Jewelry with animals, part 3

Nature just continues to provide us with never ending inspiration. Nothing better than going out for a walk when feeling a bit down and if you lucky, you just walk right into the woods or a park. I certainly feel more uplifted afterwards and so does my doggie Isabella. 

Amrapali earrings pavone

Amrapali, peacock earring. These must look wonderful in your ears!

Lucky to live next to the zoo!

We are very lucky to live just 5 minutes from a Zoo. In summertime, when I am up early and have a cup of coffee in my garden, I can hear the sea lions and the monkeys. And sometimes even the African elephants. And believe me, there is something magical about that! Animals continue to fulfill me with smiles and I care about them a great deal. Mix that with my fondness for jewelry that makes me smile and there you go: jewelry with animals part 3! :-)

I hope you have fun exploring what artists all over the world did with the natural resources of gold, diamonds, gemstones, silver and everything else they used. They have turned pieces of nature into something that really touches many of us: animals! 

 Andreoli butterfly

Andreoli, butterfly have a few ( if money wasn't an option!) on your jacket or to be even more chique and wear it in your hair, or on your jeans, next to your pocket...Who dares?

Chopard grasshopper

This cheerful little lad is a grashopper. It's made by Chopard and I just love the expression in its eyes! Really, it seems almost real.

Chopard piggy

How can you not think this is cute? It makes me smile. I just love this happy little piggy. And a very precious one too! By Chopard. I wonder who wears this. I would not hesitate at all to wear this, but I would really love to see the men and women who know how to appreciate this!

Buzzanca Hippo

Buzzanca created this hippo. With a huge pearl and black diamonds. Again, in love....sighhh

Zorab fox ring


Signed by Zorab, a green fox, why not?!

Barbagallo Birdcage 

 Barbagallo, beautiful birdcage! Wow...I think you will be showing your hand off all the time when wearing a stunning piece like this.

Dada arrigoni Serpente earrings withapple


Classical theme about seduction. Love the colours and the little piece of storytelling going on here!

Butterfly Barbagallo

Cute is the word that springs to mind first, but then you look closer and see how clever and artistic this piece really is. Wonderful! Brightens my day :-)



Victoria Brown came up with this beehive full of cute little bees. Amazing! Gosh....How do they come up with these ideas?Really lovely.

Mvee Frog ring


Mvee, frogs ...a happy subject for jewellers all over the world. And I get that! This ring is just beautiful. Even if such a specific taste, I am sure you will just never get tired of this.

EmikoPearls-Elephant brooch


By, words are not really needed right? Cute 



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