How to wear a long necklace

Long necklaces are never really out of fashion and just fit into any kind of seasonal wardrobe.A long necklace can spark up a dull sweater or simple dress. In fact, it’s one of the best tricks to spice up your outfit!

How to wear long necklaces gualtier chanel

How to wear a long necklace...look at the couture houses for some inspiration! These are interpretations by Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel

Long necklaces come in all kind of materials and lengths. There are the sexy versions that dive straight into your cleavage. Although they are best worn on occasions like a party or an evening event, it can however, look great on a simple white shirt and jeans as well. Worn on a business occasion it can add a little wink to your otherwise serious outfit. But you have to make sure that it is appropriate as..somehow, a necklace that dives into a cleavage may have a kind of exciting effect ;-)


Damiana Nifrea collection with pearls, and on the rights side below, also Damiani. Above right: Cantecler


Long necklaces with pearls are chic since Coco Chanel introduced them into fashion during the roaring twenties and thirties. Still today, they can be found in all kinds of lengths and with all kinds of pearls. From the more affordable fresh water pearls to the beautiful pearls from companies such as Utopia and Mikimoto.

Chanel long necklace pearls coco

Style is never out of fashion. Madame Coco Chanel knew everything about wearing jewelry in an elegant yet nonchalant way!

My personal style icon, when thinking about pearls or long necklaces is Madame Chanel. I loved her elegant yet laid back style. Nonchalance in wearing jewelry and fashion can be learned, but some are just natural talents :-)

howtowearlongnecklaces fashion style




These days, there is also the much beloved Ibiza style, or festival style, that flirts with bohemian and hippie looks. This style is a far cry from the Coco Chanel style. It’s fun, light, playful. Often with leaves, coins or symbols that represent the mood or interests of the person wearing it. More often than not, the long necklaces are not of precious materials. This is a style that has to do much more with freedom and fashion. Wear all kind of sizes together, mix colors and shapes and wear it with joy.


Mikimoto long pearl necklace

maria and luisa jewels

Maria e Luisa jewels from Italy with love


Long necklaces can be worn with almost any kind of outfit. I am sure there are guides and rules and all other stuff out there on the internet. But let’s face it; today we are no longer slaves of certain fashion dictated rules. Whether you are wearing a round collar, or v-shaped, a sweater or blouse….formal or sporty, it’s just trying it out and see how it looks.


Rachel Zoe, Ashlee Simpson, Cheryl Cole, Heidi Klum, Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker, all wearing long necklaces with style.


As you can see from the photo’s here, anything goes!

Top shop jewelry caradelevigne

Necklaces made fun and affordable by TopShop




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