Jewelry trend of 2017: Roaring animal jewelry!

As we are gradually getting used to living in 2017, we open up more to what the year will bring us, apart from our most personal New Year's Resolutions. We start to look at what holidays we might go on, what to wear and what would match those outfits perfectly.

One of the big trends is the love for poetry, for conserving nature, for sustainability. A love that expresses itself perfectly in jewelry that reflects nature. The animal kingdom is part of our wonderful planet and it not only reminds us of nature, but more often we relate to a certain animal for its particular traits. Or, we love giving them voices and human characteristics as we see in Disney movies and so on. Allow the jewelry animals that you wear to tell their story! Discover the jewelry and the trend:



 Jewelry trend fashion 2017

Fashion 2017 from the catwalk by Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and others

Jewelry Trend Fashion GucciDolce Gabbana2017

Jewelry with pachyderms

Elephants, the giant pachyderms, are seen as symbol of good fortune. In Italy, we only sold elephants with their proboscis lifted happily upwards. We also know Ganesha, the most worshipped of all Hindu deities, looking like a cheerful little creature. Known as the patron of arts and sciences and deva of intellect and wisdom.

Jewelry trends2017elephants

Cartier bracelet, Wendy Brandes elephant ring and another elephant ring by Boucheron

2017: Year of the Rooster

This is the year of the Rooster, according to the Chinese. Animals represent our traits that we treasure, desire, long for, but also the traits we might fear or dislike. Snakes are one of the creatures most often found in jewelry and we have a complicated relationship with them. Spiders and all kinds of insects, from friendly bees and poetic dragonflies (who start life as mean little creatures to begin with, but ok) to glowing beetles and annoying ants. They all are seen often enough in jewelry stores.

Jewelry Trendsfashion2017animaljewelry

All the bugs and spiders are by Daniela Vigas, the frogs on the diamonds leaves are by Carrera Y Carrera. The bee ring is by Chaumet and the Pangolin (notice the detail inside!) is by Patrick Mavos

Jewelry TrendAnimals2017 fashion

Arc of Noah dogs by Van Cleef & Arpels, the mice have been sold by Dupuis Auctioneers, the snake bracelet is by Giampiero Bodino, the squirrel is by Ruser and the poodle is by Mathon

Animals represent our hopes and our struggles

Perhaps it's safe to say that most animals carry two sides of the same medal, something that reminds us of our own problems, struggles and our own coming to terms with ourselves. Our own flaws and disappointments of who we are or what we did, we all feel these things from time to time. Take ants. We might dislike them in our homes, we do not like them even in our gardens, but we know how useful they are and how vital they are for the ecosystem.

Jewelry Trend animalsfashion2017

The colorful butterfly bracelet is by Chopard, the snake ring with the big Crystal rock is by Roberto Coin, the snake necklace by Boucheron, the butterfly choker is made by Roberto Bravo and the ring is by Dior

Jewelry trends 2017 robertobravo

Butterflies! Roberto Bravo

We also admire the structures they make and their capacity of collaboration. Or bees. We don’t enjoy bees when eating outside in spring time. We fear their sting and yet, we know that the declining population of bees is a worldwide problem, important to all of us, for they play an incredibly vital role to plants and flowers and trees.

''most animals represent two sides of the same medal''


Our newest demographic group, the Millennials, inherit our planet and are the safekeepers of the future. I have trust in them and you know why? Because they are sons and daughters of the most recent crisis we lived in. A crisis that brought pain and loss to many.  A crisis that led in the end, to some good things too. As all crisis’ do perhaps, in one way or another.

Jewelry Trend Animals 2017 emerald

The jewelry above is all by Vhernier. Below: Cartier bracelet, Dolce & Gabbana ring and last but not least: Boodles green tourmaline frog ring


Wendy Yue Snake ring, Plukka silver ring, dragon pendant by Sylvie Corbelin, rings by Roberto Bravo 

We have become more aware of the sustainability of things. Not just as a fashionable business statements, but truly less attached to possession and more interested in sharing, crowd-sourcing, sharing knowledge, sharing vehicles, sharing properties. In the meantime, this means a lot to the world and I believe that its impact will only grow.

Rock the animal jewelry trend this year!


Daniele Vigas millepied necklace, ring by Carrera Y Carrera, David Webb Armadillo brooch, snake by Carrera Y Carrera, parrot earrings by Amsterdam Sauer and the black snake is by Harumi for Chopard


Harumi for Chopard: black jaguar and leopard ring

If you like to rock this trend this year, you have a huge variety of jewelry to choose from. From Etsy to Lydia Courteille, from Boucheron to ...well, you name it. May the animals you wear, remind you of your challenges, your desires, may you find your strength, your safekeeper, your remover of obstacles, may they bring you joy and happiness. May 2017 bring you all that.

x Esther

Jewelry trend 2017 Animals opal

On the left: both brooches by Vhernier, in the middle: Daniela Vigas, opal beetle by George Parnell and the stunning Flamengo is by Marchak

Comments (3)

  • Sophi


    • 30 January 2017 at 20:24
    • #

    Wonderful post!Yes of course you have to trust in Millennials!;-)


  • Jennifer


    • 31 January 2017 at 00:50
    • #

    Ooohhh! Animal jewelry! How exciting! Personally, I love cute little insects like lady bugs, butterflies and bees! It would be a personal preference to be able to wear lots of them this year. I hope it brings me more luck too. :)


  • Neelam


    • 15 November 2017 at 21:36
    • #

    Extremely beautiful and awesome.


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