Red Carpet jewelry

In the past weeks there have been numerous red carpet events. The highlights fashion wise may have been the Met gala. But nothing beats perhaps the European sense of style and glam of the Cannes Festival. Come and see some glitter, famous names and fabulous jewelry!

Cannes deGrisogono jewelry

The Melody of Colours  ring by De Grisogono with a center aquamarine weighing more than 60 carats, worn by Michelle Rodríguez. She went so glam in a gorgeous Zuhair Murad black embroidered lace gown. She posed on the red carpet with a De Grisogono  XXL jewel spotted on her finger. 

The Met Gala and Carrera Y Carrera

We already looked at the Met gala  last week, but I love to show you these photo’s of Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Hart, because the ladies look so beautiful. They weren’t the one that captured the attention of most daring or outrageous outfits, but sheer elegance and...beautiful jewelry. I LOVE the swan ring by Carrera Y Carrera.

Kate Beckinsale Jessica Hart Carrera Y-Carrera Met

International model and IT girl Jessica Hart, named by most of the media as one of the most elegant guests of the evening, looked fabulous wearing the Carrera Y Carrera; Círculos de Fuego bracelet in yellow gold with brown and white diamonds and the Aqua ring in yellow gold. Actress Kate Beckinsale wore pieces from the Seda Imperial  from Carrera Y Carrera  that feature a deep Oriental inspiration. 


Cannes 2015, the celebs and the jewelry

The Cannes Festival takes place right now, and daily I get exciting e-mails about the jewelry worn by wonderful women like Karlie Kloss and Natalie Portman and so on. De Grisogono plays a major role on the Cannes Festival and hosts some very glamorous and important events during the days of the festival. But also, of course, adorns the stars of this world with their jewelry.

 Fibula Ring Vhernier

VhernierFibula Ring, Jennifer Lopez wore this ring, from the stunning Italian company, to American Idol.  See her picture below

 *play world*

A fantasy world to most of us, of course. But it is a great way to see jewelry and dresses that we normally do not get to see very often. It is a match made in heaven, couture dresses and actresses. Super high end jewelry and celebrities. Don’t get blinded! :-) It’s like George Clooney said to the press, when they asked if Amal Clooney was very impressed with all the stars and so on. He told them that she wasn’t as in the end it is a kind of *play world*. But we all need a bit of play world now and then. And I think that allowing ourselves to admire, gasp and smile, is allowing the child in you the fun that it seeks and needs!

Bar Rafaeli Jennifer Lopez jewelry

Bar Refaeli wore very glamorous earrings, yet they complimented her and because of the colors it remained still all very natural and sophisticated. Jennifer Lopez on American Idol wearing Vhernier


india degrisogono

India earrings by De Grisogono

Natalie Portman earrings Cannes 2015

Natalie Portman on the Red Carpet at Cannes 2015 wearing a high couture dress by Dior and fabulous Gocce earrings by De Grisogono. She also wore this stunning bracelet below called Tubetto by the same company from Geneva.

Natalie Portman jewelry Tubetto deGrisogono bracelet


Kate Beckinsale jewelry

Kate Beckinsale, at the Met Gala 2015. She looked so elegant! Jewelry all by Carrera Y Carrera

Jessica Hart Jewelry

A close up at the bracelet from Carrera Y Carrera worn by Jessica Heart at the Met Gala 2015

Kate Beckinsale 03 - DA13558 010101 - Garzas medium ring in yellow gold and diamonds

I am in love.....Carrera Y Carrera...what a friendly, elegant and wonderful ring!

Jennifer Lopez jewelry Vhernier earrings

Jennifer Lopez is always wearing a lot of jewelry and companies love to see her wearing their jewelry. It is amazing how this woman remains looking so fresh and young. Even when you are not a fan, like me, of her work, you can still appreciate her beauty and style. 

Jennifer Lopez jewelry vhernier ring

Jennifer with the Vhernier Rings that she wore, called Fibula (above) and Swing.

KarlieKloss jewelry cannes

Karlie Kloss, I watched the short youtube films by de Grisogono, what a tall, handsome young woman. Did you know she also has a philantropic company that sells baked goods, called Karlie's Kookies? Here she wears the Onde collection by de Grisogono. The ring is from the same collection and I adore this collection! This is the kind of jewelry that will look good on so many women. It's big but comfortable to wear, and the movement creates a kind of never boring flow of beauty

sole 14401-04







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