Jewelry with animals, part 5

Some of the jewelry designers out there are so thrilling and so much seeking the edges of what is beautiful, triggers our fantasy, is still wearable and not unimportantly:  also still saleable.  Lydia Courteille has managed to surprise me once again. This time heading away from the slightly darker designs and heading to a happier animal world!

Bizzita Lydia AnimalfarmPig

George Orwell meets Marie Antoinette

Lydia says it was the novel by George Orwell, I guess I do not have to mention which one that inspired her. Main theme in that book is equality. And that she is dreaming of high level equality.  The other inspiration was from her own county’s history: Marie Antoinette. She used to have a little animal garden when she lived in Petit Trianon and spent her days often playing with the animals. Not only did she play with them, but she also loved to accessorize the donkeys and sheep and so on.

Bizzita Lydia AnimalFarmTurkey

Good investment that makes you smile

I feel there is almost no need for it, but before you think this is just only very fancy; I would like you to consider how well it is actually made. It’s fine jewelry at its best. And it may well be that these are the pieces that over time turn out to be the greatest investments ( if you think in terms of money)But if you can afford this, just have fun. See how ironic and how funny they really are. And smile!

More details:

  • There will be a total of 12 designs
  • Matching earring will come out later this year

Bizzita Lydia AnimalfarmCow

Bizzita Lydia AnimalFarm Cignio

Bizzita Lydia animalFarm Coniglio

Bizzita Lydia AnimalFarmGoat

Bizzita Lydia animalFarm Topo



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