Jewelry in 2018 will be Ultra-Violet

The Pantone Color Institute chooses a color of the year, each year, since 2000. How they do it? Read more about the process in this article. It’s fun to look at jewelry from a different point of view, as we did in this blog, going over all kinds of fine jewelry with mostly amethyst, sapphires and jade.

Ultra-violet may be the color of the year 2018, but we love all shades of purple.

To give you some inspiration, let’s just show you some beautiful purple jewelry!



Mousson Atelier. I love the combinations of colors. It looks like a ripe piece of fruit, full, blossoming....tasty even. Beautiful ring!


Why Pantone?

The Pantone Color Institute works with color standards. By standardizing the colors, manufacturers, designers and so forth, can all be sure that they mean the same color when they refer to a standardized Pantone number of a color. Whether it’s for paint, fabric or art supplies, it’s the perfect way to talk the same language. Pantone does a lot more and is the go-to institute for designers, florists etc to guide them through the upcoming color trends and combinations of colors.

Piaget BlueberryDaiquiri sapphire amethyst rubyring

A true cocktail ring by Piaget. Reminding the wearer of the Blueberry Daiquiri cocktail. In 18kt of course and containing not just diamonds, but also amethyst, rubies and pink sapphires. A delightful piece

Cultural and Economic Zeitgeist and some philosophy

Every year, in a secret setting, a group of people establishes the color of the year. It’s not as random as one thinks. It seems that the colors are chosen with the zeitgeist of that moment in mind. The cultural and economic Zeitgeist combined with a rather philosophical approach to about color at times too. Can color, can choose a color really influence people, provide encouragement, perhaps even add a funny note and inspire us to take life and ourselves less seriously?

Fei LuBangleBraceletRhodiumzirkonia

Fei Lu bracelet in black rhodium vermeil and cubic zirconia. What a wonderful bracelet!

Purple or Ultra-Violet jewelry, not just in 2018

Amethyst and all other kinds of purple gemstones or enamel effects have always been around and are a favorite of many. I am not the biggest fan myself of purple clothing but love purple elements in an outfit. From eyeshadow to nail polish, to purple scarfs and of course; purple jewelry. There is a lot to choose from. If you like the less expensive fashion jewelry, you will find a wide range of jewelry to quickly give your outfit an updated look.

Niquesa ring amethyst

Niquesa goes all in with this colorful ring. Love the sheer size of the amethyst!

In fine jewelry, updating a look with the color of the year sounds a little silly. These pieces are not short-term trends but made to last even longer than our lifetime. So let’s enjoy them like that! And know at heart that the color purple will always be treasured by jewelry designers and brands all over the globe.

Vibrant and mystical, go for that Ultra-violet version or the shade you love most.


Zydo Ring in gold, ceramics, and diamonds. Original!

Moraglione Lilac Jade ringjewelry

Moraglione, from Valenza. Lilac jade and pink sapphire. Love the color of the jade.

LydiaCourteille amethystringfrog

Lydia Courteille frog ring. Adorable and daring. Absolutely lovely!

MoussonAtelierRing Amethystruby

Mousson Ruby and amethyst ring. Red and purple. A stunning eye-catching combination!

Anthony Lent Ring jewelry bizzita

Anthony Lent ring with a lavender chalcedony cabochon and rubies and diamonds. You either adore this style or not, but I think it is a lovely piece.


Lisa Nik Rocks collection Ring Purple

Lisa Nik. This ring looks solid with little heart shaped details on the angles. Containing a lovely amethyst and diamonds. In 18kt gold

Bulgari amethyst ring

Bulgari ring in 18kt gold, diamonds, and a beautiful amethyst. I love how solid and bold this ring looks, without being too whimsical.

JewelleryTheatreAmethyst blackdiamondtsavoriteringjewelry

A unique style: Jewellery Theatre. Always lots going on in their designs and did you know that all rings are flat underneath? So you can put them up like in this picture and admire them as a piece of art. Clever touch and a lovely thought. This ring looks like a dark forest, magical and a little dangerous.

TomaszDonocik Electric Night collection earrings

There are many ways to look at Tomasz Donocik's jewelry. It looks fresh and contemporary. It's not modest, but it's also not ''showing off''. It reminds me a little of Art Deco and the colors even of the Art Nouveau style. Yet there is also something ''seventies'' about them, thinking of Saturday Night Fever and the disco culture. These earrings are called; Electric Night. Perfect!


Pomellato. The jewelry brand from Milan. I always think of Pomellato as solid. A solid name, eclectic but understated most of the times. Elegant and for the mature jewelry lover. They were ahead of their time once, but today a classic jewelry brand with beautiful jewelry collections.

Gavello ring Amethyst

Gavello ring with a few diamonds here and there and different shades of purple amethysts. 


Mimi ring in a milky version of amethyst and pearls. A romantic ring which will look beautiful on your finger. 

Avakian Joker Collection earrings

Avakian earrings. The theme is clear enough: the Joker collection. Playful yet extremely elegant when worn. With amethysts, green tsavorites, and diamonds. The dangling black stones are onyx.

AzzaFahmyring amethystpearl

Azza Fahmy. A ring that took me personally some time to like. I think it is the setting of the amethyst and the lack of refinement in the setting in general. But I like to see the effect on others. Sometimes something that I perceive as not refined enough becomes a sales success anyway, because of the right marketing or other reasons. My own judgment? I can always push it aside, as long as a piece of jewelry is truly well made. 


Alice cicolini ring

This is not even close to ultra violet of course, but I did like the design and the idea itself. It's made by Alice Cicolini and it contains; amethyst, lace agate, pink tourmaline. 


Noor Fares earrings. The kind of jewelry you can wear easily on a daily basis, looking great in every setting. 

Maud Traon ringpurple

Ever since I laid my eyes on the work of Maud Traon, I felt a weird kind of joy. Usually, I am not personally a fan of a very rough finishing, nor crazy about extremely contemporary design that has more to do with art than with jewelry. But Maud...she moves something in me. 

Kiki McDonough Kiki classicringjewelrypurple

Kiki McDonough from her Classic Kiki collection. Colorful, vibrant and happy. 

Lydia Courteille Floral amethyst

My cup of tea ...this ring by Lydia Courteille. It is an exciting piece of jewelry. As always, I picture women wearing Lydia as well, but rather classicly dressed and then Bam! a ring that shows off their other side. 

Bulgari earrings Amethyst

A pair of earrings from one of my personal favorite jewelry brands: Bulgari. This combination of colors is what Bulgari does perhaps best! I can picture how beautiful these would look on so many women!




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  • mouna


    • 30 January 2018 at 14:42
    • #

    i really love this color , so happy that pantone picked it up for this year , such a great color to create with


  • Peter Wallace

    Peter Wallace

    • 09 April 2018 at 16:13
    • #

    I am very amazed by the information of this blog and i am glad i had a look over the blog. Thank you so much for sharing such great information. It really helped me a lot. Yes, jewelry in 2018 will be ultra violet.


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 09 April 2018 at 16:30
      • #

      Thank you so much, Peter! Welcome and hope you'll come back often! :-)) Thanks, Esther


  • Parian


    • 28 November 2018 at 11:07
    • #

    Thanks for the great article, all the designs are awesome. That Red and Purple combination is looking awesome.


  • Doron Diamonds

    Doron Diamonds

    • 30 November 2018 at 06:27
    • #

    Thanks for posting such a wonderful article.
    You have posted very nice design of jewelry and gems.
    We also have some collection of jewelry which one can check on our site.
    Thanks & Regards
    Doron Diamonds


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 30 November 2018 at 07:41
      • #

      Thank you :-) We will !


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