Halloween is Always a Wonderful Inspiration for Jewelry Designers

Halloween is a constant source of inspiration for the most wonderful and fairytale like jewelry. In the Netherlands we haven't yet embraced the festivities around this date, but I am sure that it might catch on in the future. Scary stuff, masks, death, pumpkins and candy. All these items are great inspiration for jewelry design


Boucheron Pendant

Here are some fabulous examples of jewelry clearly inspired by Halloween themes. I think they appeal to a large public as they are a bit edgy, daring and dangerous. What do you think of these great pieces? Do you fall in love with them just as much as I did? I sure hope you do!

cartier snake necklace

Cartier Snake Necklace

Fly by Night Webster

Fly by Night- Stephen Webster

David webb

David Webb Snake ring


Staurina spider

Fratelli Staurino


Lydia Courteille

Lydia Courteille ring.xlarge

Lydia Courteille

VIERI-by-BvdV the-cobweb-bracelet


lydia courteille. santa muerte  pendant in opals  sapphires  white diamonds  rubies. poa - kopie

Perhaps the scariest of them all: by Lydia Courteille




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