Magnificent flower jewelry, pick your favorite ring or brooch!

Flowers, eternally known for their romantic symbolism. Flowers are there, for us at least, to be enjoyed. To make our homes more welcoming, our gardens more lively. It’s the perfect gift when you visit someone at their homes.


Flower jewelryDiorAdrai de Haume

Dior Haute Joaillerie flower ring and Adria de Haume pendant/ brooch with yellow tourmaline, fresh water pearlsticks. Both exqisuite pieces of jewelry!



Flowers are always the perfect gift

We give flowers to the people who invite us into their homes. To the sick and to those who have achieved something in particular. It’s, by far, still the favorite gift for lovers and Valentine’s day. And a single rose, given to the lady you love (or man) is very powerful.

Flower jewelry Mish tworkowski Ellani ring brooch

Another handsome threesome, all interesting in their own way. The first flower is by Mish Tworkowski, it's a lotus flower in yellow and rose gold with diamonds and in the centre that opens, you'll find the treasure of a stunning peridot.  Then above on the right:  a silver ring, gold plated here and there by Ellani, below also in silver by Angelique de Paris.

Even when life ends, we are still surrounded, by flowers on our funeral.

Flower jewelry ring Stefan Hafner Roberto coin

How gorgeous are these two? One is by Stefan Hafner, a high end Italian company, once from Valenza but now part of a larger jewelry group and on the right side: Roberto Coin, the jeweler from Vicenza who made it big also in the U.S.  ( a dream for many Italian jewelry companies)

 Flowers blooming and blossoming

Flowers, if you watch them very closely, they are so perfect, so complex, so magnificent! Obviously, they form an inspiration for any artist. Not only for their luscious colors but flowers have also everything to do with fertility. They are, in the end, the reproductive structure of flowering plants.

Flower jewelry Brooch pendant bracelet Lorenz Baumerbraceletjewelry Okuradobrooch Jye luxury collecto

I can't express you enough how starting a jewelry blog opened my eyes even further also. I was rather specialized in Italian brands and having seen their sheer genius in fabricating jewelry, I was, to be very honest, convinced that there was little out there that could compete with them. I still think today, that Italians rock! But I know also that there is so much more out there and I am sure that I will still discover jewelry from Asia, India and Russia and many other parts of the world that will catch my eye and conquer my heart! This bracelet is by Lorenz Baumer, who rapidly became one of my favorite jewelry brands. Above a classic, but charming brooch by Jye Luxury Collection and below...awww, love it: Okurado Brooch

Flowers and symbolism

But we humans, have added also symbolic value to certain flowers. Something I find extremely amusing :-) Just a few randomly picked examples:

  • Pink Carnations are symbols of the female love, the * I won’t forget you* flower.
  • Italian Arum was a symbol in medieval times for Maria, in Holland it’s a classic at funerals and in Portugal, it’s in the centre of a wedding bouquet, as the heart of a marriage.
  • Amaryllis Belladonna, stands for enchanting beauty, but also as a message : I am proud of you!
  • The Japanese Camellia is very straight forward: I am longing for you. 
  • The Easter Lily has a very strong connection with femininity and with purity, clean,  being adorable. In the United States, it’s a symbol for hope. To express that a person is in your thoughts. Traditionally, this is a flower for Easter, which the name kind of reveals already! It’s also the national flower of Bosnia Herzegovina and France.

 Flower jewelrynecklacependantBrooch Bogh art Alfieri StJohn Mokoko jewellery

Two magnificent pieces in titanium,  the first is by Bogh-art and shows three natural pearls and diamonds and above right is by the Damiani owned company: Alfieri & St John.  Below a beautiful creation by Mokoso atelier, from....Thailand!

Flowers and the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, it’s perhaps our main export product ( together with eggs and tomatoes(!) )and we grow up, surrounded by them. They cost very little and it’s normal for people to buy on a weekly basis fresh flowers for the kitchen table :-)

 Flower Jewelry Piagetring Buocheronwatch Giovanni FerrarisRingpink

The delicacy of the flower expressed in white by Piaget...I love the simple colors that match so perfectly and give it a soft, yet clean and pure look. The watch above is amazing! Boucheron ... and below another company that I love: Giovanni Ferraris. 

Flowers through the eye of the jewelry designer

I love how artists, jewelers and designers have translated flowers and their enchanting beauty to the most glorious pieces of jewelry. There is such an enormous amount of really stunning jewelry with flowers out there, it’s been hard to choose! And really, I promise you, we will repeat this theme, over and over again! As I long to show you as much beauty as I possibly all the attention the creations ( and their creators) of the most wonderful jewelry.

Flower jewelry Jewellery Theatrering Andre binath Sicisring

Jewellery Theatre, this Russian company has such a recognizable style, once you have seen it, you will be able to pick it out immidiately. Above right, this is how simple jewelry can also be and this is a more delicate ring that you might think, compared to the rest you see here, but the gemtone, the amethyst, has absolutely no protection. Wearable because it's size isn't very big, the flower doesn't stick out that much, so you won't bang it easily against windows and so forth. But nonetheless, something you'll need to consider when you choose something like this. Is it beautiful all the same? Oh..I think it is! It's made by Andre Binath and beneath the interior design mosaic company Sicis has gone wild with watches and jewelry. Daring designs, over the top at times. Which is never a problem for me :-) Look closely and you'll see the micromosaic in the flowers. Made in gold and adorned with black diamonds, white diamonds, pick sapphires...

Most of the pieces, you see here are really expensive, apart from the silver ones. Should you want to buy jewelry with flowers but with a much smaller budget, like most of us, don’t hesitate to just take this as an inspiration. There is much to be enjoyed also in fashion jewelry and silver jewelry.

Flowerjewelry lorenzBaumerbrooch Gina Vayra Amka design

Three very different styles, all beautiful in their own way:  Lorenz Baumer Keshi pearl flower brooch, above Gina & Vayra flower in mixed gold, real flower and some precious stones in the middle. Below: Amka Design, silver and zircons, enamel and amethyst. I like it, it has charme...

But today, we allow some very high end pieces to walk down the red carpet, here on Bizzita.

Flower jewelry Cartierring PicchiottibroochBohemme trebol silver

An important piece of jewelry by Cartier with Onyx playing the leading role and diamonds making it just a little more sparkly. It's very classy and sophisticated. An interesting ring by Bohemme from the Trebol collection. It's the first piece I have ever seen from this Spanish company, but they have an interesting range of jewelry, you should check them out on FB or Google. The last is a magnificent piece of the ever amazing company from Valenza Po, Italy: Picchiotti. For the rich or famous between us, but we can enjoy their jewelry too, just by looking at it.

Flower jewelryflowers Ringsmeissen jewelsMageritring

Meissen has gone from porcelain statues and tableware to rings, pendants and what not...and straight into fashion too. Not sure if so much diversity works for any brands, but on the other side: it's been done before by many fashion houses. Versace f.e. is no longer just a fashion brand, but interior design, plates, jewelry, watches and so forth. Others are opening boutique hotels, there is no limit to style, once you have found your very own, it seems. The lovely, more modest ring, after seeing all the blooming and blossoming on this blog, is by Magerit. And I have a weakness for almost everything they make. It's like I can actually feel the love they have put into every piece. 



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