Look at these gorgeous interior design ideas to find your own jewelry style!

Open any great interior design magazine, and you'll find jewelry in it. Both editorial and advertisements. Why? Simply because they are related to that all-inclusive idea called Style.

1. Jewelry and Interior Design ideas.Marie MartinVan CleefArpelsCouleurs de Geraldine.png X

Pillows are by Marie Martin and the vintage brooch of a bird is by Tiffany. The earrings are by the Dutch jewelry designer Couleurs de Geraldine

So why not think about interior design and create a style on a jewelry blog? :-) Personally, I love to make that connection, and I think most of you consciously or unconsciously do. I know perfectly well that jewelry isn't on your mind each day. Neither are you visiting your local jewelry weekly to purchase something new. Some have a clear idea about their Style and taste in jewelry, but most of us, aren't so aware of it. And we opt to save ideas such as classic style jewelry or something you saw on your friend recently.

2.Jewelry and Interior Design Ideas Marie Martin Zydo Syna

The gorgeous rond velvet couch is by Marie Martin, the ring is by the Italian company Zydo and the lovely earrings are by Syna

But if you take a look at what you like and have or look at your vision boards on Pinterest ;-), it ought to give you some idea of what jewelry you might like too.
We'll try to inspire you this year with various blogs that connect different styles and different products that might connect the dots for your personal inspiration.

As most of our blogs are not sponsored, we think you should see it as inspiration. Perhaps show it on your phone while trying to explain your jeweler or friends what you love or seek for. Pin it on your style board on Pinterest or use it merely as entertaining information. It's all good!

3.Jewelry and Interior Design Ideas Manya Roumen MOOOI

Imaginative interior design for those who love to make a statement, all by Moooi. The goldfish bracelet is by Manya & Roumen

Jewelry is lovely as it often symbolizes moments in life you treasure. Memories, people, special moments, we love to capture it is something so personal and lasting as jewelry. However, jewelry is also a statement. It can be a great way to show your Style!

In this blog, we used Dutch designers only. We searched for particular styles, and as the Netherlands is a fascinating place these days for fashion and interior designers, we wanted to share that with you. Take Marie Martin, a collaboration between two interior designers -Marielle de Graaf-Blok and Martin de Boer- who love to restore, refurbish, and lavishly decorated homes. Or Marcel Wanders, the genius designer who creates "oh and ah moments" with his humor and his outspoken pieces.

4.Jewelry and Design Ideas Horse Hermes Magerit

If you love the horse theme of the Moooi horse light, you'll probably love these rings by the Spanish Magerit too. Or the uber stylish silver ring by Hermès

We featured Menno Kroon, who owns one of the most inspiring flower stores in Amsterdam and Moooi, the company that gave us the (real-size)horse lamp and pig table and so much more.
We connected these designs with jewelry from Bulgari to Anabela Chan and from Lydia Courteille, Solange, and Boucheron to Magerit and Manya & Roumen.

Let us know what you loved and think, and if you have a great idea, don't be shy! We love to hear all about it!

5 Jewelry and Interior Design Ideas Marie Martin VherniergioielliLydia CourteilleMargherite Burgener

Lamp and stool are by Marie Martin, the flower ring is by Margherite Burgener in gold and titanium and some diamonds, the earrings with the cute parrots are by the Parisian designer Lydia Courteille and the fabulous jewelry set containing a necklace and bracelet is by one of the most admired Italian jewelry brands: Vhernier. 

6 Jewelry and Interior Design IdeasMarie Martin

All the lamps are by Marie Martin, the rings above are by Lydia Courteille and Falcinelli, both contain amethyst and are made in 18k gold. The rings in the middle, which I think are stunning are by Garavelli from Valenza, Italy. The peridot earrings are by Amy Glaswand from NYC and the earrings are created with lab-grown gemstones by Anabela Chan


7.Jewelry and Interior Design IdeasSolangeMarcel Wanders

Dutch genius interior designer Marcel Wanders created these objects and the rings are by the English brand Solange ( Azagury-Partridge)

8.Jewelry and Interior Design ideas Bulgari

These beautiful creations are by Bulgari. Look at how they use colors together and how this matches with lavishly interior designs. 

9.Jewelry and Interior Designs IdeasPerch tree Moooi UMUT YAMAC Korat Works MattioliWolfand badger

Perch Tree lamps by Moooi (Umut Yamac) an origami pendant by Wolf and Badger, a rhino ring by Mattioli and freshwater pearls with Japanese lacquer by Korat Works

10.Jewelry and Interior DesignsMattioli VhernierWandersMarcle

Eurasian Garden Spirits by Marcel Wanders and animal brooches with gemstones by Vhernier and the Arcimboldo ring by Mattioli

11.Jewelry and Interior Design Ideas Mathon

The Collection unique is born from a collaboration between Émeline Piot and Mathon Paris. One of a kind pieces showing the love for nature.

12. Jewelry and Interior Design Ideas Moooi the party Lydia Courteille Garavelli

The lamp with masks is called The Party and is by Moooi, the mask ring on the left is by Lydia Courteille and the mask rings on the right are by Garavelli

13.Jewelry and Interior Designs IdeasMenno KroonTiffany

Flowers are big in the Netherlands and there are some genius creatives working with flowers such as the Amsterdam-based Menno Kroon. The stunning brooch is by Tiffany & Co

14.Jewelry and Interior Design ideas Studio Job moooiBoucheron Tenet

Table is by Studio Job for Moooi, the Signet Ring is by Tenet jewelry and the one of a kind ring is by Boucheron -Duo Taille Emeraude-with a Heliodor Beryl, diamonds and onyx

15.Jewelry and Interior Design IdeasMaria Frerin Maria MartinLydia Courteille

If the photo on the right (Marie Martin) is your dream interior you probably love this ring with topaz and Egyptian cotton by Maria Frening or the precious earrings by Lydia Courteille

16. Jewelry and Interior Design ideas Qeelin deGrisogono Marcel Wanders Marie Martin

Room Divider by Marie Martin, and Mickey Mouse statue - One Minute Mickey, by Marcel Wanders. The necklace with goldfish is by Qeelin and both piggy rings are by de Grisogono



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