Bold summer jewelry!

The summer is here! Time to get your hair loose and seek for those flip-flops. Jewelry can be a fun part of your daily outfits and in summertime it is nice to go for bold colors, oversized pieces and custom jewelry too. Although we love jewelry it is not always the best thing to wear your *real* pieces to the swimming pool or sea side.


From left to right, top to bottom: Very colorful and bright necklace by Kulto, sexy summershoes ae both by Lerre and the very cute bracelet is by brand new company Jtabs from Tuscany, 100%made in Italy.

Summertime is not really great for your precious jewelry

Sun protection cream, lotions, the sun, pool water…they might attack your colored stones or pearls easy. Plain gold or silver suffers a lot less, but why not play with bolder pieces.

Amrita Singh fashion jewelry summer color bizzita

How wonderful to brighten up something simple with this necklace by Amrita Singh

Love those early summer mornings!

Summer to me means: jumping out of bed and get that first coffee in the garden. Ok, if it is not raining, but most of time the atmosphere is so lovely and quiet. The promise of a beautiful day ahead. I love to get quietly out of bed, not waking anybody, just go out to sit there, my cats and doggie around me….and  enjoy the moment.

gruppoEclat jewelry summer bizzita color

Soft and light to wear, bracelets by Gruppo Eclat

I hear bees and birds, the whispering of the leaves moved by a soft breeze. The flowers, abundant.  Call it mindfulness, call it whatever you like, but I just function a little less well if I do not get *my* little garden moment :-)

Ice watch bizzita color summer

Summer begs for these kind of watches, non expensive, colorful and plastic. Often more comfortable than leather or metal. These are by the popular brand Ice Watch. Reminds me of Swatch's success when it was introduced on the market.

Summertime = happy times!

It’s that moment of promise of a full day head of me, that I makes me feel kind of happy!

AlcozerJ jewelry summer Bizzita

Alcozer & J, a custom jewelry brand to watch

For most of us, summer is a happy time. Vacations are just around the corner. Schools close and life becomes a little slower and with a little less restrictions. Even in offices you see people that leave a bit earlier some days, talk about bbq’s for family and friends. Every day you wish someone a lovely holiday….

aibijoux summer color jewelry

Happy earrings by Aibijoux

Summer time is thé time for bold and informal jewelry

I am not sure, but as much as I love the different seasons of the year, I think I would like to live actually in a place where the sun and warmth are just there, every single day. Or maybe I am getting old and just like that sun a little too much on my bones, haha!

Summer jewelry fashion Bizzita

Summer time! The young can play with short pants and Indie or hippie style clothes. 

This is the season for informal clothing, for informal shoes, for informal jewelry. And for those who are normally not dressed so colorful (like myself!) to experiment with more dashes of color. I personally love to that with accessories. Bags, shoes, sunglasses, a flower in my hair and of course: happy jewelry.


So for all those who love summer, relax, enjoy the sweeter slower rhythm of life and be playful!


From left to right, top to bottom: Kulto colorful hearts, big chunky earrings and bracelets by Pavie Bijoux, Ops Jewelry is not shy, showing us very bold colors and big pendants, Swatch watches still rock, I always loved their more simple designs like these happy little watches, Pavie Bijoux lovely earrings



Amlé jewelry made these outragious but fun earrings, Ice watch, the yellow citron watch is by Wintex, Shouroux makes very rich looking bijoux, Bottom: JTabs with Swarovski and the little enamled flower, these *tabs* can be easily put in a patented bracelet, ring or earrings. Watches are by Swatch, bracelet by Jolita Jewelry, love that bracelet!,two bracelets by Ziio and the necklace is remarkable and very beautiful looking: Vanity Her.

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