Orange jewelry for instant happiness!

Orange is such an appealing color! It makes me always feel like getting an instant boost if I look at it. And here in the Netherlands, the color orange is a very important color. It is even our national color and this Saturday we will be holding the first Kings day. It was for lots of decades Queens day.  But since last year we have a king and we will celebrate his birthday on the 26th of April. Even if his birthday is on the 27th, but tradition rules and Kings day nor Queens day is ever held on a Sunday.


EV jewelry with laquer and a big citrine


The color stands for a lot of positive things as one can imagine really: enthusiasm, optimism, warmth. People who love orange are said to be sincere and thoughtful.  It is said to boost ones creativity and if you need a positive change in your life you should focus on the color orange. Well, now you know, huh!? :-)


artistic ring by Gordon Aatlo in gold 24kt and 18kt, platinum, spesarite and diamonds. Unusual, but nice

Apparently the color orange is also Lady Luck’s favorite color. Good one to remember next time you’ll play lotto or try your luck somewhere.


I love these ones! Megha Jewelry used Camelian in these earrings

It’s associated with warmth and happiness and kindness.  But also with determination and attraction.


Fabergé, ahhh Fabergé....a fire opal. Wonderful stone!

Maybe for some good news, but it is said to stimulate ones appetite. That is one thing I surely do not need ( note to self: do NOT buy orange kitchen everrrrr)


Yale Sonia pendant on a leather strap. Love the simplicity of it. Amber and gold

The American Indians say that orange is connected to kinship. And in both China and Japan it stands for happiness and love.


Jafarov, gold and diamonds and a wonderful citrine

See, you cannot go wrong with orange!


Mvee Bijou de la Mèr. With opals and black diamonds and pearls


Jade, Citrine, Sapphire, Agate, Fire Opal, Opal, Amber, Carniola, Coral…just a few of the color stones used in jewelry to give you that citrusy happy feeling.


antique necklace. Something you would find also today maybe in the many custom jewelry shops and stalls. Take it as an inspiration! Dorje Design

Hope you’ll be tempted to think about orange the next time you go for something new!



an important bracelet by Valente with Sapphires 




This cute watch is by Pierre Lannier. Love the leather strap!




Mousson Paris with citrin in it



Sifani Ring with Citrine and Sapphire..what a joy on your finger!


Bagues Bracelet, for a strong statement


 By Dior: Roi de Rutelie


 Bulgari made this wonderful bracelet. Maybe at first sight it looks even like custom jewelry, but it's made with peach gold and coral, diamonds and amythist.


 This does wonders to every woman who would wear these earrings, the shape and the color are immidiately giving you a super elegant look, by Bapalal Keshaval with diamonds and sapphires


 I never wear watches, but I do love a watch like this one from Chaumet with Sapphires.
NB. The brooch featured on the front page is by Paula Crevoshay and is made with amethist, opals, diamonds and sapphire.

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  • Raul Fernandez

    Raul Fernandez

    • 01 March 2019 at 16:12
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    Nice post. Many years working with amber, and I never thought about his perspective. Orange for instant happiness.


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