Bijorhca Paris, my 10 favorite picks!

Bijorhca is a Paris trade show that is very different from the ones I have visited so far. Yet, it is a very inspiring and exciting show! Come and see why!

Bijorcha My favorite picks


The Bijorhca show is a much more approachable show, then let’s say; Vicenza. Tradeshows are there for buyers from all over the world and in jewelry it’s no different. There are quite a number of tradeshows around and September and January are usually very busy months for buyers and brands.

Two big moments

In January, the trade fair season I like most, it’s all about news. New items, new starts, new trend interpretations. Just after the Christmas Holidays, it’s that time of year that you are curious about a fresh start. And hopefully, for the brands that expose, shops did sell well and are open to the newest collections. And maybe even take a new brand. In September, the focus is rather more on the upcoming gift season. Now shops buy enough stock to hopefully offer you, their beloved clients, a nice and broad range of jewelry and watches. It’s also the moment when shops consider buying a few more costly pieces. To make a stunning window for the December month for example.

Bijorcha My favorite picks1

Edgy and fun

In Paris however, you won’t find too many fine jewelry brands. They are there, but what I love about this trade fair is the emphasis on edgy designers. New names, innovative ideas. It’s not your classical jewelry, but all the same, very inspiring. The fun thing is that the designers are there themselves. So you can immediately interact and for sure, they are just full of passion. And they just love to tell you everything about their ideas, about why and what and the how.



Although I am very down to earth and open, I often felt that people on jewelry shows can be sometimes a little …how to say it well: they sometimes create too much difference. It’s not always clear if they’ll do business with you (some won’t do business with a jeweler with just one store) and I think there is a challenge there for the organizations as well as for the culture amongst the exhibitors.  The Paris show is however a friendly. You can see everything and no one will refuse you the entrance to their booth.



I wanted to show you a few of the artists that exhibited on the September edition. They are my favorite picks. None is really fine jewelry. But everyone has something that I find interesting, inspiring, beautiful, cute or just fun!  All the pieces are very affordable and for more information, you can either go to the Bijorhca website or directly to the website of the designers themselves. Some have shops on Etsy or sell directly online through their website!

My  10 Favorite Picks:




Calepinage.  This is a French brand. Meriem Belhadj Vidal created a very  architectural look and feel. Something that will appeal a lot to the Northern European countries for sure. She loves fashion and  architecture and married them together , as she says so herself, in her jewelry. Fresh, contemporary and I know a lot of women who would love this. 


Carolina Curado1

Carolina Curado from Portugal. Carolina is only 24 years old and she has a degree in Biology. But she also loved to design jewelry, so she attended a jewelry shool in Porto. Her designs are very promising. In fact, she might be my absolute favorite in this top 10. I love the way she looks at jewelry. New shapes, organic, but not blunt. The designs are elegant, some very fashionable like the nail rings  in this picture. There is no fear of daring to go big and beautiful. Yet, it is beautifully detailed. I  see a very promising career for Carolina. 



CHIARA BCN Italy. Chiara is all about fun. I think her designs are very fresh. There are many different lines and I have chosen these bracelets as I find them absolutely beautiful. But she does some great earrings too and lovely rings. Check out her website for more. Chiara is an architect ( so many architects amongst jewelry designers!) and she grew up between Rome and Spain. Her jewelry is sold online and through concept stores in the U.S.A and Europe.


dolphins sharks

This new French brand has some lovely contemporary designs. It is young but not too young. It's jewelry for women who like simple and pure designs, without frivolous details. Yet, it's not cold at all, it has a warm and soft look and feel, even when it looks edgy enough. I loved how this company thought about their website. So far, this website is the most beautiful and enganging website of the designers mentioned here. Beautiful photo's, sharp picutres...well done!


Chris Alexxa

Grown up in an artistic surrounding, Chris Alexxa created a jewelry like that looks like plants. Even if you do not see a flower or a plant but it looks organic and like leaves and mushrooms. I know that her jewelry will be favored by many of you and indeed, it looks ever so soft and feminine. 


maria Diana ITalia

Maria Diana is an architect, yes, one more! She loves to use ceramic,  porcelain and stoneware. Her jewelry can be found in the museum boutiques, like the one in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.  Maria's jewelry is inspired and fresh. 


Coleen Toland1

Coleen Toland. There is something about her work that is so happy and so much fun. Her designs are all on Etsy and are very affordable. Coleen has worked first in fashion, creating embroided sweaters and so forth. Today she loved to go all flowery and fresh. I love the colors and I love the idea. She also does a great deal of fantastic hair jewelry. 


Maria Dolores

Maria Dolores, Young and Brasilian! ...Vibrant colors, strong designs, daring earrings. I love this collection! Young and very fresh. Maria's website is only in Portogese, but you will find that her online store has a menu with more languages. 


Sophie West1

Sophie West.  Sophie Herbert-Fort  is a franco-american designer who loves to travel in search of the finest components and finds inspiration on both sides of the Atlantic. It's fashion jewelry at its best. I like the colors and I like the ideas. 


stefano Poletti

Stefano Poletti has a long bio. And a very interesting one. He worked for some of the big names in the Parisian Fashion industry. Teaches jewelry designs and does a lot more. Check out his website for more details. I love how combines designs from various categories on his website, showing his versatile skills. Perhaps I love his home accessories designs even more. That vase with the butterflies, f.e. is amazing! Check out his website for more information!




Photo’s: courtesy by the Designers. Bijorhca

Source: BlogsRelease



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