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Easter Eggs, I thought they were a non-Christian symbol for this time of year. Maybe related to the spring time. But I found out that the first Easter eggs were indeed made by Christians and they were dyed red to symbolize the blood of Christ. As Easter is the day of the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion on holy Friday. I also read it is a symbol of an empty tomb. 

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Old tradition

But painted eggs were already a thing 60.000 years ago. The oldest decorated Ostrich egg  was indeed that old. And many more were found long before it became related to the Christian Holiday.

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Many different traditions

The egg is also a symbol, of course, of new life. And the Easter bunny is a very popular icon in countries like the U.S. All countries have different traditions. In the U.S there is the famous Easter Egg roll in the White House for example. In other countries decorated eggs are even brought to the deceased.

If you like to read more about Easter, you can always use Wikipedia. I promise, it is worth the effort as it is a fascinating story.

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The most famous Easter Eggs in jewelry are not even jewelry that can be worn, but are more objects of art really. The famous house of Fabergé produced a number of eggs for the Russian Tsar family. They produced them between 1885 en 1917. It seemed that the last two eggs produced for the Tsar family were never delivered due to Russian revolution.

Today, after the company has been sold various times to different owners, Fabergé still produces egg related jewelry. Luckily, more jewelry companies did so. And we can find a variety of jewelry eggs, to wear this time.

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Eggs to wear

Although the connection with the house of Fabergé is so strong that even when I worked in the jewelry store in Italy, where we did sell some gorgeous little eggs, hand decorated and beautifully enameled by the local artisans, were always called Fabergé eggs.

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Have a wonderful Easter day

Whatever your faith is, I wish you a wonderful holiday. As I will have kids over this Sunday, we will be hiding eggs in the garden. But I must admit, I have long turned to buy the chocolate version, much more appreciated by the kids (and mums too J)

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Van Cleef &Arpels

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