Megatrend in jewelry 2014: Mix & Craft

| Esther Ligthart | 2014

We have been overwhelmed by mass-produced and cheap, throw-away-after-one-season fashion and furnishing. It’s all around us. And as times change we seek balance. It is a natural thing. 


Dolce & Gabbana


megatrend jewelry Mix & Craft 

Sustainability has come from the *alternative, green people* to a fashionable word in the business world and then to what it is today: something we really long for. This is why it is easy to see and understand that we seek ever more for handcrafted items; something that has a story or a meaning. We love uniqueness, or cultural or spiritual influences. This megatrend is called Mix & Craft.




history, culture and craftsmanship

Mix & Craft wants to honor our history. Our artisanal ways of making jewelry (and fashion and furnishing) are mixed with the modern times and techniques but will have references that remind you of culture from different countries. Tribal mixed with futuristic design, made with sustainable methods and materials. Craftsmanship is being respected again and there is a huge longing for a story behind the jewelry. It is not new, but it is getting bigger than ever before. And it will be one of the big 2014 megatrends.


Aurèlie Bidermann *lace dipped in gold cuff*


jewelry and couture

It does not mean that it has to be precious metals only. It would be very foolish to ignore the big trend in custom/couture jewelry and how it’s being embraced by the same public that wears jewelry. I do the same thing! I love my custom jewelry bracelets from Anna dello Russo for H&M. And I mix them with my silver or gold jewelry.Strong examples of this trend can be found by London based couture jewellery house: Akong, But also by Aurelia Bidermann, Marni, Theo Fennel, Katey Brunini, Sevan Bicakci and many others.


Sevan Bicakci

modern times

This trend will grow bigger and will embrace our way of living right now. We have more eye for history, progress in business is no longer just making more profit or growing bigger, but becoming better in many ways.  Show a heart. In marketing we see emphasis on things like content marketing. Companies that are ahead of others focus on putting content out there that adds real valuable information to people’s lives. Companies tell a stories that shows a more humane and good side of themselves. There is strong movement in America pointing out the importance of craftsmanship and why we should want this back. And nothing about these movements or marketing is in denial with our modern times. We embrace technology. We embrace what’s ahead of us.

I think that we see this megatrend as a result of the crisis worldwide. We tend to stop and really look around. We have maybe, even if just for a brief moment, all stopped running around for the next big (new) thing. We are starting to value what we already have.

Katey Brunini


Katey brunini earrings

Two images of Katey Brunini's work


Sevan Bicakci



Theo Fennell *secret chinese door ring*


Sevan Bicakci


Marni jewelry


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