Fabulous Jewerly Box Ideas

Jewelry boxes, storage for your beloved pieces of jewelry. Are they worth the investment? Should you pick an expensive piece? What styles and options are available?


 Jewelry Boxes are definitely worth the investment

Jewelry boxes are worth an investment. Although they needn’t be expensive. The most important thing about a jewelry box is that it keeps your jewelry tidy. Not only will this safe you a lot of time in the morning, deciding which piece you want to wear with your outfit that day, but most importantly; it keeps your jewelry safe from scratches and damage. 

Jewelry box

Both these designs were found on Etsy.


 I came across the website of Muji, they offer some great acrylic boxes that you could furbish with some soft cotton on the inside, and you’ll have an inexpensive solution for your jewelry storage.  You can even start your own little DIY project, inspiration for that can be found all over the internet. Check out: the Crafted Life blog or Ana DIY Crafts for example.


Jewelry Boxes

Mele & Co drawers 


I have always wondered why jewelry stores do not promote or offer more jewelry storage solutions. Apart from making a great gift, it is an opportunity for more sales for the store itself and it educates at the same time: keep your jewelry clean and tidy and enjoy wearing it, for so much longer!


Jewelry Box wood

Good solid pieces  by FineWood Jewelry Boxes and KRT Aspen wood Jewelry Boxes


Marie Kondo & Khloe Kardashian tips

Although I am dreaming about being organized and tidy, devoured the book by Marie Kondo: the live-changing magic of tidying up and love all these Pinterest bords, Martha Steward’s advice, and the many many video’s on YouTube about keeping your stuff tidy, I still haven’t managed to become that perfectly organized, ever so tidy person. But to entertain you, I have picked a video by Khloe Kardashian, that shows you how she keeps her jewelry tidy.


Jewelry Box idea

Natures Knots Jewelry Storage-Etsy and KRT solid wooden jewelry box. An original solution. Frames for paintings lined with linnen and satin used in a DIY project. 


Contemporary or classic, Etsy or DIY

Whether your style is uber-classic or contemporary and cool, Mele & Co offer an enormous range of jewelry boxes, drawers and furniture designed to become part of your interior, rather than stuffed away in some corner. Reasonably priced and widely available. If you go on Etsy, you will find all kinds of boxes, sometimes handmade, sometimes very original, sometimes cheap or fantastic but pricy. Do not forget to visit Pinterest for more inspiration.


Jewelry Box DavidLinley

David Linley


David Linley

Last but not least, feast your eyes on the incredibly beautiful craftsmanship of David Linley. Mr. Linley grew up in a very privileged surrounding. He is the only son of Princess Margaret. Viscount David developed a passion for furniture and woodwork from a very young age. In 2006 he became Chairman UK of Christies and owns several shops and online webshop that you can visit here.

Jewelry box details

Jewelry Box David Linley

David Linley

He created the masterpieces that are more objects of art than anything else, but they all are created as novelty jewelry boxes. As a lover of craftsmanship and beauty, with a passion for novelty and fun details, I immediately fell in love with his designs. Completely not affordable for most of us, but to me they are like a kiss on my eyes...a moment of ‘’Oh and Ah’’ . Who doesn’t like those moments?! :-)


David LinleyCasinoMarino jewelry box

Casino Marino


David Linley Royal OperaHouse jewelry Box

Royal Opera House

Highclere Castle jewellery box

Highclere Castle (jewelry box)



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