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| Esther Ligthart | 2015

What’s hot and what’s not. The big trends in jewelry? Perhaps the revival of the brooch. Or that back to the eighties look with chunky plastic looking earring? Come and see it all!

Trends Fall 2015 Fashion jewelry Bizzitablogaccessories DolceGabbana Chanel

I always adore to do the trend blogs. To see what’s hot this season I look at the shops, the many fashion websites, the magazines and trade magazines. I always try to create a kind of funnel. Because there is simply too many trends mentioned and too many sub-trends, if you like, to consider.

Oh that's so last season!

Which are worth mentioning and which aren’t? Well, that pick is purely personal. However, I don’t know about you, but I kind of see the same trends of last year, passing by. Is it the lack of imagination of our beloved fashion designers? Or is it, that people do not wish to be blown away every single season with a complete new theme, whilst they just finished paying for last season’s pieces? Is it perhaps a trend that we enjoy our clothing for a longer time? I know, you and I did that already. But if you are a fashionista, I can imagine how hard and almost impossible it must have been, to keep up with all those changing themes.

Accessories can do magic

Personally, I love to update a look with accessories. Every look can be changed by simply adding jewelry, a hat, a new coat or this season’s ponchos, those lovely new shoes and so on. These are the biggest trends in fashion, bags, shoes and jewelry as seen on the catwalks. What is your personal favorite? Scroll down to see mine :-)♥

  • We will discover the 6 biggest trends in fashion. 
  • Move on to bags and shoes
  • Finish it all with jewelry

Fashion trend nr. 1 Glam Granny

Trends fall 2015 fashion Glamgranny Kenzo rodarte

Miu Miu, courtesy of Monica Feudi, Rodarte, courtesy of Marcus Tondo, Faith Connection, courtesy of Faith Connection and Kenzo, courtesy of Yannis Vlamos 

Fashion trend nr.2  Sweet Girl

Trends Fall 2015 Fashion sweetgirl

Erdem, courtesy of Monica Feudi, Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini, courtesy of Yannis Vamos, Dolce & Gabbana, courtesy by Yannis Vamos and Chanel, courtesy by Kim Weston Arnold.

Fashion trend nr 3. Bohemians forever

Trends fashion Fall 20115 Bohemian RalphLauren Etro

Loving this look a lot! Ralph Lauren, courtesy by Stefano Massè, Dries van Noten, courtesy by Yannis Vamos. In the middleone of my favorite brands: ETRO, courtesy of Kim Weston Arnold. Burberry Prorsum, courtesy of Yannis Vamos. Lanvin, courtesy of Kim Weston Anderson and DSquared, courtesy y Monica Feudi

Fashion Trend nr. 4 The Dark Side

Trends Fall 2015 Fashion Dark side givenchy tomFord

I love black, but some of these looks are a little too dark for me....Marc Jacobs, courtesy of Marcus Tondo, Alexander Wang, courtesy of Yannis Vamos, Givenchy and final: Tom Ford, courtesy of Alessandro Garofolo

Fashion Trend nr.5  New Sixties

Trends Fall 2015 Fashion jewelry accessories newsixties LouisVuittonEmilioPucciDiorCarven

Louis Vuitton, courtesy of Kim Weston Anderson. Emilio Pucci, courtesy of Monica Feudi. In the middle: DIOR, courtesy of Yannis Vamos. Above right: Carven, courtesy of Monica Feudi. Below right: TopShop Unique, courtesy Marcus Tondo and Giambattista Valli, courtesy: Yannis Vamos

Fashion Trend nr.6 Pure and Simple

Trends Fall 2015 fashion spiritual aesthetic pure simple jilSander Victoriabeckham

Lemair, courtesy: Marcus Tondo. Victoria Beckham, courtesy: Yannis Vamos. Above right: H&M courtesy: Marcus Tondo. Hermès, courtsey Yannis Vamos and the forever pure and simple brand: Jil Sander, courtesy Marcus Tondo


Bags and shoes Fall 2015 

Trends fall 2015 fashion bags tote celine dior armani Anya MiuMiu

Go back by Anya Hindmarsh, little luggage bag by Louis Vuitton, the envelop bag is by Bottega Veneta, the pink and red envelop bag is by Valentino, the small black bag is by Barbara Bui and the red one is y Altuzarra, the flower bag in purple and yellow is by Carven, the red bag with the chain is by Balengiaca, incorporated in the poncho: Chanel, the small black back on the bottom right is by Chloè and the stunning green, white and black bag is by Dior.

