We love Peridot, here are the facts and myths

Peridot is increasingly popular! And why not, this enchanting gemstones, charms people with its color and shine! Here is everything you want to know about this gorgeous green gemstone.


Peridot hawaii

Beach in Hawaii, colored green by Olivine. 

Personally, I have a fondness for colored gemstones that aren’t the most obvious ones. Diamonds are gorgeous and of course the famous three: sapphire, ruby and emerald, too. But it’s all those wonderful colors of the other gemstones that I love. This has not always been the case. When I lived in Valenza, Italy, the most valued gemstones were the aforementioned 4. There was, at that time, not a big interest for other gemstones, as I recall it.

 Peridot facts

Today let’s take a closer look at a beautiful greenish gemstone called Peridot! Here is what I have found out and want to share with you!

All you need to know about Peridot: 

  • Peridot is the National stone of Egypt, 16th year of marriage gemstone and the august birthstone.
 PeridotcasatoEV Jane taylorVianna Kiki mc donough
Peridot Jewelry: E&V roses ring with Peridot, Casato and Ring with three large Peridots by Jane Taylor. Earrings by Kiki Mc Donough, Paula Crevoshay and Rings by Vianna

Peridot and where it's found:

  • In lava, meteorites and deep in the earth's mantle. In rounded rocks with peridot crystals inside. Main sources:
  • Lava: China, Vietnam and the U.S.
  • In pockets (or veins): Finland, Myanmar.
  • In the ancient world it was the isle of Zabargad or St Johns island near Egypt in the Red Sea were most peridot was mined. This island is often referred to as the Ancient Peridot Island. Apparently for over 3500 years, peridot has been found here!
  • Peridot is the rare version of one of the most common stones on earth; olivine.
 PeridotjewelryBoodlesDiorgranvilleBulgari diva
Peridot Jewelry: Boodles Earrings, Dior Granville ring with Peridot and the Diva necklace by Bulgari, Peridot looks extremely feminine combined with pink spinel, tourmalines and pink sapphire

The color green:

  • Iron is the cause of the yellow/green color of peridot.
  • Range of colors: from brow-green, to yellowish green to green. Large pieces can have that pure green glow, whilst smaller are often yellowish green. Both are appreciated in jewelry.
  • Peridots were often called chrysolites. Today, we can difine which stones are indeed chrysolites and which ones differ and are actually peridots
  • Peridot has a slight : glow in the dark effect!
  • Lily pads are dish shaped inclusions, common in peridot.
 Peridotjewelry BaguesAssaelBlueNile
Peridot Jewelry: Ring by Bagues, earrings with pearls and Peridot by Assael and an engagement ring with Peridot by Blue Nile

What you should know about wearing it:

  • Although it is tough, you should always, as with any gemstone, take care not to knock it against a hard surface or drop it on a hard floor. It also can get scratched.
  • Cleaning: warm water with soap, this goes for almost any piece of jewelry. 

Peridotringearring jewelryRobertocoinAntoniniericacourtney

Peridot Jewelry: Peridot ring by Roberto Coin, Antonini Ring and Erica Courtney Peridot earrings

Myths and beliefs:

  • Peridot dissolved enchantments.
  • To offer protection it needed to be pierced and strung on donkey hair, worn on the left arm.
  • Other sources claim that it was the right arm. To be safe, wear it on both arms ;-)
  • Putting it under one's tongue was a remedy against thirst
  • As a talisman it’s supposed to facilitate marriages, making men more articulate and provide calmth over anxiety.
  • Some belief that this stone is a great help when one suffers depression.
  • And that it brings calmth to the heart
  • Apparently a great booster for self esteem issues.
  • Egyptian priests drank something called SOMA from peridot cups, in order to get closer to Isis the goddess of nature
  • It’s believed that the green emeralds favored by Cleopatra were indeed: Peridots!
 Peridot jewelryanimalMathonbulgarijesiccaFong masriera LucienGautrait
Peridot Jewelry with animals: Mathon Paris turtle set, Jessica Fong Bird ring with Peridot, Masriera enameled and butterfly brooch with a large Peridot. Below: The Serpenti Ring by Bulgari with a beautiful peridot, a vintage piece by Lucien Gautrait and a cute frog ring by Mathon Paris

Peridot engagement rings are increasingly popular as colored gemstones are favored by Millennials. As you may have discovered, this stone is stunning and used in so many different pieces of jewelry. Who knows, next time you go the jewelry store, you might be tempted to seek something green!

A great detailed source for this stone is the GIA website. 
 Peridot Eva steinbergSuzy landa jewelry kazanjiangoshwara
Peridot Jewelry: Eva Steinberg, Heavenly Treasures, Suzy Landa tennis bracelet with Peridot, necklace by Kazanjian Jewelry and earrings by Goshwara
Peridot tiffanY Picasso Mishara
Peridot Jewelry: The earrings below are by Misahara, all the rest is by Tiffany & Co. Apart from the pearl necklace, all designed by Paloma Picasso
Peridot stephenwebsterjewelryTarditi
Peridot Jewelry: Stephen Webster Peridot and multi color gemstone set. The rings and earrings containing Peridot are by Tarditi
Peridot jewelry ring Pomellato GordonAalto
Peridot Jewelry: A classic by Pomellato with Peridot and a 14kt ring by Gordon Aatlo
PeridotWallace Chan
Peridot Jewelry: Wallace Chan incredible ring with Peridot
Peridot ringfrogGayfrèresbrumani Shanart
Peridot Jewelry: Gay Frères ring with frog, Brumani ring 
Peridot Ring KevinBirk Jane bohan rebecca
Peridot Modern Jewelry: Kevin J. Birk, ring by Jane Bohan and earrings by Rebecca in bronze
Peridot ringjewelry Herzo SothebyVictorMayerRoberto coin Bizzita
Peridot Jewelry: Herzo ring, Roberto Coin and in the middle: a gorgeous ring offered by Sotheby with an oval Peridot of exeptional color, enameled ring with Peridot by Victor Mayer
Peridot Cartier Bulgari necklace earrings luxury jewelry blog
Peridot Jewelry: Both these high end pieces of jewelry by Cartier and Bulgari contain Peridot

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  • Christine Carrere Thoresen

    Christine Carrere Thoresen

    • 19 November 2016 at 03:30
    • #

    Great blog! We love Peridot too! Thanks for featuring one of our pieces, a peridot ring from the Deleusse website. The name of the designer is Gordon Aatlo. Don't worry, it's a common error with his name. This particular piece has been adopted, but we've got lots of ideas and designs for Peridot's in all shapes and sizes. One of our Peridot pieces is now at home in the Somewhere in the Rainbow collection - a 29 carat Burmese Peridot - the best color ever!


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 21 November 2016 at 15:42
      • #

      Hi Christine! Thanks for the comment...and I am happy you loved the blog :-) You have gained a fan, the jewelry is stunning and I absolutely love the ring we have published here in this article. Keep me updated! Love the website...!Warm regards, Esther


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