Magical jewelry and furniture for children and dreamers!

The magical world of children. Anyone fortunate enough to become a parent knows exactly what it means! There are furniture brands that love to translate the imagination of children into something called Magical furniture. But we at Bizzita love to think that there is no limit for childlike wonder and we believe strongly that grown-ups are just children who forgot how to play! Therefore we have created a blog, mixing the world of magical jewelry with childlike fun with the world of magical furniture!



Dog pendant in gold and porcelain by Meissen, 18kt white gold, and enameled shoe with diamonds by Aaron Basha, VW van bed by Circu

Yes, I have a love for the eclectic, for the dreamers, for those who do not care really about what others might think of them. I love people that dare to dream and I love brands and designers that dare to go niche. Daring to build rocket ships as a bed, or clouds as lamps. Airplanes, teepee tents, oysters? You name it, they build it! The company is called Circu and is based in Portugal. 


Whimsical and affordable jewelry by nOir NYC

In this blog I felt like building a bridge between the playful and magical world of children and those of grown-ups. Mixing furniture and jewelry, because believing a dreaming about a bit of a magical world opens the mind and opens the possibilities to carry, even for those who need to dress ''elegant and seriously'' a little bit of magic with them. Around their finger with a unicorn ring from Nach for example. Or a way too cute shoe by Aaron Basha. Maybe the stars from the DoDo collection by Pomellato, remind you of your dreams and goals in life. Whilst even Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Rosior create highly whimsical jewelry. Even the very rich on this planet, have a strong desire for playful cuteness. 

VW VanBed

Bedroom by Circu, the van is the bed!

I hope that Noir NYC and Nach will show you that playfulness in jewelry doesn't have to be very expensive. I hope that you'll enjoy Aaron Basha daring way too sweet pinks, shoes, and toys. And that you'll notice that magical jewelry has been around for a long time, as you may discover with that lovely bangle with unicorn, heart, and lady from around 1550-1600 as shown at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam!


Dreamers of magic have always been around. Bracelet from around 1550-1600 at the Rijksmuseum and bedroom with clouds as lamps and carpet by Circu

If money wasn't an issue at all, which piece of jewelry would you love? Which would you secretly wish you would dare to wear? What kind of bedroom would you have wanted when you were a child? And what would your children choose? My 9-year-old boy devours books, sometimes 3 at a time! When he saw these bedrooms, knowing we are about to do some work to create a bedroom with an attic for him, he immediately started to not being able to choose, but knowing he WANTED a bedroom with a car, rocket or ...or... :-)


Lily and Lotty rocking horse in silver retails at $60,-, Donald Duck pendant by Its Hot retails at $2990,- and the bear is by Aaron Basha



Aren't they delightful? Two dachshunds. Above an affordable piece of jewelry by Zales ($99,-) and one from 1stDibs (no longer available)


Nach Ring and earrings and tipi or teepee tent by Circu


Two charming pendants by the fantastic jewelry brand Cartier


Magical jewelry for grown-ups: Rosior a Portuguese company and poodle by the American jewelry brand Tiffany


Tiffany money bank and bracelets


Circu bed


Mirror mirror on the wall: Circu and necklace by Aaron Basha

CircuChildrenmagical bedroomFurniture

Love that lamp! Bedroom for grown-ups who love to dream! Circu

CircuFurniture Children Magical



Circu rocket chair and Nach panda ring

Circu Airplanebed

Circu, no limit to dreams

Aaron BashaJewelry

All jewelry by Aaron Basha


Meissen expands the collection of jewelry and pendants


Circu bedroom and Nach cute little pig ring




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