Glitzy shoes and Mary Jane is back

Trends Fall 2015 shoes bling glitter velvet jewelry

So feminine!  Red & Fluffy: Dolce & Gabbana and the fairytale shoes next to them are as well. Beneath left: Celine. In the middle: Oscar de la Renta. Then Miu Miu above right and beneath are from Miu Miu as well.

So soft: Fluffy, furry and velvet

Trends Fall 2015 fashion shoes furry velvet Gucci

Maison Margiela, Emilio Pucci, Thakoon, Givenchy, Gucci

Soft big bags 

Trends fall 2015 hottest bags Dior Celine Chanel

Above: Proenza Schouler Lanvin , Chanel, Celine. Below: Celine, Calvin Klein, Orla Kiely and The Row

Trends Fall 2015: Jewelry from the Catwalk

Jewelry everywhere and in your hair

Trends Fall 2015 Fashion jewelry Bizzitablogaccessories DolceGabbana Chanel

Above right: Chanel and below that: Prada. All others are by Dolce & Gabbana

Statement bracelets

Trends fall 2015 Fashion catwalk bracelets jewelry ninaricci robertocavalli

Above left: Narciso Rodriguez, below that: Bottega Veneta. In the middle: Nina Ricco ( so uncomfortable but I love it!), Proenza Schouler and below right is Roberto Cavalli


Trends fall 2015 fashionstacking jewelry gucci ginvenchy Versace

Above: Gucci, Chanel, Bottega Veneta. Below: Moschino, Versace, Gucci and the most innovative: Givenchy

Mono earring

Trends Fall 2015 Earrings

Will you pull this one of? I love the single earring, but always get comments that I have lost my earring by concerned friends :-))....: Above: Christina Dior, Isabel Marrant, Donna Karan and Balmain. Below: left and right: Rosie Assoulin, middle: J.W. Anderson

Back to the eighties earrings

Trends fall 2015 earrings eighties 80 marni miumiu

Back in the eighties we were inspired by rising stars like Madonna and her look in like a virgin was huge for me...many plastic earrings and bracelets :-) Here is a slightly more sophisticated version of those eighties: Above: Armani, Miu Miu,. The three smaller images above are: Lanvin, Giorgio Armani and Miu Miu. Below left: Marni, J.W. Anderson. Middle on the right side: Missoni and Miu Miu and then below: Gucci and Marni

Brooches are back!

Trends fall 2015 fashion accessories jewelry brooches

I love brooches and am so pleased to see them back en vogue!...Above right: Balengiaca and Chanel, below left: Louis Vuitton. Middle: PRADA. Above right: Prada and below right: Calvin Klein.

Enormous necklaces

TRENDS Fall 2015 Fashion accessories jewelry chunky necklaces driesvannoten TomFord MiuMiu Lanvin

The first 6  on the left. from left to right: Dries van Noten and Lanvin. Tom Ford and Lanvin. Miu Miu and Dries van Noten. Above: Dries van Noten, above left: Bottega Veneta, below: Tom Ford in black and last but not least: Giambattista Valli


My favorites are....What about yours?

What did stand out for you? Was it the eclectic Bohemian look or the Glam Granny? Or you are kind of a Goth at heart and love that mysterious Dark Side look? And what jewelry spoke to you? For me, as soon as I read about the eighties getting back into fashion, I had these déjà vu moment. I see the pictures of myself as a teenager, dry big hair, chunky plastic earrings and this bleached denim look ;-) But it's an updated version, the one that we see now. Thank God! 

I love the daring big necklaces. But I am thrilled about the brooches getting back into fashion. Soon we will feature a blog about brooches and how to wear them. They are such an interesting piece of jewelry that rather pimps up your clothes instead of your body. And what about these beautiful hair decorations? I think that they are awesome.  

My favorite fashionlook has to be the pure and simple one. Although I am slowly but surely getting to dress a little more like a bohemian. As this trend never seems to be really out of fashion, I take my time to adjust my wardrobe! :-)

Hope you had some inspiration and that you feel a little inspired now to update your look with what you have already. Or if you are going to shop, you might have more of an idea for what kind of look you like to go for.

 Sources:,,, Fashionunited, WWD


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