Earrings, Earrings, Earrings!

Earrings are almost like buying shoes, they always fit, they just need to match your style and taste!

Choose your favorite pair of earrings!

Take a look at these wonderful earrings in all shapes and sizes! Which one is your favorite? Mine? Scroll down and I'll confess my favorite pick. Earrings are one of the complementary items of a collection usually. When creating a collection, earrings are rarely the priority. Which is maybe strange as earrings don't have any of the problems that many bracelets, necklaces and especially rings have: namely size!

 Borgioni Earrings

Borgioni Earrings Baquette Collection in 18kt gold. Price: 2744 euro appr.


Boodlesearrings Sethi Coutureearrings

Boodles Pas de Deux earrings in gold and diamonds and Sethi Couture, simple and clean earrings

Earrings Valentinojewelrygemstone

Ippolita earrings Multicolor gemstones 355,- euro. Below: Benchmark of PalmBeach (1stDibs) Middle: Valentino Earrings -the Resort '16 Collection- inspired by Diana Vreeland's travels at 540,-euro. Right: Antique pair of Persian Turqoise Tassel Earrings (1stDibs) in 14kt gold at 3.500,-euro. Stabmbolian Earrings in gold and diamonds: 4000,-euro


The most noticed piece of jewelry

Perhaps it's the fact that we do not see them anymore, once we wear them, the reason why we tend to buy more rings, bracelets and necklaces.
However, earrings can add a lot to an outfit, they can add a lot to the style that you want to achieve.
Earrings are the item that you might notice less yourself when wearing them, but are noticed most by the people who watch you, talk to you, interact with you, during the day.



EarringsMaria Luisa 

Nancy Linkin Spiral Earrings hand forged in 18kt gold and silver retails from 470,-euro for the smallest size. Maria e Luisa, created by Maria Luisa Pianegonda, earrings in silver and yellow gemstones. Found on Etsy: PillowBook silver earrings: 89,-euro



Simple and easy to wear, fitting always: Tiffany Boulle earrings in silver. Another classic style: hoops. Hoops by Roberto Coin Fifth Season Collection retails just under 500 dollars and the David Yurman Silver twisted hoops are also in silver; 395,-dollars


Earringskawaii Delfina Delettrez

Kawaii style earrings, one of the trends that gains in popularity and can be found in so many objects is the Kawaii trend. It stands for all kind of fun, whimsical and cute, sometimes even childlike designs, meant however for adults. These butterfly earrings are by Giovanni Ferraris. The rabbit is by Delfina Delettrez and the cute little pearl, ruby and green tourmaline ones are by Eli Jewels - 8.932 euro


Show me your earring and I tell you who you are

Show my your earring and I tell you who you are. I once heard someone say this, and it made me laugh at the time. But there is some - a tiny bit - truth in that bold phrase.
A woman dressed for business might flash an unusual ring, it may reflect a little bit of her extravagant inner self, it may just be an expression that although she conforms to the accepted business style, she has her individuality and originality intact.
Earrings, being much more -literally even - in people's faces are kept often much more traditional, small, not too long, colorful, dangling and so forth. Simple buttons, a single pearl, small hoops, that's all you'll see. But even if you need to tone things down, there is more choice that actually will be wearable, suitable, modest yet just a little more fun than the earrings as described above. 


Stephen Websterearrings MorePassion

Stephen Webster collaborated with artist Tracey Emin for the * I promise to LOVE YOU* collection. These spell: MORE PASSION and retail at 5.050 euro


Tiffany Earringsbluebook Daou earringsmulticolor

Daou Earrings multicolor gemstones retailing at 4111,-euro and the wonderful Tiffany Blue Book earrings



Vhernier, simple beautiful and great also for business occasions. Turqoise and 18kt gold.



Today, there are many different styles: one of the strongest is the earcuff or earjacket. There is a huge variety, from the great collections found in custom jewelry, starting from as little as 10 euro's to the high end jewelry versions.
They have become mainstream for the young people, but are still rarely seen worn, when you walk around your hometown, by the more adult public. These earrings are fun and show a slightly daring style.

Easier to wear are the more traditional styles. Gemstones can add a lot of color and brighten up your look. Diamonds do their usual thing of sparkling around. Dangling earrings are always a little more sexy than the button ones.

Earrings earcuff ear jacketLynn Bann

Ileana Makri "Running Tear" in 18kt with sapphire from the *Crying Eye Collection* 1575,-euro. The in-ear cuff with pearls is in silver and diamonds made by Lynn Ban 3557,-euro

Rebecca Koven Earrings

Rebecca Koven Silver/Gold Flower Boat earrings: 6.347 euro Lily of the Valley earrings 10.292 euro and the Floral Vine Hoop earrings are all found on 1stDibs.

Moira Jewelry Earrings enameled

Moira jewelry Earrings. Flower Buds with Plique à jour enamel, rubies and diamonds costs 12.000 euro. The Lily earrings are with sapphires and yellow diamonds and retails at 13.900 euro and last but not least: Poppy Earrings with Plique à jour enamel: 12.500 euro


Things to consider buying earrings:

  1. Material- suffer allergy? go for rhodiated silver, gold, platinum
  2. Weight- again, like buying shoes, there are earrings that are like wearing high heels: hugely uncomfortable, highly beautiful. Wear them for a night out, or take them out as soon as you get home. 
  3. Clip- make sure that it's always properly fixed. This item is the most lost piece of jewelry and although the one earring trend is real, usually yours are not created like that. Such a pity to lose one!
  4. Clean- if you are like me, highly allergic, you might experience always some sort of irritation, cleaning the earring with a little alcohol might help you. I am too lazy, but it's a tip.


Sence Copenhagenearrings

Sence Copenhagen: fashion jewelry of good quality. Sence once sent me a box of pieces of their jewelry to review personally. I have worn some of the pieces and gave friends gifts. The quality-price is very good. Gemstones are often real gemstones and the gold coloring remains good over time. Sence Copenhagen Earrings start at around 39,-euro

EarringsFei Liu Daou MimiSo

Fei Liu Jade white gold, yellow gold earrings. These are sheer perfection. The details in the jewelry are wonderful, and even if mismatched, they look like they really belong together. Price on request.  Mimi So earrings Pow Orchid. And Hoops with Blue Gemstones by Daou- 5.709 euro

My favorite choice? 

Favorite Pick RebeccaKovenearrings

I fell in love with these earrings the minute I saw them. Although all earrings presented here are just really beautiful, there is always that one pair that you love at first sight! Would love to know which one is yours! Or even send me pics of them :-)

For more information: Visit the websites of the brands. For shopping: brand's webshops, net-a-porter, Neiman Marcus, 1stDibs, Etsy.





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  • dg display furniture

    dg display furniture

    • 25 July 2016 at 07:42
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    look beautiful. most store Retailers prefer to sale them in high end customized jewelry showcase


  • Jeffreey Rose

    Jeffreey Rose

    • 20 August 2016 at 05:19
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    I just like your all tips thanks for sharing this blog..Explore our curated collection of Ethnic Earrings. Browse our Afrocentric, Natural Hair, Map of Africa and Nefertiti earrings. Tons of earrings at great prices.
    afro pick earrings


  • Kamar Silver

    Kamar Silver

    • 01 September 2016 at 18:59
    • #

    Those are very nice earrings, especially the sterling silver ones :)


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