Blogging after the summer holiday

I thought it would be easy to blog during the holidays, but as it turns out, I hardly ever worked on Bizzita. Fact is that I had an amazing time with my family and that we went out almost every morning for coffee in some cute little town on the Costa Brava. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger jewelry

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Our afternoon was spent on a beach or at the pool. And for the first time in 6 years, I managed to actually read and finish a book whilst on holiday (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book: Total Recall, turned out to be truly fascinating) My little boy is growing up and I am allowed to look for more than 30 seconds in a book these days before checking his whereabouts!


A lot of flip flops, not much exciting jewelry! ;-)

Did I never think about the jewelry world? I did, but was more fascinated to see how many people actually wore something nice. So nice is subjective of course and I am not a snob ( ok, a little but not too bad I hope! J) but on the Costa Brava there are not many people making a huge effort. In general. There are some places that attract a slightly more sophisticated audience, like Llafranc and Begur. But the people that do dress up a little bit tend to be more on the Golden age side rather than young and hip.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava, we will be back!

Nice, Cannes, Menton...

For years, I went on holiday on the Côte d’Azure. Nooooo, I am not wealthy, nor did I possess the apartment where we always stayed. But it was fun to watch the people in places like Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes and so forth. I am much more an observer than someone who loves to be in the spotlight and boy, there was sooo much to observe there! :-)


The Costa Brava is much more laid back. Which also suits me just fine. The shops do not offer many exciting things. Apart from an overdose of tourist souvenir shop, all selling the exact same stuff ( how the hell do they survive?) there are truly very few good fashion stores. And even fewer jewelry stores. There is a Tous store in Playa d’Aro. I really need to dive into the world of Tous as I love how they made a theme all around that one little bear ( and evolved well in the merchandise they offer)

Angelo Luchini

The Angelo Luchini collection in L'Estartit

Angelo Luchini

And there are stores in l’Estartit that carry Angelo Luchini. An invented name for a custom jewelry line that is actually very nice. I bought two pairs of earrings. What do you think? ( photo)

Seflie Esther

That's me...with my cute new earrings

But it just dazzles me completely how poor their communication is. Here you have a nice product but if you search online, you’ll find nothing more than a poorly created website ( it’s just not finished even) No products almost on there. Whilst during the holiday season, thousands and thousands of Europeans pass the shop and could be their continues client even when they are back home. I just can’t believe how much some brands and shops still neglect their websites.


Our favorite place for the beach, coffee and the best Icecream we ever tasted!

Excited about the new trends for fall and winter 2014/15

So now I am back and I am looking forward to create more blogs and tell you more about the new and exciting trends in fashion this autumn and winter. And how this affects the choice of your jewelry and accessories. I personally love the new looks. There is one that stands out for me: the fairytale trend. But there is also one called Normcore, where the clothing is actually nothing very exciting but the materials are essential. And the cut of clothes is what makes it all great. With that style I can see a huge return to more classical jewelry( but was it really ever out of fashion?)



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