Italy's most favorite wedding rings

So in Italy people are obsessed with style and with accessories. And they are amazingly good at creating the most fantastic designs. Also, many of the *ordinary people* just have this innate sense of style. 

Wedding Italy Tuscany


Italians are very traditional

But when it comes to weddings, the Italians have a very traditional taste and customs. There are many foreign couples who see Italy as one of the most romantic settings for their weddings. But the traditional Italian wedding is slightly old fashioned to our taste. Most of the people will marry in church and yes, they still need to do a long course with a priest, a sort of pre-marriage training. If you don’t do this, you might not get married in that church (maybe things are different today, but this is how it was when I lived there).

Wedding Damiani rings

Francesina Plus rings designed by Damiani and Brad Pitt

Italians spend less money on wedding rings than newlyweds in other countries

And the choice of wedding bands is just as classic. So there are about 7 types of wedding bands. And really; only 5 of them are still the most chosen ones today.  A couple will spend a lot less on their wedding bands, than newlyweds in the Netherlands or the United States. Around 500 dollar is the average amount of money spent on wedding bands in Italy whilst in the above mentioned countries it is very normal to pay around $ 2000 for a pair.

Wedding ring etrusca

an old Etruscan ring


Here are the Italian Most Favorite Wedding Rings:

  • Classica- round and soft at the edges, without diamonds and normally in yellow 18kt gold
  • Francesina- round and with a thin appearance. It’s flat on the inside and easy to wear for those not used to wearing jewelry
  • Francesina Plus- like above but in white gold and sometimes a diamond. Can be also with a satin finish
  • Sarda- a more local wedding ring to the island of Sardinia. It has a sort of lacy finish called the Chiaccherino. Very romantic style but also very thin. The rings are very affordable but they must encounter your specific taste of course.
  • Etrusca- in yellow gold with inscriptions. It is a bit of an important piece to wear especially for the groom.
  • Mantovana- This is a very classical taste as well. It’s thicker than the Francesina rings and many times with satin finish to it.
  • Umbra- not often used and very regional, but this ring dates back to the 15th century and has an engraving of the wedding couple with a bunch of flowers in the middle. It is in silver and normally you will find these words inside engraved: l’amore vola e vuole fedeltá ( Love will fly and requires fidelity)


The Mantovana ring

Wedding Italia Sarda

An Etrusca wedding ring

Wedding Italian Fede

Classical wedding ring



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    Great blog post! I love how you presented the information in such a clear and concise manner. The examples you provided really helped me understand the topic better. Keep up the good work!


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