Gorgeous jewelry with a touch of green

In my garden I have this huge cherry tree. And every year it is a *thing* for us and our surrounding neighbors to see it blossoming. Sometimes it is so abundant with blossom that we all place pictures of it on Facebook or Google+. It never gets old. Maybe because the blossoming is for such a short period. Now it is turning slowly every more green.


The famous cherry tree in my garden!

And when I look around my garden, it all just starts to turn very green. It’s that lovely vivid fresh tone of green that only happens in spring time. I love it!


Casato is this Italian company, high end and very very stylish.

Emerald and jade and...

The color green in jewelry comes mostly from emeralds and jade. Although there are companies too that enamel of course. Then there is colored titanium and colored gold, with strong hints of green.

Verde alexis bittar

Alexis Bittar

The color green stands for:

Green stands for a lot of things. Like envy or being sick. But also for nature and peace and fertility. In Islam you find images of lush greenery to describe paradise. They also connect the color to wisdom, insight and dedication. So, beautiful virtues. In the Catholic church it’s the color of hope and fertility.

Verde Misis

Misis in silver



Starring at the color green might bring you peace of mind. And someone who favors this color loves nature and live.  Peace and order, warmth and being cozy and at the same time:  loves freedom. You tend to be a cheerful little biter that doesn’t give up easily, talkative and tough and reliable. Do you believe in this stuff? I do not at all, hehe, even if green is my favorite color…!

Verde Tisento

In silver: Ti Sento

Green jewelry

There is a huge range of classic jewelry with emerald. This never goes out of fashion and if you are a classic girl, then choose the most beautiful color of emerald that you can find and sacrifice on carat rather than on color. Jade is used in custom jewelry, silver jewelry and in gold jewelry. There are beautiful shades of jade and the soft touch and look of this stone is really gorgeous combined with gold. It makes it warm and lush.

Verde LydiaCourteille

Lydia Courteille just never dissappoints....such a little piece of art!


As I really want to show that jewelry can be exciting at all prices, this time I threw in some fun pieces I found on Etsy. A site that you should always check out when looking for something fun yet affordable! There are some very original designers there.


From Etsy: ModernFlowerChild


So back to my garden, where I see my cats napping in the corner, the toys left in the grass, a butterfly, singing birds and lots and lots of green. Ahhh sigh, yes….I do love all this green!

Verde StephenWbster

Designer to the stars: Stephen Webster is certainly not shy for bold designs. And I love him for it.






Verde roberto bravo

Swam Lake earrings by Roberto Bravo


Verde DML OroRosaGiadaAfricanaAgataTormalinaDiamantiBizzita

Jade, tourmaline and agate in rose gold and diamonds by DML


Verde ShouroukOrecchiniV

Trendy custom jewelry by Shourouk

Verde RobertoBravoSwanlake

Swan Lake by Roberto Bravo. Beautiful, peaceful and still light and open, even if this is not a small ring, it has a very airy look and feel

Verde MisisVerde2

Misis, zilver jewelry. There is a whole theme with sea as the main inspiration. And I tried some of these on during Vicenza Oro, the most famous Italian tradefair. 


Verde lou goldberg

Lou Goldberg. Simpel and stylish

Verde golconda



Verde Misis2

Misis in silver and enamel


Verde Morphee

The beautiful Pamela Hastry created this for her company Morphée Joaillerie
Available on Etsy; Insoujewelry




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