Crocodiles, birds and fish, here is some awesome animal jewelry!

Today on Bizzita: a wild collection of animals! Stunning jewelry with crocodiles, snakes, birds, bulls and so much more. As we presented last week a blog about the taxidermists, we thought it would be just lovely to keep the theme going on! So enjoy all that natural beauty!

animalier blog1

Wendy Hue and Zorab...both extremely beautiful!


I love art that I can recognize. Animals, people, trees, nature...and all objects that I can name. I find it much harder to really appreciate art that I can’t figure out what I am seeing. The idea of being able to create it myself is always the first thought that pops up. I know that that is complete nonsense, of course.

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Qeelin so cute.

I once was in the  Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Museum of contemporary art. I saw there a few pieces that did not resemble anything at all. Even if I tried hard to find something in it, it simply wasn’t there. But I have to admit, that once I let go of my desire to *find something I could recognize* it managed to me feel emotions that I would not have expected at all. I felt deeply touched by this piece. And I cannot get my head around it. ;-) One of the paintings that *got me* was from Barnett Newman: 'Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue III', 

animalier blog5

Zorab snake and the crocodile is by Paolo Piovan from Vicenza


But back to the love for animals and art. Whether it’s the work of the Old Masters from our Dutch heritage, the contemporary designs in either fashion, furniture and jewelry, it is the animal theme that draws my attention.

Lydia Courteille bracelet crododile jewelry

Oh my...this is just an amazing piece of jewelry by Lydia Courteille. The form, the image, the creative craftsmanship, the representation of the animals themselves. The's all there in this absolute stunning and amazing bracelet.


Rather than going on rambling on my passion for animals I love to show you some pieces I admire and adore. I am sure that most of you would not wear this, or even desire to wear this, but I am pretty sure, that if by now you have read more about jewelry on this blog. And you have become more accustomed to see some different pieces of jewelry too, than you would normally find at the jeweler around the corner in your town ( that’s unless you live in some cool place like Monte Carlo or something ;-) you will appreciate them for the art they are. For it takes a real master to create a piece like this that really captures the movement, the spirit and the elegance of the animal itself.

animalier blog4

Gwenie Tan whale bracelet with stunning opal as its body. The Bull's head is by Zorab, the ray bangle ( love it!) is by Kathy Rose and the bee pendant  locked to the  bracelet or necklace...look at the beehives hexagon shape of the chain!. The beautiful rich necklace is by Lydia Courteille, one of my favorite designers,  Deep Sea Collection with sea horses.




I thought it were eagles but when I look closer they look like two parrots! Beautifullu done! Zorab

Zorab jewelry bracelet lion

Lion's bracelet by Zorab


Zorabbanglepeacock bracelet jewelry

One of the most stunning pieces of this blog..complicated, very creative and extremely well made: Zorab

StaurinoHorsering jewelry

Horse ring by  Staurino

animalier blog2

Goldfish by Qeelin, how graceful!

animalier blog3

Handcrafted wooden snake by Chiara's follies, snake earrings by J Jewels and the snake ...look at its expression! is by Zorab

Mathon butterfly bracelet

Mathon produced this beautful  dragonfly, notice the enameling on the wings: transparant. Wonderful, just like the animal itself


New Italian Art, also known as NIA is a company from Valenza Po, and belongs to the absolute top of fine jewelry. Magnificent piece that captures the movement and grace of a snail. Not something that people would immidiately refer to as being graceful, but look at this with an open mind and heart. I am sure that the next time you'll see a snail you'll see the beauty of it.


Would you wear this? I would! the idea of a Panda saving the world....:-)) Qeelin

Queelin horses

Qeelin horses...I love the colors, the movement and the fantasy of this piece of pure art!


Deflina Delletrez earring with two flies.




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