Animal jewelry, I just love it!

What is it about animals that I love so much? One of the themes that always comes back in art and jewelry are animals. And if you are a reader of this blog, you know by now that I kind of adore them :-) And that I share my life with a small bunch of animals and that my man is a ….yes; a vet! I love to see them in art as they speak to my imagination. One of my favorite day dreams of my youth was to be able to speak to animals.

Animal De Grisogono ring bear pearl Bizzita

This cute little bear with different colors of diamonds and holding a perfect pearl is from the famous and much beloved De Grisogono

These days I am not day dreaming about that anymore, hahaha…

Animal jewelry Autore whitegold southsea pearl sapphires tsavorite amythisttourmalinediamonds Bizzita

Amazingly detailed, look at the legs of this little crab. Autore makes beautiful jewelry containing South Sea pearls. Tje legs are in white gold with different colors of sapphire and tsavorite

But I love the colors, the variety, the faces, the interesting facts and how animals evolved to what they are today. In art and in jewelry, I love their form, shape and color. Animals also often represent something more to us.

Animal jewelry Bochic White Bakelite bracelet diamond new york bizzita

It is a sort of classic 1920's feel about it, don't you agree? Bochic used diamonds and white bakelite. Bakelite was a popular thing to use in those days, maybe that's why I get that feeling....? Stunning bracelet

Maybe we favor special kind of animals like domestic ones: dogs, cats, rabbits. Horses have their own, very large, share of fans amongst adults and children. But animals like dolphins are still very popular, even in the most inexpensive ranges you will find dolphins and yes: lady bugs!

Animal jewelry Bouceron watch female womanwristwatch precious scarabee Bizzita

Although not into watches that much I do love some brands so very much. Boucheron made this wonderful scarab. With the blue top it is very much a Boucheron *thing* This watch is only for the rich and famous but nonetheless: I love it.

Then there are animals that we believe, bring us luck. The elephant with its trunk right up. Or animals that speak to our imagination. Dodo by Pomellato launched a very successful line of small animals, which are incredibly popular.

Animal jewelry Boucheron camel ring Bizzita

A cute little camel, you regonize the Boucheron signature? 


Whatever you favorite animal is, you’ll be sure to find it somewhere, from the designers on Etsy to the famous jewelry houses like Boucheron and everything in the middle!

Animal jewelry Chopard jewelry bracelet crab sea jewelry bizzita

Gorgeous cuff with Thahitian pearl and cute little crabs holding it thight. By Chopard

Animals….I just love them♥

Animal jewelry DaphnaSimon ring gold panther Bizzita

A panter almost with an Egypetian feel to it. in 18kt gold by Daphna Simon

Animal jewelry DeBeers De Beers Follow me ring Bizzita

Very precious ring with lots of large diamonds by De Beers. Follow me ring

Animal jewelry Dior fish earrings multicolor jewelry bizzita

Would not hesitate one bit to wear these earrings. Amazingly beautiful, completely in harmony although different in shape and color. Dior nailed it

Animal Jewelry Gay Frres ring gold frog bizzita

A little frog on a leaf, ring by Gay Frères

Animal jewelry Isabella Langlois Ring Pink butterfly bizzita

All the little girls I asked fell most in love with this pink sweet ring. It is the color and the butterfly that appeals to them. And as many of us, still care for our inner little girl we can wear this with style even when all grown up.  Isabella Langois



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