Cinderella is back this year, check out her shoes and jewelry!

If you read this blog more often, you may know some of my weaknesses. I adore jewelry with animals and I love a good fairytale. Magic is a word that I use daily to color the day of my son. We love to go around in the garden and explore magic in nature, as much as we love a good movie full of the magic I secretly wish existed! 

Fairytale jewelry Cinderella

Ah, the Cinderella theme! Gianni de Benedettis is not shy of something extraordinary! This ring is just fabulous. The pumpkin carriage is by Disney Couture, and below: tiny little shoe pendant Shop Miscellany on Etsy (10 euro!)

Look up to the sky

To be completely honest, there is  a part of me that will always believe in magic. Sometimes I drive in my car and look up to the sky. I see all these beautiful clouds and when I am lucky, there is this purple and pink and yellow strokes in the sky. Like Van Gogh had a bit of fun! It’s especially then that I feel in my heart that a bit of magic really exists.

Fairytale jewelry Salvatore Ferragamo Shoe

Very expensive but utterly charming are the pendants by Salvatore Ferragamo.


Love telling stories

When I drive around with my son, I have little chance to listen to music or talk about stuff. Nope, he wants stories. Not the stories that we all know, but the * made up right there and then*kind of stories :-) And when I start to tell, it’s like the words come without even thinking. I let go and ….magic happens. These are the times I wish I could draw better and create maybe a book for him!

Fairytale jewelry-Etsy

Pasbijoux on Etsy showed this marvellous Cinderella, the charm bracelet is by Disney and below: Sara Capoferri

Disney releases Cinderella this spring

This spring Disney will release one of her all time favorite movies. We had the animated version, but now we get the real one. Cinderella has a dream cast and all the special effects that we can imagine.  I already got a glimpse at another Disney Cinderella this weekend as I visited the movie: Into the Woods (can’t get the bloody song out of my head). A very different Cinderella however from the one we will see in the movie dedicated to our favorite rags to riches heroine.  Did you know that Into the Woods was a musical, 2,5 hours of only music? I had to get over myself in the first 10 minutes before I could appreciate and enjoy the movie. It is a LOT of music and musicals aren’t really my thing….but gosh, it was well done!

Fairytale jewelry Cinderella Rosato gold

Rosato has a very large collection Cinderella shoes, and look at that lovely little pumpkin carriage by Chantecler. Most of the Rosato collection is in silver and gold plated.

Cinderella, sweet as honey

The Cinderella of the new Cinderella movie is as sweet as honey, but even if I maybe would have liked a slightly more up to date version, I am sure the movie will be lovely.

Fairytale jewlery Disney shoe designs

The Disney Cinderella Shoe Collection by the famous shoe designers: René Caovilla, Nicholas Kirkwood, Jimmy Choo, Paul Andrew, Charlotte Olympia,Alexandra Birman, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jerome C. Rousseau, Stuart Weitzman. I think they all look amazing, but if I have to pick one, it would be Stuart Weitzman. And you?


Cinderella shoes!

Disney, in order to celebrate the release of the movie Cinderella has asked nine famous shoe designers to come up with a special Cinderella design.  The glass slipper is a symbol of transformation, according to Disney. Each designer looked at this symbol through their own creative lens and came up with an enchanting collection of shoes. In the movie, the shoe is made by Swarovksi. And the shoe designers used Swarovski also in their shoes.

Fairytale jewelry-Shoe Cinderella Rosato Disney

Oh, Cinderella :  Jerome C. Rousseau, Paul Andrew and Salavatore Ferragama, plus all pendants are by Rosato gioielli

You can find the collection in the brand’s own stores and here:

  • United States – Saks Fifth Avenue (New York and Beverly Hills)
  • London –Harrods
  • Paris –Galeries Lafayette
  • Milan –Excelsior Milano
  • Moscow –Tsum
  • Tokyo −Isetan Shinjuku
  • Dubai –Level Shoe District, The Dubai Mall
  • I have searched also for some jewelry to match the theme of Cinderella. 

Fairytale jewelry Stuart Weitzman Rosato gioielli scapre shoe Disney

Stuart Weitzman, Rosato Gioielli Shoe pendants


Fairytale Jewelry cinderella-2015

A scene from the movie, ring above is by Disney Couture (60 euro), key is also by Disney Couture, Cinderella cuff bracelet, Disney Couture, the white carriage is found on Ebay at just 4 euro and the shoe pendant is by Disney Couture (39 euro)

Fairytale jewelry Cinderella Shoe

Lily James plays Cinderella in the 2015 Disney version, the shoes are by Alexandra Birmnan, Stuart Weitzman, René Caovilla, Nicholas Kirkwood and Charlotte Olympia

Allow magic in your own life

Magic can be in the smallest things and just to remind you about that, it is lovely to wear something magical, like a little sparkling shoe pendant. If the Cinderella story is about transformation, let such a small thing remind you that you have the choice each day, each moment, to transform yourself, your mood or the day, by simply start with a smile, a deep breath and allowing yourself to start freshly all over again. 


Cind...ooppsss Esther ;-)

Photo's of the shoes are all courtesy to Disney. Source for Disney shoes: BlogsRelease



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