absolutely no need to get yourself into financial problems for a ring. But there is so much out there and I am sure that you will be able to find something beautiful whatever your budget is. Here are a few guidelines to help you pick the best one!

Engagement ring diamond Bulgari bzero

Less traditional style by Bulgari, the Bzero line is very popular and this is the solitair version of this collection.

7 tips to buy the perfect engagement ring:

  1. Browse for different styles first in magazines, blogs, and on the internet and try to get an idea of which style you and your fiancée love.
  2. Decide if you go for the big brand names like Tiffany or Chopard or if that is not important to you at all . Big brands are significantly more expensive. (But if it should ever be sold, the ring definitely has added value because of that name)
  3. Decide if you go for size or purity*.
  4. Read a little more about diamonds. The various cuts and what is important, what determines the price of a diamond.
  5. Try to get the size right. Bring a ring, that she wears on the hand she will wear the ring on and take it with you to the stores.  Although I am sure that many stores will take great pride in their quality of goldsmiths, it is better to not alter the size a solitaire ring too much.
  6. Once you have bought it and she wears it, have it checked now and then. Just to see if the setting is still ok.
  7. Although diamonds are still favorite, do check out the fancy diamonds and other gemstones too!

* Some people prefer a big stone. Even if that means that you’ll have to accept that the purity and clarity are less. Others prefer the purest and best color they can get and care a little less about the size. It is just a matter of opinion and taste.

Engagement ring Harry winston Jennifer Garner

Harry Winston engagement ring


Tip 8 is maybe the most important tip :-)

Maybe my biggest tip is to really think about the occasion itself. How and what it really means to you, promising her (or him of course) to love her or him and stand next to them in life. In the good times and the not so good times....Make something beautiful of your proposal so you create a memory for both of you for the rest of your life!

Engagement ring diamond Chanel Camelia Ajoure

Engagement ring diamond LeVian
Le Vian has a huge and wonderful range of engagement rings. Check out their website to get more inspiration.
Engagement ring Neil Lane Assher
Neil Lane
Engagement ring diamond Neil lane Kay jewelers
Neil Lane engagement ring
Engagement ring diamond DeBeers Assher
De Beers engagement ring
Engagement ring diamond Gassan
Ring by Dutch company Gassan Diamonds
Engagement ring diamond Harry Winston
Harry Winston Engagement ring
Engagement ring diamond VanCleefandArpels
Van Cleef & Arpels engagement ring
Engagement ring diamond heart chopard1
Heart shaped diamond....can it get more romantic? Chopard engagement ring
Engagement ring diamond heart Chopard
Very elegant engagement ring. Here the stone itself really catches the eye. Chopard
Engagement ring diamond solitair Damiani fabula
Damiani, simple and gorgeous
Engagement ring diamond Neil Lane heartshaped
Neil Lane...big heart, big love 
She seems happy! :-)) Katherine Heigl showing off her ring

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