Biggest Jewelry Trends for 2020, plus One MEGATREND

Just got back from Italy where I visited the VicenzaOro show, and I would love to share the trends I spotted. But also share one MEGA JEWELRY TREND for 2020! ( and beyond ;-) )


Jewelry TRends202

During the last VicenzaOro show, a few trends stood out and I love to tell you all about it!

Lucky for us, the time has long gone where trends were this phenomenon that left us looking all more or less the same way.  There are so many different styles and so many different people, and we perhaps feel freer than ever before to follow our own style instead of the hottest latest trend. In the world of jewelry, especially in the world of fine jewelry, we know that trends are more like waves.


Paolo Piovan earrings with specially cut and assembled gemstones.


Lydia Courteille, two bats drinking out of what appears to be a pool, but is a gorgeous gemstone

Trend arrive like a slow wave, rolling in and leaving very very slowly. All the while evolving, thanks to our ever-changing lives. These long-lasting trends are the result of the world we live in, the artists, the geopolitical situation, our heritage and culture, pop-culture, activism, awareness, our wealth or lack of wealth, and so much more.

Can anyone be a trend forecaster?


Everybody can spot trends, it takes an attentive and present attitude, an openness without judgment. Observe and translate. Knowing how to mix and match all the aforementioned influences. If you can do that, without calling something good or bad, then you might be capable yourself of observing the trends.


Paolo Piovan enchanting Dragon Bracelet

Lucky for us, there are some very good ones, trend forecasters and observers, doing the work for us, so brands and companies can actually hire their help to create products that match our world, our reflections on what's happening now and our lives, heritage and culture. 


Chantecler Necklace with stunning tourmalines and gemstones in colored casting


Stephen Webster Opal Butterfly Ring


Paolo Piovan Ring

Without further ado, here are the big trends, plus ONE very BIG MEGATREND :-)


Yes, color! From colored metal, like aluminum or titanium, and colored gold, to beautiful gemstones.  Long gone are the days we appreciated only the big 4: emerald, ruby, diamond, and sapphire! A new appreciation for all kinds of gemstones has taken over the jewelry world. Want something exclusive? Look at the tourmalines, go for natural pearls ( if you can afford it ;-) ) and look for opals. Opals seemed to always have enjoyed much more attention in the Anglo Saxon countries. But opals are one of the most enchanting stones out there. Look for pink and purple sapphires, go for amethyst, rutilated quartz, turquoise, and coral. Find enameled pieces and spice up your wardrobe with color.


Pigeon blood rubies for the stretchable diamond ring of Pichiotti


Earrings from the new collection of Lydia Courteille


Look; earrings have evolved from the traditional styles we had for years to this exciting way to adorn your ears. Yes, you can still wear those hoops, but if you doubted to make the investment on a single earring, as proposed by so many jewelry brands from fashion jewelry to high-end jewelry, don’t be afraid to do so. 


The single earring and the earring adorning the ear in various ways are here to stay. Not just a trend, but something that lasts. And why not? It’s a way to be unique and mix and match or even mismatch is still hot. 


All the fashion runways show big chains. And yes, they are wonderful. But with the current gold prices, big chunky chains become just a tad too expensive. However, big necklaces are here to stay, but instead of buying them in precious metal, you might want to opt for the fashion jewelry brands or go for a gemstone necklace. Beautiful pearls, pendants that speak to your imagination, long chains, and whatnot. 

TrendsJewelry2020BizzitaBlogAlessio Boschi

Alessio Boschi 


The trends are interesting enough, but perhaps what we see more and more is that both brands, designers, and consumers are seeking the story behind a piece of jewelry. Although there are some companies that still hold on to stimulating mass consuming build on untrue stories, many designers love to listen to the people. Translate a love to be connected to the natural world, tell a story about our history, our culture and connect us with our love for animals. Or even our fear, or fascination for certain creatures or events. Such as spiders, or millipedes or death. Stories about gemstones, whether you believe in specific healing properties or birthstones etcetera, or you love the natural properties of a gemstone, love to know how it was sourced. You might like to know if the jewel you have chosen is made in a sustainable way, or that the company has certain values that match yours. 




Chantecler, the bells of their collection all refer to the origin of the brand, The actual first bell was created by one of the founders and donated after WWII in order to remind the island about peace, More on their history on their website. It's a beautiful story that they treasured and translated into their DNA. The Bells are Chantecler and the company does everything possible to remind themselves and others about Capri and their heritage.

This is not just a small trend, but a larger one that will become bigger and bigger in the years to come. We connect with stories, we tell each other stories, we seek significance in symbolism, expression of who we are, to which ‘’tribe’’ or community we belong. This is what jewelry can do too. It’s precious, in every single way and we’ll spend more attention and thought about what why buy and why we buy it. This is the jewelry megatrend :-)!TrendsJewelry2020BizzitaBlogChantecler

One of a kind ring by Chantecler. A whole story of the island of Capri handpainted on this one of a kind ring!


The wild translation of the story of Marie- Antoinette by Lydia Courteille


Pure beauty, this creature. By Paolo Piovan


Arabian and Indian influences show up in modern jewelry. Paolo Piovan




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