Jewelry gifts for Christmas under $500

Jewelry that is original but still affordable...If I got a penny for every time people asked me for this! There is a lot of choice actually, but if you like something original and don't want to go for the brands that you can find on every street corner, then here are some great suggestions. 

Putting together a list of brands was fun! I really took care of thinking about many different tastes and ideas but they all had to meet the same criteria:

  • affordable (underneath 500 dollar)
  • original (not found on every street corner) and
  • amazing in their own right.

I will reveal to you, which is my personal favorite. And I will tell you also why.

Karen Sugarman

Karin Sugarman design jewelry

Karen Sugarman is a jewelry designer from Boston, USA. The majority of her designs are constructed from either sterling silver or gold vermeil and have a rich look and feel! This type of jewelry has an eclectic look and feel. If you, or the person you are seeking the perfect jewelry gift for Christmas for, loves a particular stone, then this is an ideal gift. The brand allows the gemstones to play the leading role. You could also opt for something like symbolism. Dive into the meaning of a certain stone and you will have a great story to go with your gift! 

For whom: eclectic people, extrovert people, colorful or lovers of ethnic jewelry, gemstone lovers

Prices: 300-500 dollar

Deakin & Francis

DeakinFrancis rings

Deakin & Francis are perhaps best known for their amazing collection of whimsical cufflinks. They seem to have been thinking about just every sport, hobby, animal and so on and so forth. I am madly in love with their collection. Although I never have the opportunity to wear cufflinks myself, I have always felt like a kid in a candy store, when watching their collections! Luckily, they have come up with a fantastic collection of whimsical rings and necklaces. In silver and enameled. I would love them all! But I think the elk is amazing and I just love the Puffin ring. So cute! Most rings are around 180-200 dollars. Very affordable, well made and again: you might find something that means really something to you. Or to the one you love.  Who to buy it for? This is not everybody's cup of tea. You have to know that who ever is going to wear this loves this type of jewelry. It is very suitable too for young people. Something precious, but still playful and light. 

For whom: young people, lovers of whimsical jewelry. animal lovers

Prices: 150-250 dollar


Iconoclass jewelry

Iconoclass is a young Italian company that likes to combine technology and craftsmanship together and invent something truly original. It is not easy to be truly original in the jewelry world, but I think they did an amazing job.  For now, only available in Italy, but that might change rapidly.

For whom: Young people, fashion lovers, whimsical jewelry lovers.

Prices: 170 to 200 dollar

Le Carose

LeCarose Jewelry gift

Le Carose, an Italian brand that has come up with a fun and very cute idea that will appeal to a lot of women! It is fun and fashionable. With long chains that make it easy to wear on many different outfits. This pendant was spotted on one of the anchor women of the Italian news. This looks great on Fashionistas, but also on those women who have to wear more formal clothing but would love to express themselves with their accessories. This is a fashion jewelry brand, but they do some of the items in sterling silver.

For whom: fashionistas, young people, fun loving people, girly women, also seen on very formal dressed women.

Prices: 49 to 200 dollar


 Marni jewelry

MarniJewelry earrings

Marni, a famous fashion designer brand, has developed a very interesting custom jewelry collection. They have strong necklaces and for the upcoming season, big earrings are making a come-back. They have a great earring collection that will bring an outfit completely up to date. Most of the collection exceeds the 500 dollars. But there are lots of earrings that are beneath that limit and are incredibly fashionable. 

For whom: fashion conscious women, women who love labels and many others

Prices: 230 to 500 dollar

Tappo's Jewelry

 Tappos jewelry

Tappo's jewelry is a creation by two Italian guys who already founded a company called Ve.Ga in the Tari centre near Naples. They use cork. And cork taps (the name Tappo means Taps) that they mince and the re-use to build original eco-friendly jewelry.  What I love most about them? Well, the idea really. I love the idea of re-using materials and thinking out of the box. Having said that, I absolutely adore their Pasta collection! 

For whom: sportive chique, italy lovers, eco lovers, young people, smart people

Prices: 50 to 160 dollar


Gimet silver jewelry ring

Gimet Silver is an Italian company. They are a manufacturing company that has made a lovely range of silver jewelry. For more details, you can visit their website.  The collection is feminine, soft, for a very large group of women, well made and easy to wear. 

For whom: for almost any type of woman. The collection goes from classical to this almost oriental look in the picture above. 

Prices: No details found on prices, but most pieces will be definitely beneath 500,- dollar.


Roberto Coin * The Fifth Avenue *

RobertoCoin fifth avenua

Roberto Coin proves what I have been telling people (and jewelers alike) for a while. You should always check out a brand that usually works in gold and now does a silver line. Why? Because companies that work in gold, generally have to work *better* and more refined than those who work in silver. It is a huge difference really. So when a high end brand like Roberto Coin presents a silver line, with stunning design and incredible good *value for money* prices, you should always check it out. The Fifth Avenue design is beautiful and incredibly sophisticated. Yes, this is my winner. I would, without doubt, opt for a ring from this collection!

For whom: those who truly love well made jewelry. easy to wear for many types of women, lovers of artistic jewelry

Prices: between 200-500 dollar

Alexis Bittar


 Alexis Bittar jewelry

Alexis Bittar

Alexis Bittar, ...I recently saw him in the movie Iris, the documentary about Iris Apfel. Alexis has a wonderful and rich style of jewelry. All pieces featured here are below 500,- dollars and they all look ever so glamorous. You can't go wrong wearing this to a party!

For whom: Fashion girls, glamour babes, theatre people and many more!

Prices: from 150-500 dollar

Heather Benjamin

Heather Benajmin Jewelry

Heather is an American designer who works with Balinese crafstmen. She has a lot of rings with natural rough stones which are very attractive. It is however this range that I loved most and wanted to show here. 

For whom: lovers of organic jewelry. nature lovers, animal lovers, gemstone lovers. many different types of women can wear this, not for those who do not dare to go bold.

Prices: 150-500 dollar



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